30 March 2007

What's in a name?

Well, if you're thinking of our children's names, then a lot. And, since this is my blog, what other names would you be thinking of?!

Bryan and I had a long list of possible, future, baby names when we got married. Then we found out I was pregnant and I presented the list to him. After most of the names were laughed at/scoffed about/mimicked/axed, we began working on a list together.

We came up with the name Addison for a girl.

There is a little suburb of Dallas that, growing up, I always believed was just this town full of restaurants. We only went there to eat and I, honestly didn't realize anyone even lived there for a long time. That was my "selling point" to Bryan. He wasn't super-crazy about the name when I first presented it. He only knew of men named Addison (as did I...now, thanks to Grey's Anatomy, it'll probably be #2 on popularity lists for baby girl names next year...no, no, I'm not bitter). But, I think that it being the name of a place in Texas combined with the possibility of nicknaming her Addi/Addie/Addy was what won him over. In case you're wondering, (and, really, why wouldn't you be?) we spell Addi with only an "i" because I, being a teacher, thought that would be easiest for her when she learned to spell her name. You know, if she learned "A-D-D-I" first, then she just had to add "S-O-N" instead of remembering to take away an "e" or a "y".

When I got pregnant again, we pulled out the Texas map. Seriously.

It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Since we haven't lived in Texas, we've realized what is so wonderful about the state. We know it is part of who we are, of what makes us, us. So, we had to find a Texas-worthy name for our second-born.

That took Austin or Katy or Tyler out of the running. Not that there is anything wrong with Austin or Katy or Tyler, well, actually Tyler would sound awful with our last name, but really we wanted a name that might make people wonder where it came from. While those are great names, they are so common now that no one would wonder where we got them. On the other hand, we didn't want such an uncommon name that people would feel sorry for our little one. Even with my dad's prodding, we just weren't sure about saddling a child with Llano :)

When I drove home from college while at Texas A&M, I would always pass through a tiny, blink-and-you'll-miss-it town called Reagan. I don't think it was even on our Texas map, but I remembered it because of the Aggie barn you pass. Again, Bryan wasn't too sure about the name. He did know he wanted another "Texas" name though and once we decided to use my grandmother's name for her middle name, we knew Reagan was the perfect choice for her first name. You see, my other grandmother is named Rea...now, how perfect is that?!

So, you're wondering where we get Libby from Reagan??...her middle name is Elizabeth and yes, I know all my logic about making it easier to spell her name from her nickname makes no sense with little Libby's name, but, you know, she'll learn...at some point.

Now you know.

And, if there is ever another little one added to our family, rest assured one of his, no her, it will be a her, names will be a place in Texas. After all, she would really suffer the Forgotten 3rd Child Syndrome if we didn't give her a Texas name.

How much is that?

I wanted to let y'all know that Miss Addison has decided upon her profession. She let us know a few days ago that she was going to be a dentist when she grew up. (Steve, are you proud?!)

Now she says things like, "When I'm bigger and a dentist, I am going to probably drink coffee a lot." Or, "When I am a dentist, I will make kids teeth shiny!"

I didn't tell her that her best bet in gettting others to allow her to make their teeth shiny is to sport a shiny-tooth smile herself, and coffee might not be the way to go.

I'm sure they'll teach her all that important stuff in dental school.

Speaking of dental school, how much is that?? My head hurts thinking about it.

28 March 2007

Rainbows and Ruvver Bands

I opened my refrigerator to start supper and somebody had placed a colorful rainbow ruvver band on the bottom shelf. Apparently, a refrigerator is the equivalent of a safe to a 4-year old. And a colorful rainbow ruvver band is, well, a colorful rainbow of precious jewels. Which, in this case, would be jewels that belong to someone else.

Last week Addi had a friend over to play and when it was time for Salina to leave, the girls couldn't find her hair band. It really didn't seem like that big of a deal at the time...Salina didn't seem to mind and her mom just said if we came across it we could bring to them. Not a big deal. I should say that it was not a big deal to Salina, or her mom, or me. Addi, on the other hand, fretted and searched and, then fretted some more. Where is Salina's ruvver band? It's a beautiful, colorful, rainbow ruvver band! How will we ever find it?! I didn't risk breaking her sweet little heart by telling her we weren't really worried about it.

Like me, Salina's mom is a mom of 2 girls. I would bet all my worldly possessions they have more ruvver bands, bows, ribbons, clippers, headbands, and barrettes than they could ever need. In fact, I know they have more than they need. We've been the recipients of a bag of unused hair accessories from them.

Even so, yesterday when Addi found the ruvver band...Mommy, look! I found it! I found Salina's colorful rainbow ruvver band!...I instructed her to put it someplace safe until we could take it to them. Obviously, the safest place in the house is the refrigerator.

Addi was thrilled to talk to Salina yesterday and let her know that her colorful rainbow ruvver band had been found. She was even more thrilled to find out that she would be able to place said ruvver band in Salina's little hands when she plays with her tomorrow.

And I am positive Salina will treat her ruvver band like the colorful rainbow of precious jewels that it apparently is and never lose it again. Or please just never lose it at our house again :)

27 March 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Ever watched that show? It can be really funny. Bryan and I have commented that Addi would be great if she were on the show. That is, if she would come out of her shell which probably wouldn't happen, so really she wouldn't be funny on the show, at all.

My dad, aka Grandkidless in Irving, made a comment on this post about a conversation he had with Addi. He had never told me about it and it made me laugh. Thought it might make you laugh, too. Enjoy!

A Package! A Package!

