24 February 2007

Under Construction

Today was the day. We've had the paint for a month and the idea for longer, so this morning Bryan and I decided we would paint Addison's room. She was thrilled! We spent countless hours in the 10 days or so after we closed on this house, but before we moved, painting...all of it. We had wallpaper to remove, walls to Kilz and gallons and gallons of paint to splash on the walls. That was just over 2 years ago. But, Addi was just 2 and since then has gotten a new bed and has really cemented her personality...she just isn't a yellow person. Pink is more her shade. She is getting pink. We have painted the walls a pale pink and will paint stripes of a darker shade tomorrow. Our day reminded Bryan how much he does. not. like. to. paint. I, however, enjoy painting, especially when my children are asleep or are at the hardware store with Dad. I don't enjoy clean up. Addi and Libby both took a turn with a brush today. Shhh...don't tell the little one, but she didn't have any paint on her brush :) I took pictures of the room in various stages and will post them with the finished product tomorrow. For now, enjoy pics of the girls painting.

*Update - We did NOTHING to Addi's room today. It was raining and we decided the walls were not quite dry enough to risk what might happen if we taped and painted the stripes. We'll be back in there tomorrow night.