29 February 2008

A picture is worth 7 words

I had a lady look at me this morning and say, "Wow! What are you due like tomorrow?!"

I smiled politely and said that my due date had actually been Monday.

Then I came home, walked into my bathroom and saw this:

Sadly, I realized I have no other options since every one of my maternity shirts does this now and I've gotten rid of all my, uncomfortable to me, full panel pants. Just for fun, I think I'll say I'm not due for 2 more months to the next person who asks!

28 February 2008

No baby, yet

I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't come up with an interesting way to say, "No baby, yet".

Addi decided to reveal personal details about her mother this morning to the FedEx guy so I thought I might mention, "No baby, yet" while posting about her.

So, "No baby, yet", but it will happen. That I know. (Although I have had thoughts lately of how long would I go if my doctor just continued to let me wait it out?!) Actually, it will probably happen today or tomorrow. We're finally back close to family to have a child and my dad is out of town at a conference today and tomorrow and my mom is hosting (not sure if that's the correct word) a big, city-wide festival on Saturday, making it nearly impossible for them to be around if Baby P decides to make an appearance before Sunday. (If you live in the Dallas area, you should stop by Community Fest. It's free and will be filled with fun. Heck, if this baby's still nice and cozy and in-place, you may see us there!)

But, the reason for this post...

The girls were busy playing while I took a shower this morning. As I was standing in my closet debating between black, maternity yoga pants and blue, maternity yoga pants, Addi runs in frantically telling me the mailman is at the door and , "You're standing here NEKKID!" My first thought was she'd let this (supposed) mailman in our house, but she confirmed she hadn't. I started to put my robe on as she ran back to the door. As I walked out of my bedroom I saw her standing "in" the window next to the door and heard a man ask, "Is your mother home?"

Her reply: "Yes, but she's nekkid right now."

We've since had a chat about the importance of her not telling strange men about my nekkid-ness.

26 February 2008

A bit of a change

I went to the doctor this morning for my You're-Past-Your-Due-Date appointment. I have become all too familiar with these appointments since this is my third in as many pregnancies.

So, the baby is as happy as a clam, according to my doctor!

I had an ultrasound and everthing looks good. My amniotic fluid is perfect and the baby's heart rate (and peaks and valleys from the non-stress test) was text-book, also according to my doctor. The ultrasound estimated (how accurate is this?) the baby's weight to be 7 pounds, 7 ounces, which is bigger than either of the girls at birth. The change is that I have dilated some more. All good news, in my mind.

My doctor is comfortable letting me go until next Tuesday. So, her nurse will schedule an induction for March 4, if I don't go into labor on my own before then. I see it as having a 50/50 chance of making it to the induction. Addi was born the day before her scheduled induction and Libby was induced. I don't want to be induced. It was a great (if you can say an induction is ever really great) experience last time, but I would like to avoid it, especially since I would like to manage my pain naturally again this time. However, I know I can do an induction without an epidural.

Whatever happens, this time next week, I'll be holding a new little one in my arms. That is certainly good news!

25 February 2008

Have you been waiting for this?

No, it's not that!

Just another update to tell you there is nothing new. Today's my "due date", but my babies never mind with those silly dates anyway! I had a pretty crampy, uncomfortable night last night, but have felt remarkably well today. I want to go run a few miles, but I know (from past experiences) the effort would be in vain. It will happen when it is supposed to happen.

I was reading this earlier today and read, "According to Your Word, Lord, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, 4)."

How many times have I read over that scripture and, today, a time to be born, registered?! (sometimes I could knock myself in the head when a simple concept takes me so long to get) This baby won't be born when the baby feels ready or when I walk/run enough or whatever, the baby will be born when God wants this baby to be born. Period.

And even if it is the middle of the night, in the car, in a snowstorm, when I happen to be all by myself, it will be His perfect timing. His hand has been on this pregnancy from day one. He knew of this little life long ago. He's been waiting to share this gift with me for much longer than 9 months. How could I now let a little impatience interfere with the pure joy and anticipation that comes from the birth of a precious life?

So, while I am excited to meet Baby P, I'm confident it will happen exactly when God has planned for it to happen.

Praise the Lord that the pressure of "making" it happen is not on me at all. And, praise the Lord that there is a time for everything.