Thank you, Nana! We love our new clothes! Momma could barely get them out of the package before Addi and Libby wanted them ON. And, Momma has been informed that not only will they be wearing their new clothes today, they will have them on for preschool tomorrow. Addi has even made a request to sleep in her dress :)

26 March 2007

Band-Aids: This Season's Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Addison goes through band-aids like a chain-smoker goes through cigarette packs. And, no, she isn't prone to cuts and scrapes. She really just likes wearing band-aids. She reminded me when we stopped at the Harris Teeter around the corner that she needed some more. I groaned because I could go buy her a book of 650 stickers at A.C. Moore for 99 cents instead of spending 3 bucks on a box of 20 band-aids. I mean, her use for band-aids is pretty much the same as her use for stickers. She has probably only needed band-aids once for every year of her life (= 4!) But, because I was already feeling like the most neglectful mother on the planet, I caved. And, not only did I cave, I let her get the Princess tattoo band-aids that cost an entire dollar more than the Hello Kitty or Dora band-aids! Then, this is what I found on the kitchen table.

Fortunately, I found her before she plastered every last band-aid on her person.

When she has no college fund, I hope she remembers how lucky she was to have a mother that understood her need to look fashionable while covered in Princess band-aids!

Did you know you can smell an ear infection?

Actually, I should say a ruptured ear drum? I do now since it was comfirmed at our pediatricians' office this morning.

It all started about 5 days ago. Libby was eating breakfast. I leaned down to give her a kiss on her left cheek and smelled something...something foul. It must have been something she'd gotten in her hair. We had to get to preschool, but that evening I made sure to scrub her little head. A couple days later, I smelled the same odor. Maybe it was her breath? I took her upstairs to scrub her little teeth with Aquafresh. Yesterday morning when I smelled it yet again, I discovered the odor was coming from her ear. I said something to Bryan mainly to see if he thought I was crazy. (Bryan fondly refers to me as The Bloodhound.) I knew if Bryan could smell it, the odor was real, or, at least strong enough to cause real concern.

I called to get her a doctor's appointment, but I wasn't really even sure what might be wrong with her. Her ear might or might not have an unnatural smell seeping out of it? The nurse asked what other symptoms Libby was experiencing and I honestly said nothing, except being a little clingier/fussier than normal. No fever, eating fine, no inconsolable crying, nothing even leaking out of her ear. Feeling a little silly and over-anxious, I quickly offered to call back today instead of taking a coveted weekend appointment space. We ended the call agreeing that I would call back today unless she started running fever or gunk started oozing out her ear.

Just to make sure I made the right decision and to discover if "smelliness" could even be a sympton of an ear infection, I tackled calmly approached a pediatrician we go to church with and innapropriately asked him to do a quick examination of my child right in the middle of the sanctuary. He said he thought she would be fine to wait until today, especially since. She. Had. No. Other. Symptoms.

This morning I woke up realizing how much I needed to get accomplished and feeling just a tad bit hesitant about taking Libby in to see a doctor about a stinky ear. I would be deceitful if I did not mention that our health insurance changed this year and we have to pay in full for sick visits. Ouch! Honestly, though, if I absolutely knew my child was sick and needed medicine, I would pawn all my valuables to pay for care. It is just when I'm not so sure that I question the necessity for a pricey visit to the doctor. I woke up this morning feeling not so sure. However, I sure am glad I took her in anyway.

And, you better believe I will be taking her in for the follow-up visit that I never take my kids in for!

25 March 2007

a Sunday story (6)

With our recent basketball loss still weighing heavily on my mind, I've decided to look ahead with a hopeful and renewed attitude...football season is only about 5 months away!

The Aggies open their season at home on September 1st against Montana State. In fact, their first three games will be played at Kyle Field. What fun Aggie football games are!

A little Aggie football 101 is in order, I do believe.

  1. We stand the entire game. Well, you can sit while the other school's band is on the field. Besides that, you stand...on bleachers that tend to, well, sway. It's the whole Twelth Man thing.
  2. We have Yell Leaders. Not cheer leaders. Yell Leaders. And, we yell. We yell at the games and at the Midnight Yell Practices before the games.
  3. We "Maroon Out". Now this says only one game a season is designated as the "Maroon Out" game (must be some new Army thing :) I really thought every game was "Maroon Out" now, but I was only around for the first 2 years of it.
  4. Before home games, there is always a Corps march-in which is essentially a parade where the Corps of Cadets outfits march from the Quadrangle to Kyle Field.
  5. The highlight of the games are the halftimes put on by the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.

Those are the basics. As with all things A&M, there is so much more to it. Explaining what is so incredible about an Aggie football game is challenging without actually being at a game.

I spent a couple years as a "regular" attendee to those games. Then, I met Bryan. Bryan was a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. He played bass before I knew him. When we met, he had just made Bugle Rank...the guys who march with the bugles at the front of the band. Only he forgot to mention that to me. Our first "date" was to Parents' Weekend Yell Practice. This was also the first time he would march with the band as part of Bugle Rank. As a band date, I "marched" in with him at the front, but I had told everyone to look for me with the bass section...at the end. I straightened it all out by the time football season began and spent that year wearing dresses and extremely uncomfortable shoes to all the games...never know when you'll get some time on the jumbo-tron! Aggie football games are fun on their own. I was able to experience them at a whole new level that year. I've never done so many posed kisses. Oops..that reminds me of the most important Aggie football 101 lesson...we kiss when we score. Yep, that would be why you want to go to the game with someone you really like :) And, that would be why Bryan and I posed some of our kisses. The cameras liked to "catch" people kissing after an Aggie score and since we sat on the first row with the other Bugle Rank members and since there were usually only a couple other dates at the games, we posed our kisses quite a bit.

I don't think I've successfully described what it is like to actually be at a game. But, it is something Bryan and I love and something I hope our children will learn to love one day.

