28 March 2007

Rainbows and Ruvver Bands

I opened my refrigerator to start supper and somebody had placed a colorful rainbow ruvver band on the bottom shelf. Apparently, a refrigerator is the equivalent of a safe to a 4-year old. And a colorful rainbow ruvver band is, well, a colorful rainbow of precious jewels. Which, in this case, would be jewels that belong to someone else.

Last week Addi had a friend over to play and when it was time for Salina to leave, the girls couldn't find her hair band. It really didn't seem like that big of a deal at the time...Salina didn't seem to mind and her mom just said if we came across it we could bring to them. Not a big deal. I should say that it was not a big deal to Salina, or her mom, or me. Addi, on the other hand, fretted and searched and, then fretted some more. Where is Salina's ruvver band? It's a beautiful, colorful, rainbow ruvver band! How will we ever find it?! I didn't risk breaking her sweet little heart by telling her we weren't really worried about it.

Like me, Salina's mom is a mom of 2 girls. I would bet all my worldly possessions they have more ruvver bands, bows, ribbons, clippers, headbands, and barrettes than they could ever need. In fact, I know they have more than they need. We've been the recipients of a bag of unused hair accessories from them.

Even so, yesterday when Addi found the ruvver band...Mommy, look! I found it! I found Salina's colorful rainbow ruvver band!...I instructed her to put it someplace safe until we could take it to them. Obviously, the safest place in the house is the refrigerator.

Addi was thrilled to talk to Salina yesterday and let her know that her colorful rainbow ruvver band had been found. She was even more thrilled to find out that she would be able to place said ruvver band in Salina's little hands when she plays with her tomorrow.

And I am positive Salina will treat her ruvver band like the colorful rainbow of precious jewels that it apparently is and never lose it again. Or please just never lose it at our house again :)