27 May 2010

melt my heart

Reagan's end of the year pizza party was today. She normally acts as if she could care less that I'm at one of her parties. Today was really no different, however, out of the blue this afternoon, she hugged me and said, "I was so happy to see you at my pizza party today!"

I was so happy to see you at your pizza party today, my Sweet Girl!


26 May 2010

Field Day 2010

Addison's Field Day was a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be on a Friday, but, at the last minute, was moved to the following Tuesday for fear of thunderstorms. That meant, I was late and had to leave early. I was late since I had to drop Libby off at preschool and I had to leave early because Levi has to eat lunch and get a good nap in before 1:30 on Tuesdays. We leave at 1:40 to pick Libby up, come home for about 45 minutes to wait for Addi to get home, and then leave for the girls' gymnastics classes. It's way too late after gymnastics for him to nap and I've tried letting him go without a nap. We spent the hour in the car and I might have cried the entire drive home! All that blah, blah, blah was to explain why I don't have many pictures. These, with a couple whole-class pictures are truly all I took.

Addi probably takes the most pleasure in this first one. This little boy was also in her kinder class and he likes to aggravate her. A lot. She couldn't wait until school was out so she could tell me his clothes were still wet at the end of the day!

Then it was her turn!

Levi was content in the stroller for just a little while.

That smile looks like she had a great time. Next year I'll be running around watching both my girls at Field Day since kinder-2nd grades go at the same time.

25 May 2010

silly girl

Libby in Bryan's pajama pants...I caught her right before she attempted to walk down the stairs in those things!

18 May 2010

He's all boy

No time for pictures or many words today.

I just opened our front door and a little boy, probably about 4, was standing near his bike parked on the sidewalk across the street. His mom told him to get back on and start pedaling, but he yelled, "First I have to scare the rabbit! "

It made me laugh. I might have ignored it or even felt sorry for the poor rabbit before I had Levi. But, now, I'm that mom. I have seen my boy chase a rabbit down the street roaring loudly the whole way. It's just in him to act that way and it's just in me to love him all the more when he does.