23 March 2007

Outside time

It is hard for me to believe, but Libby is tall enough to ride a tricycle now. I cleaned out my car today and the girls cleaned all the toys out of the garage. Addi rode her bike which made Libby grab the tricycle. That, in turn, made Addi take the tricycle from Libby.

And, that led to screams.

But, I did manage to get at least one picture of each of them on the tricycle where they appear happy. Although, Addi looks ridiculous with her knees hitting the handle bar :)

Snack time

Addi discovered a delicacy today...one of my favorite snacks...Ruffles dipped in sour cream. Yum! It is especially good with an ice-cold Dr. Pepper. She agreed that it was quite a tasty treat. I'm sure I'll regret introducing her when she begs me for some more every day for the next 3 weeks! But, man, is it good...if only we had some Dr. Pepper :)

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22 March 2007


The game just ended. It can't be over...I don't want it to be over. I would cry if it wasn't about something as trivial as basketball. I mean, I really, really want to cry. I guess, I could moan and belly-ache about taking 1.1 seconds off the clock for something that really (in my most professional basketball opinion) lasted about .2 seconds, but I won't. Bryan and I are both just sitting here grumbling. We'll be in better spirits soon, but not tonight. No, not tonight.

21 March 2007

Oh, Glacias

As I was cooking, I overheard Addi playing with a toy horse and Sleeping Beauty doll. The toys were having a conversation that began with the horse saying, "Oh, Glacias!" to the doll. When I asked Addi if that was the dolls name, she explained that she was just using another word to say "hi". I told her that gracias was Spanish and meant "thank you". She then told me that she wasn't saying gracias, she was saying glacias and that meant "hi".

So, now you know the Addish word for "hi".

Need Help??

Do you need some help with the pictures below?

(from right to left)

top row: Addi - 20 months; Addi-4 months

second row: Libby - 3 months; Libby - 18 1/2 months

last row: A & L - last week (4 & almost 19 months); Addi - 3 years; Libby - 8 months

I was surprised how much the two of them looked alike in some of those pictures :)

20 March 2007

just because

The Good Samaritan retold by AGP

So, the lawyer said, "Who's my visitor?"

And Jesus said, "Your visitor is the one who is going to your house and to visit Jericha."

So the man was going and going and going and he didn't saw the two mans that was mean with sticks. He got boo-boos all over him and they took his clothes and money.

And the man saw him and he did not stop.

And the man saw him and he did not stop.

And the good Samaritan saw him and he stopped. The good Samaritan put band-aids on his boo-boos and they went to Jericha and he put money in a man's hand and said, "Take care of him until I return."

And the man said, "Who is my visitor?"

And Jesus said, "The hurt man will be your visitor."

19 March 2007

19 months and 3 new words

Reagan Lu turned 19 months yesterday. She is now doing everything she possibly can to imitate Addi. She insists on eating cereal in a bowl with milk and a spoon every morning. If Addi takes a drink, she takes a drink. If Addi gives me a kiss, she gives me a kiss. (Incidentally this usually works to my advantage since Addi gives me lots of kisses) If Addi laughs, she laughs. If Addi dances around the living room holding a wand...You get the idea.

I'm also proud to say that her vocabulary is increasing. From her love of copying Addi, she learned the words, mine, stop, and don't. She won't say drink or cup or hungry or anything useful to me, but she's sure to make a claim or to protest an annoyance.

She is 19 months of MESS!

If she's like this now...

Addi: Mommy, did you know that even though I don't like you right now, I still love you?
Mommy: Oh, do you not like me right now?
Addi: No, because you were mean at me.
Mommy: Well, I'm glad you still love me.

What will I do with her when she reaches 7th grade?! In case you're wondering...I was mean at her when I asked her to go get in the car with Libby this morning and handed her the preschool bags...hers and Libby's. She immediately started whining that they were too heavy. So, without saying anything I picked up the bags, walked into the garage, opened the car door and put the bags inside. She walked out and got into the car. I walked back inside to grab Logan and the diaper bag. She made her revelation to me when I was putting Logan in her car seat.

So, before her nap she asked me to read her a Bible story. We read A Fisherman's Net taken from Matthew 13:47-49. At the end of the story Jesus says, "the godly people will live in heaven with me forever." That spurred Addi's thinking.

Addi: Godly people are people who forgive each other. If someone leaves someone else in the dark and that makes them sad, they should forgive them because God wants them to.
Mommy: [impressed with this wisdom, although wondering where she came up with her example] That's right. Only sometimes it's hard to forgive. Sometimes you don't want to forgive and then you can ask God to help you and He will.
Addi: But I forgive you, Mommy. I was mad at you when you were mean at me and I told you that I didn't like you and I forgive you.

While I'm still baffled by what I did that was wrong, at least she's forgiven me!

18 March 2007

a Sunday story (5)

When Bryan and I were students at A&M, way back in the late 90s, there was one lonely Freebirds in College Station. By the time we graduated, another one had opened and now there are 4. Actually, they're all over Texas now.

When we ate at Freebirds, you could get a regular, a monster or a super monster with steak or chicken in a flour tortilla. Now you can get a half burrito or a veggie burrito wrapped in your choice of 4 different tortillas. Don't care for burritos? They now have tacos, nachos, and salads. And, a kids menu which is something Bryan and and I always look for :) I can't imagine going to Freebirds and getting a salad, but I'm sure they're good.

If you live in Dallas, Houston, Austin, College Station, San Antonio or any of the other Freebirds' locations, you are missing out if you haven't tried it. Bryan and I were so excited after we moved here and discovered Moe's. Some women at Bryan's office were talking about this place you could get great burritos. We couldn't wait and went fully expecting a Freebirds' experience. Needless to say, we left a little disappointed. Since that time, we've been back to Moe's and do enjoy their salads. We know if it's a burrito we're wanting though, we'll have to wait until our next trip to Texas.