24 February 2008

He's a pain, but he's our pain

We took a family walk this evening because the weather was gorgeous today. Addi and I walked into the house a few minutes before Bryan and Libby. Addi noticed right away the t.v. had been left on and she was quick to point it out. I, in a bit of mock surprise/disgust, said, "Well, I wonder who would do something like that?" Without a thought, she replied, "Daddy. Living with him is so hard sometimes."

Poor Bryan. I'll bet he never dreamed his life would turn out like this...surrounded by bossy females with the possibility of another on the way!

Today's update is a little late because

there is still nothing happening.

My due date is tomorrow.

Start praying for my homones! I should be used to this since the other two were each born a week past their due dates, but I know as the day wears on tomorrow, I will be more and more discouraged.

I'm ready to hold my new little one.

23 February 2008

Today's update

Still nothing.

This baby's gonna let me finish everything that needs to get done. Wonder if he/she will be that cooperative once they're 2?!

I pulled out a package of newborn diapers to arrange them on the changing table this morning and let me just say those are the sweetest little things I've seen in a long time. I showed them to Bryan remarking that they'd still be too big for Baby P at first. I even made Bryan smell the diapers. I'm not sure when or why Pampers/Huggies stops making diapers smell so good, but I know Libby's diapers, fresh from the package, don't smell like that!

We'll let you know if anything changes.

Ooooh, I'm having a contraction right now. But, it was a wimpy, not real one - didn't even last as long as it took me to type that! Bring on the pain!!

22 February 2008

Baby P update


Absolutely nothing.

3 days until the "due date".

21 February 2008

Just when I needed a little unexpected love

I found this taped on the door to Addi's bathroom.

Her explanation was that the "Z" is for Zoe, but I didn't know the rest of the letters in Zoe and the [made a question mark in the air with her finger] is for Mystery Baby!

What a precious girl I have!

(Incidentally, I just love that Addison forgets to put the "y" in Bran Bryan!)

19 February 2008

Blog Rating

I saw Carrie's blog rating which made me wonder what mine would be with all the talk of breastfeeding and certain body parts I've done recently.

Surprisingly, I still fall into the G category with marks against me for using the word "sex" 3 times and "hurt" once. (I'm sure "sex" was used when talking of Baby P. No use going into my archives looking for something steamy!)

Three-Girl Circus is a wonderful blog about precious little girls, so don't let the PG rating scare you away from wandering over there!

17 February 2008

A Sunday Story: An Encore

Back when I started this blog, I frequently wrote of different memories on Sunday afternoons. After a while, it became more of a burden than something I enjoyed. However, sweet Bryan took me down memory lane on Valentine's Day, so I thought a little Sunday Story might be in order.

The year was 1998. The place was College Station, TX, the house I shared with Angela and Emily, to be exact. The players were Bryan and me. We were young and foolish and in love.

I woke up one morning to find a rose petal trail leading out of my bedroom, down the hallway, and to the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I had ever seen setting on our kitchen island. I'm telling you, it was magnificent. Full of beautiful flowers and every color you could think of, Bryan had hand selected each bloom. Of course, there was a card (and maybe even poetry) expressing his undying love for me.

I think I assumed one of my roommates let him in late the night before or early that morning. My roommates were both as unaware of the flowers as I was though.

It turns out, Bryan unlocked a window before he left the evening before. He then returned in the wee hours of the morning, snuck in the window and left the bouquet, card, and rose petal trail. According to him, I rolled over and seemed to wake a little while he was in my room which made him hit the floor. I have no recollection of any of that, but I know if I had been awoken by someome being in my room in the middle of my night, most of the residents of College Station would have heard my screams!

He says now, he would never do something like that again and he was a little nervous about the whole thing, but really hadn't thought through what the consequences of getting caught could have been. Weren't we all like that, at one time?! I have a suspicion that if he ever hears of some boy pulling a similar stunt with one of our girls, he won't quickly recall "the time"...

In fact, after he got home from work on Valentine's Day, we were talking about the gorgeous bouquet he got me with the card (no poetry) and rose petal trail and he asked, with a little worry in his voice, if my dad knew about the "other time". My how roles have changed!

I don't know if I ever told my parents what he did. I don't think I would have thought twice about it though because, to me, it was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me. Of course, as I was typing out this post and remembering "that time", I did get a little alarmed. Not because of Bryan, but because of how easy it was for him to "break into" our house.

