19 March 2007

19 months and 3 new words

Reagan Lu turned 19 months yesterday. She is now doing everything she possibly can to imitate Addi. She insists on eating cereal in a bowl with milk and a spoon every morning. If Addi takes a drink, she takes a drink. If Addi gives me a kiss, she gives me a kiss. (Incidentally this usually works to my advantage since Addi gives me lots of kisses) If Addi laughs, she laughs. If Addi dances around the living room holding a wand...You get the idea.

I'm also proud to say that her vocabulary is increasing. From her love of copying Addi, she learned the words, mine, stop, and don't. She won't say drink or cup or hungry or anything useful to me, but she's sure to make a claim or to protest an annoyance.

She is 19 months of MESS!