So, if you live in Texas, think of us the next time you peel back that foil to chomp into your Monster.

We must be doin' somethin' right

Of course, our TV has been set on basketball for a while now and Addi has even stopped complaining about not wanting to watch "golfball". Bryan is currently watching the Tennessee/Virginia game. Addi sat down on the couch and said "Yucky orange team. We don't want the orange team to win!" Bryan and I looked at each other both wondering if we should explain that you don't dislike all orange teams, just the burnt orange variety. Nahh, as Bryan vocalized, "We'll just keep brainwashing her!" As far as she's concerned, no orange can be good and we'll just let her believe that until we're sure her little eyes can distinguish between regular orange and burnt orange.

16 March 2007

Ignorance is Bliss!

Perhaps I should rephrase that...Silence is bliss! And that is my mantra every afternoon while my children are tucked soundly in their beds. Oh, how I relish naptime!

But, the silence that fills my home each day is not the silence of which I'm referring. No, no, the silence I'm referring to is that of our blog yesterday. I had been dreading yesterday for a while. I had been contemplating how I would honor it on the blog. Would I post a video of Addi and Libby singing? Would I take a picture of them holding posters quoting adoration and love? Would I write a letter? No, I decided to just. be. silent.

You see, yesterday was my birthday. My 30th birthday. (nope, not a typo...I meant for a "period" to end that statement...I don't need an exclamation point there. No, no, I don't :) Seriously, I had actually decided (and had already started) to write a letter to my parents telling them ways in which they had impacted my life for the better. (I know, like that would be possible to do in a letter) Then when yesterday got here, I chickened out. Not because I didn't want my parents to read the letter and not because I didn't want you to read the letter. Well, maybe because I didn't want you to read it. I mean, who are you? You could be anyone...anyone in the whole world. And, I don't know you. Some things are better kept private.

That became my theory for pretty much the whole day. I didn't offer my age to anyone. I didn't even mention my birthday. In fact, I reasoned if I just didn't mention my birthday on our blog, people would assume I don't have one. Or, at least I have yet to reach one as momentous as 30! Then, I happened to visit my sister-in-law's blog and, let me tell you, she almost made me cry. She posted a list of things they love about me! About me...I don't know if I could come up with 30 things I love about me :)

So, my plan to silently ignore yesterday and therefore experience bliss was foiled by Lisa :) I really do appreciate all the kind words and the time and effort she put into her post. (I know she has very little time left at the end of a day with a 2-year old and a 1-month old)

Oh, and yes, I really did consider making posters saying something to the effect of "Happy Birthday to the Best Mommy in the Whole World!" and "My Mom Doesn't Look a Day Over 21!" for Addi and Libby to hold while they sang to me. And then posting it for you to see.

In case you're wondering...my birthday was very special. My husband who loves me very much made sure I felt like a queen* princess all day and that royal treatment is continuing into tomorrow evening and next week.

*According to Addi you don't want to be a queen. She tells me almost daily that she's the princess and Libby can be the queen!

14 March 2007

I'll eat just about anything...'cept watermelon!

Libby is well-known as the child who eats anything. Her preschool teachers used to laugh because she not only would eat any snack they put in front of her (and they have some unique snacks...hummus, anyone?), but she would beg for more. She was the youngest and smallest in her class until recently and one of only 2 girls. She out-ate the boys. Every day. They don't laugh anymore because the novelty has worn off. But, the legend has spread to other teachers and to parents.

Addi's teachers, on the other hand, usually bribe her to eat a few bites of her snack. They haven't figured out that I don't care if she eats her snack. I gave up worrying about her eating habits long ago. She is such a placid child that I think this is just her "area of control". She isn't loosing any weight and understands if she doesn't eat what she is given, she will not get any snacks or treats. In fact, it is a rare evening she even attempts to eat any of her supper.

Tonight Bryan was at a class, so the girls and I ate leftovers...chicken and vegetable casserole and watermelon. Watermelon is the one fruit that Libby doesn't like. I have no idea why; it's beyond me! Everyone in our family (including Addi) could sit down and eat an entire watermelon. Personally, I blame my father for this strange "anti-watermelon" gene :)

But, tonight when Libby saw the watermelon sitting on Addi's plate, she insisted on having some for herself. I'll let you decide the outcome for yourself:

Little House in North Carolina

Uhm, you have something on your head.
Yeah, well, so do you!

Get this thing...



13 March 2007

because I was told tonight by my DH that lately my posts have needed pictures

100 Things About Me

In honor of my 100th post, I'm listing 100 things about me. I know y'all are at the edges of your seats :)