My roommates and I dated and had male friends over all the time. Sometimes it was a first date from some guy we met at a Bible study or from some guy we met at a bar (uhmm, yeah, that would be Bryan! We were only there to dance, Mom and Dad!) or some guy we met at a party or in class. We didn't know these people. We didn't know their motivations. And, we certainly didn't ever check our window locks! We trusted that these young men wanted the same things from us that we wanted from them...friendship, laughter, clean fun, someone to hang out with, maybe a kiss or two, and then a goodnight-see-you-later.

Like I said, we were young and foolish. Bryan and I were in love (we still are, actually) and I knew him pretty well by then. He loved to surprise me. That hasn't changed either. Bryan's a "planner" by nature. He had my engagement ring for 4 months before he gave it to me knowing the entire time when and how he would propose. His excessive planning can drive this fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants, easy-going girl crazy sometimes, but we work. I like to think we balance each other out. I know I've gotten better at planning since we've been married. I don't know that he's gotten anymore laid-back. He has gotten more patient. While I'd like to claim credit for that, I believe it has come along with the additions to our family. We've both grown up and (hopefully) gained wisdom, or at least maturity.

Fortunately he didn't have to "break into" my house to surprise me this time!

My flower surprise in 2008!

My flower surprise in 1998!

16 February 2008

their new game

Addi has a new "puppy" named Libby. She's making Libby crawl around on all fours with a tape measure around her neck. She'll tell the "puppy" they're going to the dog doctor and that she needs to eat her food and, "You have to say 'Ruff, Ruff!'"

I see therapy bills mounting in Lu's future :)

*I tried to get a picture, but it didn't turn out great. Plus, they're both running/crawling around here sans clothing.

14 February 2008


this much...
and this much, too...

Happy Valentine's Day from the Parkers!

Addison's Valentine's Day Quiz

Addi came home from preschool with this paper in her bag.

It says:

Why do you love your mommy? Because I love her back [I'm thinking she meant because my mommy loves me or she thought the question was why does your mommy love you.]

What is your mommy's favorite thing to do? I don't know yet [Oh, how humiliating this answer could have been!]

What is your mommy's favorite thing to eat? Broccoli [?? Has she been watching what I've been eating for the past 9 months? If so, she surely would have said chocolate or ice cream.]

How old is your mommy? I don't know, I think 30

What is your mommy's favorite color? Purple

What is your mommy's name? Jenny [They had a sub today, however, she knows how to spell my name, so I'm surprised she didn't correct this spelling : )]

Why does your daddy love your mommy? Because she loves him back

Why does your mommy love you? Because I love her back

Her answers about love remind me of 1 John 4 (particulary verse 19).

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love. In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:7-9, 11, 19

13 February 2008

It's that time of year

Love is in the air!

Do you feel it?

Apparently, Addison does!

Addi's preschool teacher had some news today. With a little grin on her face, she first asked if Addison had ever mentioned Mason. Then she said that they really liked each other and made quite a pair. She reassured me that he's a very sweet and well-behaved little boy.

I asked Addi about Mason on the drive home and she was very nonchalant. He's just a boy in my class. We talk to each other sometimes. However, she was almost giddy when she dug through her Valentine shoe box and found the one from Mason : )

Addison and Mason sittin' in a tree...

11 February 2008

Advice, please

If you have ever read this blog (I'm talking to you!), please take some time to give me a little advice.

Oh, and you probably need to be a woman. And, probably a woman who has given birth or, at least, is planning on giving birth and has heard of products from other women who have given birth. And, also, if you are a man, you may just want to stop reading right here since much talk of breastfeeding and such will surely follow.

As I was packing my hospital bag last night, (and it's finished except for toothbrush and essentials I use everyday - so yay!) I realized a few things.

