11 March 2007

a Sunday story (4)

I hesitantly walked into the ramshackle little building located in, what would be considered, the middle of downtown. Really, how great could this guy be, I wondered? Greeted by the other stylist didn't leave me assured of my decision.

I had been "seeing" a pretty, middle-aged stylist named Sue. Sue did what I asked and could always squeeze me in on short notice. I was satisfied when I left her salon. Why had I choosen to leave the comfort of Sue's fully-capable hands?

I knew why...everytime I saw someone with hair "to die for" they got their fatal hair from Patrick. Before I ever made the appointment, Patrick was a legend to me. The question was, could he live up to his legend status? The answer would soon be dertermined on that cool Oklahoma afternoon.

I left that day with nothing short of Fab.U.Lous hair! Over the next few months I learned I could show up at Patrick's completely frustrated with my hair and leave completely thrilled with it. At one appointment, Patrick clandestinely informed me he would be moving to a new salon. I left slightly apprehensive...Would this move change everything? How could he focus on my hair while worrying about all the details of a job move? Still, I felt I had to give him a chance at his new salon. He had done masterful things with my hair, after all.

I hesitanly walked into Fringe Salon* located in a new shopping center. This was one of the nicest places I had been while living in Lawton. I mean, it looked like a place you might go to get your hair done in Dallas. Even Patrick had spuced up a bit. He walked enthusiastically up to greet me wearing black leather pants and a shiny black skin-tight shirt. But, as intriguing as it all looked what really mattered was if Patrick could still deliver. I never should have doubted him!

While I would have continued "seeing" him had he had the personality of a rock, he fortunately was quite personable. He was easy to talk to and always made me feel welcome. He didn't get annoyed when I didn't have the foggiest what I wanted done with my hair, I just knew I didn't like it at that moment. In fact, he usually came up with an idea I ended up loving. He really listened to me and didn't cut/color/style for his own agenda. Really, I believe he could have easily been a stylist in New York or LA. Why he stayed in that little Army town, I don't know, but he made my life more enjoyable while I lived there.

Obviously, I don't get my hair cut by Patrick these days. Don't think for a second though that if Bryan was a multi-billionaire, I would not be catching an early morning flight every 6 weeks for Lawton-Ft. Sill Regional Airport via DFW. Seriously. He's that good. I do, however, have high expectations for my stylists. That may explain why I've had my hair cut by 7 different people since we moved here 3 years ago. In fact, I just tried a new one on Saturday. She seems promising.

Oh, how could I forget one of the things I miss most about Patrick (besides his leather pants :)? I could get a full color, foil hi-lights, wash, cut and style (and not just a blow dry, I'm talking flat iron too) for $50. Even 3 years ago, that was a bargain!

So, to Patrick, wherever you are...thanks for the good times. Perhaps we'll meet again someday. I'm betting I won't be getting a color, hi-lights, wash, cut and style for $50 though!

*I believe I just said to someone the other day "Of course they have a website! What business doesn't have one these days?!" I got my answer when I Googled "Fringe Salon Lawton OK". I was so hoping I could find their website and show you a picture of Patrick.