  1. I was born at St. Paul's Hospital in Dallas, Texas.
  2. My parents gave me my father's initials
  3. which I had until I got married.
  4. Actually, I officially had them for a couple years after I got married.
  5. Bryan (and, surprisingly, my dad) did not appreciate my laziness.
  6. I have one younger brother
  7. and no sisters.
  8. I lived in the same house until I went away to college.
  9. I was painfully shy as a child
  10. and very sensitive.
  11. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  12. I also ran track and cross country.
  13. My first job was as a hostess at Chili's.
  14. It was awful...I cried almost every night on the way home from work.
  15. After 2 months, I quit and got a job at Sonic.
  16. I liked working at Sonic.
  17. I made a lot of money for working a part-time job.
  18. I went to Texas A&M University.
  19. That may explain why I don't complain when college football is on our TV every weekend in the Fall.
  20. And, (now) why I don't mind college basketball being on our TV.
  21. My father graduated from A&M.
  22. My aunt graduated from A&M also.
  23. I took 5 years to graduate from college.
  24. My major was Interdisciplinary Studies
  25. with an English emphasis.
  26. I met Bryan 10 years ago this month.
  27. We started dating in April.
  28. We got Zoe, our dog in January of 1999.
  29. She lived in the backyard of Bryan's 4-plex.
  30. Bryan and I got engaged on my birthday in 1999.
  31. I did my student teaching in a 5th grade GT class.
  32. Then I substituted for the rest of the school year in another 5th grade GT class.
  33. I caught some students looking at adult sites.
  34. Apparently they had been doing it all year and their teacher never caught them.
  35. Students in other classes had also been viewing adult content.
  36. The other teachers didn't speak to me after that.
  37. I got married in July of 2000
  38. on a hot, hot, hot Texas afternoon.
  39. It was a long engagement.
  40. But, we were married on my grandparents' 50th anniversary.
  41. We honeymooned in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
  42. It was beautiful, but we discovered how different we were when it came to beach vacations.
  43. I wanted to lay on the beach with a good book all day.
  44. Bryan was all about the water sports.
  45. The one time I agreed to let him take me out in a boat, he flipped us over.
  46. Some Jamaican resort worker had to come rescue us.
  47. The worker thought it was hilarous.
  48. I even laughed, but Bryan was frustrated.
  49. I got addicted to the resorts chocolate croissiants.
  50. I still dream of them to this day
  51. and have never found any that compare.
  52. We lived in Oklahoma because Bryan was stationed at Ft. Sill.
  53. Ft. Sill is the Army's Home of Field Artillery.
  54. It was an every day occurrence for our windows to rattle when the artillery exploded.
  55. I cried the first time Bryan left to go into "the field"
  56. and the second and the third.
  57. Then I started ordering cheese fries from Outback the first night he would be gone.
  58. I was offered a teaching job for the Irving ISD while I was completing my student teaching.
  59. I couldn't find a teaching job in Oklahoma.
  60. I finally got a job in Wichita Falls, Texas.
  61. I drove about an hour each way to work every day.
  62. It was the most boring drive in the world...there is NOTHING after you leave Lawton until about the Texas state line.
  63. In fact, most of that drive is on a toll-road without any exits.
  64. I got addicted to talk radio during those drives.
  65. I taught 2nd grade.
  66. Those little ones lit up my world.
  67. I cried every night the last month of the school year.
  68. I worked with one of the best teachers I have ever known that year.
  69. She took me under her wing and became a friend.
  70. The next year I did get a job teaching for Lawton Public Schools.
  71. It was a 6th grade position.
  72. I was just thankful not to have to make that drive every day.
  73. A few weeks after school began, the principal persuaded the school board to allow her to hire another 6th grade teacher because the kids were so horrendous.
  74. One of my students went on to murder someone a couple years after I taught him.
  75. I had to remind myself that these "babies" were all created by my Lord A LOT that school year.
  76. The next year I taught 4th grade until I had Addison.
  77. She came a week past my due date.
  78. I was miserable for that week.
  79. Addi was delivered with the help of forceps because she was OP (face up).
  80. I had been pushing for most of 3 hours.
  81. I was told her position caused my back labor.
  82. I was given an epidurel so I could rest.
  83. Instead, I felt queasy and spent the night asking the nurse to bring me something to puke in.
  84. Bryan was deployed when she was 4 months old.
  85. He came home when she was 10 months old.
  86. We moved and he got out of the Army when she was 12 months old.
  87. We got to Raleigh in January of 2004
  88. and lived in a hotel for a month.
  89. We moved to this house when I was pregnant with Libby and Addi was 2.
  90. Libby was also born a week after my due date.
  91. I was induced.
  92. I did not have back labor.
  93. I also did not have an epidural.
  94. The nurses scoffed when I told them I didn't want anything for pain,
  95. especially after they found out I'd had an epidural with my first delivery.
  96. If I had to do it a hundred more times, I'd opt to feel it all.
  97. Really. I'm serious.
  98. I would never have imagined myself being a mother of 2 girls.
  99. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  100. The Lord has blessed me with a life I couldn't dream up and I am so thankful.

12 March 2007

Even though you lose brain cells, you should gain common sense

Reagan Lu is sick.

Bryan had the girls at some friends' house on Saturday night while their mom treated me to coffee and dessert at Panera Bread. He was helping them "reconfigure" some furniture and said Libby was horrible the whole time they were there. Right as he was about to grab the girls to leave, he spotted something lumpy and brown near her foot. He only had to get within a couple feet of her to smell the nastiness that was flowing out of her diaper. After further investigation, he found that he would have to remove all her clothes to give her a "wipe bath". I returned home to hear all about it and, secretly, rejoiced that I happened to not be around for that diaper.

Then, just as I had headed into a good REM sleep, I heard crying and gagging. I stumbled into Libby's room and was almost floored with the smell. I, instantly knew she had thrown up. Yuck!! So, Bryan and I spent the rest of the night getting little naps in between cleaning up our youngest and changing sheets.

So, this morning she got up and hadn't vomited since last night about 6. I let her have a little breakfast and water. She held it down, took a good morning nap and woke up laughing. She had some lunch and then I decided it would be a great idea for us to load up and go grocery shopping. After all, I really needed a few things for supper.

I put the car in Park, turned the key, opened my door and told Addi to go ahead and get out. That is the exact moment I heard it. The coughing and the gagging...I grabbed a plastic bag and tried to catch the vomit...in vain. I didn't think she would ever stop. She finally did and we made it home without further incident.

Now she's sleeping and I just spent 30 minutes cleaning vomit out of every crease and crevice of her car seat. Again, I wondered why on earth we registered for car seat without a removable seat cover!

