13 March 2007

100 Things About Me

In honor of my 100th post, I'm listing 100 things about me. I know y'all are at the edges of your seats :)

  1. I was born at St. Paul's Hospital in Dallas, Texas.
  2. My parents gave me my father's initials
  3. which I had until I got married.
  4. Actually, I officially had them for a couple years after I got married.
  5. Bryan (and, surprisingly, my dad) did not appreciate my laziness.
  6. I have one younger brother
  7. and no sisters.
  8. I lived in the same house until I went away to college.
  9. I was painfully shy as a child
  10. and very sensitive.
  11. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  12. I also ran track and cross country.
  13. My first job was as a hostess at Chili's.
  14. It was awful...I cried almost every night on the way home from work.
  15. After 2 months, I quit and got a job at Sonic.
  16. I liked working at Sonic.
  17. I made a lot of money for working a part-time job.
  18. I went to Texas A&M University.
  19. That may explain why I don't complain when college football is on our TV every weekend in the Fall.
  20. And, (now) why I don't mind college basketball being on our TV.
  21. My father graduated from A&M.
  22. My aunt graduated from A&M also.
  23. I took 5 years to graduate from college.
  24. My major was Interdisciplinary Studies
  25. with an English emphasis.
  26. I met Bryan 10 years ago this month.
  27. We started dating in April.
  28. We got Zoe, our dog in January of 1999.
  29. She lived in the backyard of Bryan's 4-plex.
  30. Bryan and I got engaged on my birthday in 1999.
  31. I did my student teaching in a 5th grade GT class.
  32. Then I substituted for the rest of the school year in another 5th grade GT class.
  33. I caught some students looking at adult sites.
  34. Apparently they had been doing it all year and their teacher never caught them.
  35. Students in other classes had also been viewing adult content.
  36. The other teachers didn't speak to me after that.
  37. I got married in July of 2000
  38. on a hot, hot, hot Texas afternoon.
  39. It was a long engagement.
  40. But, we were married on my grandparents' 50th anniversary.
  41. We honeymooned in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
  42. It was beautiful, but we discovered how different we were when it came to beach vacations.
  43. I wanted to lay on the beach with a good book all day.
  44. Bryan was all about the water sports.
  45. The one time I agreed to let him take me out in a boat, he flipped us over.
  46. Some Jamaican resort worker had to come rescue us.
  47. The worker thought it was hilarous.
  48. I even laughed, but Bryan was frustrated.
  49. I got addicted to the resorts chocolate croissiants.
  50. I still dream of them to this day
  51. and have never found any that compare.
  52. We lived in Oklahoma because Bryan was stationed at Ft. Sill.
  53. Ft. Sill is the Army's Home of Field Artillery.
  54. It was an every day occurrence for our windows to rattle when the artillery exploded.
  55. I cried the first time Bryan left to go into "the field"
  56. and the second and the third.
  57. Then I started ordering cheese fries from Outback the first night he would be gone.
  58. I was offered a teaching job for the Irving ISD while I was completing my student teaching.
  59. I couldn't find a teaching job in Oklahoma.
  60. I finally got a job in Wichita Falls, Texas.
  61. I drove about an hour each way to work every day.
  62. It was the most boring drive in the world...there is NOTHING after you leave Lawton until about the Texas state line.
  63. In fact, most of that drive is on a toll-road without any exits.
  64. I got addicted to talk radio during those drives.
  65. I taught 2nd grade.
  66. Those little ones lit up my world.
  67. I cried every night the last month of the school year.
  68. I worked with one of the best teachers I have ever known that year.
  69. She took me under her wing and became a friend.
  70. The next year I did get a job teaching for Lawton Public Schools.
  71. It was a 6th grade position.
  72. I was just thankful not to have to make that drive every day.
  73. A few weeks after school began, the principal persuaded the school board to allow her to hire another 6th grade teacher because the kids were so horrendous.
  74. One of my students went on to murder someone a couple years after I taught him.
  75. I had to remind myself that these "babies" were all created by my Lord A LOT that school year.
  76. The next year I taught 4th grade until I had Addison.
  77. She came a week past my due date.
  78. I was miserable for that week.
  79. Addi was delivered with the help of forceps because she was OP (face up).
  80. I had been pushing for most of 3 hours.
  81. I was told her position caused my back labor.
  82. I was given an epidurel so I could rest.
  83. Instead, I felt queasy and spent the night asking the nurse to bring me something to puke in.
  84. Bryan was deployed when she was 4 months old.
  85. He came home when she was 10 months old.
  86. We moved and he got out of the Army when she was 12 months old.
  87. We got to Raleigh in January of 2004
  88. and lived in a hotel for a month.
  89. We moved to this house when I was pregnant with Libby and Addi was 2.
  90. Libby was also born a week after my due date.
  91. I was induced.
  92. I did not have back labor.
  93. I also did not have an epidural.
  94. The nurses scoffed when I told them I didn't want anything for pain,
  95. especially after they found out I'd had an epidural with my first delivery.
  96. If I had to do it a hundred more times, I'd opt to feel it all.
  97. Really. I'm serious.
  98. I would never have imagined myself being a mother of 2 girls.
  99. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  100. The Lord has blessed me with a life I couldn't dream up and I am so thankful.