  1. I only have 2 nursing bras that I like, so I only wear those 2 and they are, how shall I phrase this? A little worn. I've had them since Addi was a newborn which means I've worn one of them roughly every other day for 2 years or so. They are also a sports bra style, so they aren't always right, if you know what I mean. What brand/style of nursing bra could you not live without? Where did you get it?
  2. Nursing pads. I have some left and I think I really liked them, but I do remember not liking several brands. What's your favorite and where do you get them?
  3. Nipple cream? I've used Lansinoh in the past and like it fine, but maybe there's another miracle cream out there I haven't tried. Any other tips for sore nipples or, more importantly, avoiding those all together?
  4. What baby gear could you not live without, particulary something that's soothing? Neither of the girls liked the swing and we haven't had a bouncy seat. We had a seat that vibrated, but it was so big, they didn't like it until they were big enough to crawl into it by themselves. I already have what I believe to be the most wonderful strollers made, so I won't be needing any. Maybe you're looking? I can tell you these are worth the money and you can usually find them online for less (plus free shipping sometimes) than at a store. What did you find to be the best of the best in the baby gear category?
  5. A sling. I have a sling that I love. (And this is a little off topic, but how cute are these? I can just see both girls and me at the grocery store with ours on!) I didn't have it with Addi, but Libby loved it. I think I've found a brand I would like to try, but, you know, these things are investments. I want something that is a little more versatile. Libby did really well in my New Native when she was a tiny infant and then after she was confident in sitting on her own. I've had the Baby Bjorn type carrier (both a Snugli and a Maclaren), but haven't been super-thrilled with either. I really think I am in the market this time for a sling, as opposed to a pouch or carrier. I think it's what will suit us best. Did you have one you loved? Where did you get it?

I believe that's it, for now. I may be back with more later.

I would really, really, really appreciate any tips/recommendations you can give me, but I do understand if you aren't comfortable essentially discussing your baby feeders on the internet! You can always just email me, if you'd rather. Whichever you choose, please just help me. If you've never commented before, I won't expect you to ever again, but if you have even 1 tip, help me out! And, of course, you can comment without leaving a link to you and/or use another name or your initial if you're hesistant.

Thanks so much, in advance.

08 February 2008

In the interest of honesty

Since I posted a few days ago about my (sometime) desire for honesty, I thought I should go ahead and reveal our new development.

Bryan has accepted a job in Alaska and we will be moving in 6 weeks.

Yes, I know it's a little shocking, but we really feel like it would be a fun place to live. If you've known me for any time at all, you know I L-O-V-E cold weather! The girls are hoping there's a Great Wolf there so we can play in the water while it is 20 below outside. And, Bryan, with his circulation issues, is already preparing to loose a hand or a foot : )

Did you really believe we'd be moving again?! I bet I got some of y'all. At least for a second!

Actually, (off topic, but that is Libby's favorite word...she uses it correctly all the time!) I thought I'd tell y'all the first names we've chosen for Baby P. We decided just a few nights ago.

(In case you don't already know, we choose names that are towns in Texas. Addison and Reagan are both Texas towns.)

If Baby P is a boy, his first name will be Levi.

If Baby P is a girl, her first name will be Campbell.

We have yet to decide on a middle name for either gender. And, we aren't shortening either name. I know, I know, it's so unlike us. Who knows what little nicknames will just evolve once the baby's here, but we aren't planning any "shortenings" with this baby.

I hope this helps with some of the suspense. I know there have been rumors floating around that we really do know the gender and we know what name we will use, but are choosing not to tell y'all. Honestly, we do not know if this baby is a boy or a girl. We have guesses, just like you do. My OB doesn't even know. The sonogram technician did see in my last ultrasound, but she doesn't write it anywhere according to my doctor's orders. She made us look away anytime she was near "sensitive" areas. And, we didn't peek : )

We've just had a hard time getting on the ball with this baby. But, we did have the baby's room recarpeted yesterday and put the bed together last night. I'm washing all our gender neutral clothes and blankets today and I plan on packing my hospital bag by the end of the weekend. We're just trying to make things exciting for everyone : )

Oh, and if you love the names that's great, but if you don't like the names that's your opinion and you are welcome to never name your own child either of those names. In other words, keep it to yourself...we aren't asking for opinions! Now that's some honesty : )

07 February 2008

Happy Birthday to 2 of the best cousins in the world!

February 7 marks the birthdays of two fabulous girls we know and love, Megan and Rachel.

Megan, my first cousin, who grew up in Austin is really fun, beautiful, and has great fashion taste. She is in, because I really don't know what it's called (even though she told me!) I'll say Design School in LA (the city, not the state bordering TX) right now. She wants to be a buyer for a store when she graduates soon. I know she'll be wonderful at whatever she ends up doing. Although I sure was hoping she would actually design clothes (for me) or be (my) personal shopper : )

Happy Birthday, Megan!