After 4+ years of parenting, you might think I would make a better judgement call than heading off to the grocery store when my 18-month old apparently has a stomach virus. I'll admit I lost quite a few brain cells with each pregnancy. Maybe I lost more than normal since I vomited more than any one person ever should throughout my pregnancies :)

In fact, 5 years ago this very week, I was sure I had woken up with the flu. I went to work that morning and got home that afternoon to Bryan asking me to take a pregnancy test. I was in complete denial about pregnancy being the cause of my nausea, but I agreed. It took all of 2 seconds for the test to "turn" positive. I remember calling Bryan into the bathroom and he flipped out. He was jumping up and down, shouting, dancing...I, on the other hand, felt like I was going to pass out. Over the next few days, my morning sickness began. I threw up at least once every day until I was 22 weeks pregnant. In fact, I was in my 22nd week before I gained any weight.

So, no matter how well Libby Lu is acting tomorrow, I have grounded us to the house :)

11 March 2007

a Sunday story (4)

I hesitantly walked into the ramshackle little building located in, what would be considered, the middle of downtown. Really, how great could this guy be, I wondered? Greeted by the other stylist didn't leave me assured of my decision.

I had been "seeing" a pretty, middle-aged stylist named Sue. Sue did what I asked and could always squeeze me in on short notice. I was satisfied when I left her salon. Why had I choosen to leave the comfort of Sue's fully-capable hands?

I knew why...everytime I saw someone with hair "to die for" they got their fatal hair from Patrick. Before I ever made the appointment, Patrick was a legend to me. The question was, could he live up to his legend status? The answer would soon be dertermined on that cool Oklahoma afternoon.

I left that day with nothing short of Fab.U.Lous hair! Over the next few months I learned I could show up at Patrick's completely frustrated with my hair and leave completely thrilled with it. At one appointment, Patrick clandestinely informed me he would be moving to a new salon. I left slightly apprehensive...Would this move change everything? How could he focus on my hair while worrying about all the details of a job move? Still, I felt I had to give him a chance at his new salon. He had done masterful things with my hair, after all.

I hesitanly walked into Fringe Salon* located in a new shopping center. This was one of the nicest places I had been while living in Lawton. I mean, it looked like a place you might go to get your hair done in Dallas. Even Patrick had spuced up a bit. He walked enthusiastically up to greet me wearing black leather pants and a shiny black skin-tight shirt. But, as intriguing as it all looked what really mattered was if Patrick could still deliver. I never should have doubted him!

While I would have continued "seeing" him had he had the personality of a rock, he fortunately was quite personable. He was easy to talk to and always made me feel welcome. He didn't get annoyed when I didn't have the foggiest what I wanted done with my hair, I just knew I didn't like it at that moment. In fact, he usually came up with an idea I ended up loving. He really listened to me and didn't cut/color/style for his own agenda. Really, I believe he could have easily been a stylist in New York or LA. Why he stayed in that little Army town, I don't know, but he made my life more enjoyable while I lived there.

Obviously, I don't get my hair cut by Patrick these days. Don't think for a second though that if Bryan was a multi-billionaire, I would not be catching an early morning flight every 6 weeks for Lawton-Ft. Sill Regional Airport via DFW. Seriously. He's that good. I do, however, have high expectations for my stylists. That may explain why I've had my hair cut by 7 different people since we moved here 3 years ago. In fact, I just tried a new one on Saturday. She seems promising.

Oh, how could I forget one of the things I miss most about Patrick (besides his leather pants :)? I could get a full color, foil hi-lights, wash, cut and style (and not just a blow dry, I'm talking flat iron too) for $50. Even 3 years ago, that was a bargain!

So, to Patrick, wherever you are...thanks for the good times. Perhaps we'll meet again someday. I'm betting I won't be getting a color, hi-lights, wash, cut and style for $50 though!

*I believe I just said to someone the other day "Of course they have a website! What business doesn't have one these days?!" I got my answer when I Googled "Fringe Salon Lawton OK". I was so hoping I could find their website and show you a picture of Patrick.

09 March 2007

Exercise your right.**

Your right to vote for Acie Law to win the Lowe's Senior Class Award, that is. He was in 3rd place with 21% of the votes as of this evening. We did just spend the evening checking ESPN.com for constant updates on the score...time ran out on the Aggies tonight. I'm not feeling so "Farmers Fight-Beat the Hell Outta-[and one of my favorites]Sit Down Bus Driver" right now, but I clicked right over there to do my 12th Man stuff and support a fellow Ag. After all, I'm not a 2%! It takes seconds, so take a second and give Acie a vote, lest you be branded a 2%!

For those of you who think I've lost my mind, just come back in a few days and my next post will be back to normal! And for some reason my title keeps making me think of the Beastie Boys song Fight for Your Right to Party...:)

And, now we're back to checking ESPN.com to see baylor (hopefully) outscore those sips! The bears are winning for the moment 19-14...we'll see...

The link should be fixed now. For some reason the whole address did not copy the first time. And, baylor, baylor, baylor...you were up 20 points!

08 March 2007

Justin Guarini and Rednecks

Do you remember Justin Guarini from the first season of American Idol? Yeah, the guy with the curly hair. We had a waiter tonight who sported a similar "do". He was a great waiter and seemed really nice. However, right as he left our table after refilling my DP, Addi decided to blurt out, "Ewww, yucky curly hair man!" Nice.

We went over (AGAIN) how you shouldn't say things you don't like about people unless we are at home and those people are not visiting our house. Fortunately she is fairly sensitive, so when I mentioned that it might hurt his feelings to hear her say she didn't like his hair, she instantly realized that was something she didn't want to do.

