16 March 2007

Ignorance is Bliss!

Perhaps I should rephrase that...Silence is bliss! And that is my mantra every afternoon while my children are tucked soundly in their beds. Oh, how I relish naptime!

But, the silence that fills my home each day is not the silence of which I'm referring. No, no, the silence I'm referring to is that of our blog yesterday. I had been dreading yesterday for a while. I had been contemplating how I would honor it on the blog. Would I post a video of Addi and Libby singing? Would I take a picture of them holding posters quoting adoration and love? Would I write a letter? No, I decided to just. be. silent.

You see, yesterday was my birthday. My 30th birthday. (nope, not a typo...I meant for a "period" to end that statement...I don't need an exclamation point there. No, no, I don't :) Seriously, I had actually decided (and had already started) to write a letter to my parents telling them ways in which they had impacted my life for the better. (I know, like that would be possible to do in a letter) Then when yesterday got here, I chickened out. Not because I didn't want my parents to read the letter and not because I didn't want you to read the letter. Well, maybe because I didn't want you to read it. I mean, who are you? You could be anyone...anyone in the whole world. And, I don't know you. Some things are better kept private.

That became my theory for pretty much the whole day. I didn't offer my age to anyone. I didn't even mention my birthday. In fact, I reasoned if I just didn't mention my birthday on our blog, people would assume I don't have one. Or, at least I have yet to reach one as momentous as 30! Then, I happened to visit my sister-in-law's blog and, let me tell you, she almost made me cry. She posted a list of things they love about me! About me...I don't know if I could come up with 30 things I love about me :)

So, my plan to silently ignore yesterday and therefore experience bliss was foiled by Lisa :) I really do appreciate all the kind words and the time and effort she put into her post. (I know she has very little time left at the end of a day with a 2-year old and a 1-month old)

Oh, and yes, I really did consider making posters saying something to the effect of "Happy Birthday to the Best Mommy in the Whole World!" and "My Mom Doesn't Look a Day Over 21!" for Addi and Libby to hold while they sang to me. And then posting it for you to see.

In case you're wondering...my birthday was very special. My husband who loves me very much made sure I felt like a queen* princess all day and that royal treatment is continuing into tomorrow evening and next week.

*According to Addi you don't want to be a queen. She tells me almost daily that she's the princess and Libby can be the queen!