06 March 2007


Whew...What a day! My mind has been racing all day. Here's a little peek inside:

1. Libby had her 18 month picture appointment this morning. She was so not in to it, so we'll see how they turn out. I finally told the photographer that I would rather get a "serious" shot of her doing something than a direct shot of her blank-stare face. The pictures got a little better after that...Libby played with a necklace and some flower petals on the floor. She even laughed a little at the end.
2. Logan had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I loaded up my girls to run errands. Oh, I was so excited. It was like the first time I was able to run errands with just one child after I had two...so easy...I thought. It would've been so easy if Miss Libby Lu had felt better. That and maybe if her momma had used a little parenting common sense - Do Not take a child out for errands at naptime. At one point, I believe all of Target stood still and wondered who on earth would subject customers having a nice and peaceful afternoon of browsing to all that horrible shrieking and wailing! And, you should have heard Libby :) Really the only time she was happy was when I let her walk, but then she started running off and laughing. She also perfected her "I already hate you, Mother!" look. I have so much to look forward with her in the coming years :)
3. We were leaving a store today and I stopped about 5 feet from the doors to put Libby back into the stroller which was apparently right in front of a man. He waited for us, but got annoyed when I went to open the door and he then walked around us to go out the door next to ours. You know, instead of helping me with the door because (a) it's polite...he's a man and I'm a woman and (b) I have 2 children with me and (c) it isn't super easy to open a door while directing a 4-year old and guiding a stroller through it. I'm not kidding and, obviously, I was a little irritated.
4. Addi told me a new knock-knock joke: Knock-knock. Who's there? Cowsay. Cowsay who? Cows say WHAT! She thought it was hilarious!
5. I made a delicious pie tonight, if I do say so myself. The best part was it is very easy. Mix up a brownie recipe and add some chocolate chips (I used half a bag). Put it into a pie crust and pop it in the oven @400 for 20-30 minutes. I topped ours with homemade whipped cream...perfect!

So, there is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my day. I have to say most of the Bad and Ugly are my own fault. I'm glad it's over...maybe next time I'll follow my own advice and not leave the house during naptime!