14 March 2007

I'll eat just about anything...'cept watermelon!

Libby is well-known as the child who eats anything. Her preschool teachers used to laugh because she not only would eat any snack they put in front of her (and they have some unique snacks...hummus, anyone?), but she would beg for more. She was the youngest and smallest in her class until recently and one of only 2 girls. She out-ate the boys. Every day. They don't laugh anymore because the novelty has worn off. But, the legend has spread to other teachers and to parents.

Addi's teachers, on the other hand, usually bribe her to eat a few bites of her snack. They haven't figured out that I don't care if she eats her snack. I gave up worrying about her eating habits long ago. She is such a placid child that I think this is just her "area of control". She isn't loosing any weight and understands if she doesn't eat what she is given, she will not get any snacks or treats. In fact, it is a rare evening she even attempts to eat any of her supper.

Tonight Bryan was at a class, so the girls and I ate leftovers...chicken and vegetable casserole and watermelon. Watermelon is the one fruit that Libby doesn't like. I have no idea why; it's beyond me! Everyone in our family (including Addi) could sit down and eat an entire watermelon. Personally, I blame my father for this strange "anti-watermelon" gene :)

But, tonight when Libby saw the watermelon sitting on Addi's plate, she insisted on having some for herself. I'll let you decide the outcome for yourself: