04 March 2011

At 2

Levi is two for about 25 more hours.  Unless God has some other plans, this will be the last 25 hours of a two year old living in my home.  It makes me sad.  He's growing into a little boy more and more each day.

I love that he communicates so well, except when he won't stop talking for even 30 seconds!  I love that he is potty trained, except for when he sleeps and apparently wouldn't wake up (or care?) if he was floating in urine.  I love that he wants to do everything his sisters do, except when it's something too old for a two year old to be doing like asking to play games on my phone and telling me we should go to Sonic and "get a coke". 

Today I asked him a few questions to get a glimpse of the Two-Year-Old Levi.

me  Levi, how old are you?
ldp 2.  I'm 2, Mom.  I'm 2, MOM!

me  What's your favorite color?
ldp Puhple!  I told you...puhple!  *It's been green forever, but he told me last night he wanted to paint his room purple ;)

me  What's your favorite food, Levi?
ldp Orange!  Mmmhmmm.  No!  Crackers!

me  Who's your favorite person?
ldp Zoe because she sees me and says, {in a high-pitched squeak} "Oh there's Levi.  He's my favorite friend to play with.   Come play with me, Levi!"

me But Zoe is a dog.  Who is your favorite person?
ldp {silence, taps on chin}
me {whispering} Mommy?
ldp Yeah!  Mommy!

me  What's your favorite thing to do at gymnastics?
ldp Jump on the trampoline!

me  What are you going to be when you grow up?
ldp A cow!  But, who will be the farmer to feed all the farm animals?

me  When's your birthday, Levi?
ldp March 4th.  It's soon!  I'm excited!


03 March 2011

At last! A new post!

I wish I had a great excuse for not posting in almost 4 months, but I really don't.  Thankfully, we are all fine.  We haven't moved or gotten pregnant or given birth or changed jobs or experienced any other major life event that might keep me from posting.  We've just been experiencing life.  I'm actually probably, on average,  busier now than I was in the last 4 months.  But, I would like to do a better job of keeping up with our blog and, for that reason alone, I decided to post something today.  I think I'll even be back later with some pictures.  And, I might even be back tomorrow because we have a very important birthday happening tomorrow - my Baby's turning 3!