Driving to eat tonight led me to thinking of a story some of our neighbors' told us about the former owners of our house. Not seeing the connection? Well, I'll fill you in...there is a house at the other end of our neighborhood that must be filled with a family who feels it is their duty to remind the rest us we are living in "Nascar Country". Not only that, but that they also enjoy "all things redneck", if you will. (I'm sure some of you are thinking the two naturally go hand in hand. I've learned while living in the "country" that this is not necessarily true.) I'm sure you can imagine what the outside of their house looks like...too many cars crammed into the driveway, various flags and yard decor, and, my personal favorite, candle lights in their windows. Yes, the ones usually reserved for Christmas. What's a good redneck house without a year round celebration of Christmas?! Oh, but these are progressive rednecks...they change the light bulbs out for various holidays...red for Christmas, pink for Valentines Day, and now green for St. Patrick's Day. I guess they don't want to appear lazy. I mean, who would think they were too lazy to put up their Christmas decorations, if they took the time to change out the bulbs to match the current holiday? As I mentioned, the house is located at the other end of the neighborhood so tonight was my first glimpse of their homage for St. Patrick. Bryan and I chuckled and then I thought of a redneck story of our own house. (Yes, I'm finally getting to the point!)

We knew when we moved in that our house had been neglected by the previous owners for quite some time. There was scotch tape holding our breakfast room light fixture together, the flower beds had some sort of poison ivy looking stuff overtaking them, and you couldn't even see the chains holding the dining room's or entry way's chandeliers because of all the black dust. Seriously, there was at least a half-inch of dust build up all the way around those chains. Granted, the ceilings in those rooms are 18 feet high, but maybe when you put your house on the market you should find a ladder and shake that dust off!

In any event, the story goes that the lady of the house had an affair with a neighbor, the husband left her, she hurt her back and had to stop working so she filled her days sitting on the porch drinking wine. Their boys were grown at that point and I'm not clear on where they lived, but in the least, they spent plenty of time here having hot tub parties in the middle of the afternoon and poker games in the garage all hours of the night. It seems the rest of their time was filled working on their Harley's and then test driving around the neighborhood. Not your ideal neighbors!

At some point a tree fell over and a huge limb went through the garage. As you can see in this picture, there are second story windows that lead out to the roof over the garage. Instead of removing the limb, the family decided to make use of it. For Easter they hung eggs on the branches, for July 4th flags, for Christmas wreaths and lights, and so on. I'm not sure when the limb was removed. That, at least had been done before we ever saw the house.

Now the garage holds my car, we've replaced the breakfast room light, and I try to dust semi-regularly. As for the hot tub, well that's a story for another post.

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Addison's bedtime prayer

Dear God,

Please help everyone to not bite their tongue and make them not get blisters on their fingers or their feet or their toes or their fingers. And, God, please help Libby's snot not to run down to her mouth and then she coughs and it goes in her mouth.


07 March 2007

a Sunday story (3)...on Wednesday

We had glorious weather today...sunny, a little breezy, and in the mid-60s. I can see some tulips starting to poke up in my yard. Spring must be just around the corner and I can't wait. I really enjoy something about every season and I really look forward to the start of each one.

Spring makes me think of road trips with the windows down gazing at an endless sea of bluebonnets. [Mini lesson for my readers of other state heritage]: Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas. They are beautiful and they pop up along highways in the spring along with some other beautiful flowers, but the bluebonnets are where it's at...at least, for me.

I've actually tried growing bluebonnets here without any success. Oh, how I've longed to see just one of those purply-blue flowers with their white spiky tips. I have to resort to pictures like the one I'm staring at in between typing. It was taken a week before Bryan left for Iraq when Addi was 4 months old. We drove to College Station, TX specifically for pictures * in the bluebonnets. Now we just need to plan a trip back some time during "bluebonnet season" so another family photo can be taken with our youngest member.

This is one of those posts that I'm having trouble writing. It is actually making me very emotional. I must be a tad homesick. I usually feel homesick about a month before we take a trip to Texas...this is a little early for that :) Maybe it is looking at that picture and remembering how happy we were at that moment. I had really let myself start to believe that Bryan's deployment orders would just disappear (a post for another time). We had a beautiful new daughter and we were visiting our good friends in College Station (home of Texas A&M University and where Bryan and I met) sitting in a field of bluebonnets. Could life get any better?!

It wasn't 24 hours later when Bryan received a call telling him to get back asap because he would be deploying in a week. THAT is a slap of reality!

We left the next morning and listened to news reports the entire 6 hour drive home. The war had literally just began and helicopters were being shot down and soldiers were being captured and I sat in Bryan's truck next to him listening to the reports with our precious baby sleeping in her carseat knowing that my husband and her father would be over there in that chaos all too soon. And, he was.

Early, early in the morning, 6 days later, I rode next to him in that truck again with that same baby sleeping so soundly in her carseat and kissed my husband and her father goodbye. We didn't know when we would see each other or talk to each other again. All we were told was he would be deployed for "no longer than a year". In the goodbyes, our precious girl awoke, so I held her close as I watched Bryan walk across the street to his unit's headquarters. I ended up having to stay a while and nurse her (all you mommies know you can't wake a 4-month old and not expect to feed them!). Later I found out that the car next to us was full of people saying goodbye to one of the two Majors in the unit. His sister apparently spied Addi and me and asked his wife, "How is she going to do this?...with a little baby?" It's funny because I, with every beat of my heart, believe God blessed us with Addi when He did to help me get through that time. She was my focus and while I don't want to say I couldn't have done it without her, I'm not sure I could've.

That sad, early morning was almost 4 years and I don't know if there is a time that either of us really stops to look at those pictures without thinking about Bryan's time "away". It is also a reminder to me that there are so many who are home at this very second with their little ones and aching to hold their Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, or Airmen (have I covered them all? and, more importantly, did I cover them correctly?). Being a military spouse is a rough life, but it is a life which I feel blessed to have been able to lead, if only for a little while.

Now how did bluebonnets lead me there??? Y'all never know what you're gonna get...

*If you click on the link, it will take you to the photographer we used for our pictures. He has an engagement picture of Bryan and me on his site. We are the ones in red splashing in the lake under "engagements". Please, don't laugh at my jeans...you know you used to wear your waist up over your navel too :)

Oh, and if you feel led, please say a prayer for those families who are home waiting on their loved ones to return from a deployment right now. It is the one thing you can do to really help them.

06 March 2007


Whew...What a day! My mind has been racing all day. Here's a little peek inside:

1. Libby had her 18 month picture appointment this morning. She was so not in to it, so we'll see how they turn out. I finally told the photographer that I would rather get a "serious" shot of her doing something than a direct shot of her blank-stare face. The pictures got a little better after that...Libby played with a necklace and some flower petals on the floor. She even laughed a little at the end.
2. Logan had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I loaded up my girls to run errands. Oh, I was so excited. It was like the first time I was able to run errands with just one child after I had two...so easy...I thought. It would've been so easy if Miss Libby Lu had felt better. That and maybe if her momma had used a little parenting common sense - Do Not take a child out for errands at naptime. At one point, I believe all of Target stood still and wondered who on earth would subject customers having a nice and peaceful afternoon of browsing to all that horrible shrieking and wailing! And, you should have heard Libby :) Really the only time she was happy was when I let her walk, but then she started running off and laughing. She also perfected her "I already hate you, Mother!" look. I have so much to look forward with her in the coming years :)
3. We were leaving a store today and I stopped about 5 feet from the doors to put Libby back into the stroller which was apparently right in front of a man. He waited for us, but got annoyed when I went to open the door and he then walked around us to go out the door next to ours. You know, instead of helping me with the door because (a) it's polite...he's a man and I'm a woman and (b) I have 2 children with me and (c) it isn't super easy to open a door while directing a 4-year old and guiding a stroller through it. I'm not kidding and, obviously, I was a little irritated.
4. Addi told me a new knock-knock joke: Knock-knock. Who's there? Cowsay. Cowsay who? Cows say WHAT! She thought it was hilarious!
5. I made a delicious pie tonight, if I do say so myself. The best part was it is very easy. Mix up a brownie recipe and add some chocolate chips (I used half a bag). Put it into a pie crust and pop it in the oven @400 for 20-30 minutes. I topped ours with homemade whipped cream...perfect!

So, there is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my day. I have to say most of the Bad and Ugly are my own fault. I'm glad it's over...maybe next time I'll follow my own advice and not leave the house during naptime!

05 March 2007


Addi: Mommy, did you see that lady?...She had big boobies!
Me: [thinking surely there was a lesson in this observation] No, I didn't see her. Isn't it wonderful that God makes everyone's bodies look different?
Addi: Yes, but I don't really like big boobies. I like small ones...like yours Mommy!
Me: Thank you, Addi.

Mommy's Little Helper

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The BIG Reveal

About a week ago I wrote about painting Addison's room...Well, here is the finished room! I think it is adorable. Addi, on the other hand, isn't too thrilled she has stripes on only one wall. She is more excited about her new Target lamp. It is so satisfying to feel appreciated :)

02 March 2007

Is it wrong

that I just had to suppress a giggle as I watched my 18-month old wield a gigantic pencil and go after my 4-year old? Don't get me wrong, I immediately told her not to chase her sister OR wack her over the head with the pencil, but I couldn't get it out without a giggle. Maybe it was seeing the 4-year old squeal and run around with her arms shielding her head. Maybe it was seeing the look of absolute delight on my 18-month old's face when she got such a reaction from her big sister. Maybe it was the vision I had of them older with the younger one still punishing her big sister for being bossy. Whatever the reason, I really found it funny. I wish I could have gotten the video so you could find it funny as well.

01 March 2007

This is a test, it is only a test

How do you.......?

Okay, I've plagued family and friends with this question long enough! Thankfully, I won't have to do it again. Shana at The Prugh Crew figured it all out for me. Thanks, Shane Shayna Shana! Sorry about your name, but it is much too late for me to try and come up with a clever way to incorporate a strikethrough!

Just think what fun it will be to read my blog and see how many times I can manage to get one of these in now :)

Enough is Enough!

Bryan has been wanting me to write about this for a while...I think he is secretly happy to have one of his daughters going through a gross phase. For the sake of future embarrassments, I'll just let you do the guessing as to which one I'm speaking :)

The aforementioned Girl is jumping head first into a new trend in which her answer to EVERY question is "Poopy". Girl also enjoys partaking in name calling, particularly the name "Poo-poo head". Mind you, she is a polite Girl. It only took calling her parents her favorite terms of endearment a couple times before said parents decided to "nip this in the bud". After many tears shed, Girl has now resolved herself to only calling things "Poo-poo head".

It has gotten completely out of control. In mid-conversation, the wind will change and Girl will begin to giggle and say...you got it..."Poo-poo", or "Poopy", or some other variation of "Poo". She will change the lyrics to her favorite songs to better suit her tastes. For example, Girl now sings "Poopy, poopy little poo. How I poopy where you poo".

What at one time caused a chuckle now causes a cringe. What is a mother to do? Ignoring doesn't seem to work. I'm afraid admonishing will only cause Girl to continue this behavior while not in the presence of her parents. Wait it out?...hope it's only a phase and passes quickly?

In any event, I am going crazy hearing about Poop! I thought God gave me girls so I didn't have to deal with things like this :) Enough is enough! I want my delicate, sweet little Girl back!