Rachel, my girls' first cousin, lives fairly close now that we've moved back. It has been fun seeing this little one the past couple months. We were able to celebrate her 1st birthday with her on Saturday. Ray-Ray, as my girls call her, is a little ray of sunshine (pun totally intended!) and so cute. We are so excited that we'll be able to watch her grow into a young lady and that she'll be the admired older cousin for Baby P.

Happy 1st Birthday, Rachel!

We feel blessed to know both of these girls (I keep saying girls, but Megan really is a woman - I remember her as a baby, so maybe that means she'll always be young in my mind!) and hope they know that we love them.

We went, we ate, we swam, we slept, and we ate and swam some more.

On Sunday afternoon we loaded the girls up and told them we were taking them to a surprise place to spend the night. Addi wanted clues and wasn't too happy when we wouldn't just tell her where we were going. Fortunately, Great Wolf Lodge was not that far of a drive because her pouting was really putting a damper on all of our excitement.

We got to the Lodge about 2:45 and our room was ready. While the girls and I waited in the car, Bryan walked into the lobby to check-in. Since it was a chilly Texas February day (a high of 78 or something), people were walking around outside the Lodge in their swimsuits.

That's when the girls figured out we would also be going to a swimming pool. And, that's when we all started calling the waterpark a swimming pool until Monday afternoon when I suggested we call it by it's correct name so there would be no wailing and gnashing of teeth this summer when I said we were going to the swimming pool. I tell ya, I've learned a few things in my years as a mother.

We spent about 2 hours in the waterpark that afternoon where Addi surprised us with her courage. She wanted to start out on the "adult" slides, the ones she was just barely tall enough to be allowed on.
Then we went up to our room to change for supper. We found a restaurant in the Lodge that was filled with flat-screen tvs all tuned to the Super Bowl. That suited the Mister just fine. He didn't even complain when the little Misses took forever to eat as they are accustomed to doing. The entertainment was great. The food was disappointing. The menu was full of yummy sounding stuff. Many of it boasted being created specially for this Great Wolf Lodge by some professional sounding chef. I could really help them out.

1. Fire professional sounding chef and burn menus.

2. Go to foodnetwork.com and pick anything. It will taste supremely better than what we ate and your customers might not be so disgruntled when you charge them $15.95 for a hamburger.

That being said, we did order a dessert I would like to recreate at home, but that was through no skill of the chefs/cooks. It was simply because the Lodge uses Blue Bell ice cream. I am not kidding when I tell you that on the platter was at least a pint of chocolate ice cream with probably half a pint of vanilla in the center. You couldn't see the vanilla because it was covered by a mound of cotton candy. Four long pretzel sticks covered in chocolate stuck out of the ice cream and met tee-pee like over the cotton candy. Plenty of hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherries topped it all off.

This is pretty much how we all looked while eating our sundae:

And this is pretty much how we all looked once our blood sugar was sky high:

We got back to our room and the girls were thrilled to watch movies on the flat screen tv in their very own tent for a while. At 8, we made our way down to storytime in the lobby. We found out once it started that Wiley Wolf would make an appearance for pictures after the story, so I ran walked, as quickly as possible up to our room to grab the camera. I made it back in time to find everyone else gone, my oldest cowered in a corner, and my youngest high-fiving Wiley. Everyone was relieved to see me with the camera. That's about the time Libby figured out there was something a little off with Wiley.

As a result, this is how the picture of Libby and Wiley turned out:

And this one (notice her grip on Bryan's shirt!):

Monday morning we woke up, ate a ridiculously priced breakfast (you'd of thought we would have been smart enough to load the girls up and run to Whataburger for some taquitos - tastier and cheaper!), and spent about an hour relaxing in our room before we had to check-out. Check-out time was 11 o'clock. Bryan and I thought we'd make sure the girls were well rested before heading back to the waterpark in the hopes we'd avert an early afternoon meltdown or two.

Of course, it worked.

Oh, wait, no it didn't!

About the time we decided we'd, once again, pay the exorbitant prices for lousy food and eat lunch, the kiddie area was evacuated and roped off. Even though we were planning to leave the area to eat, Libby almost drowned herself trying to stay. Then it took forever to get our food. Then we smelled The Smell near the table we'd already claimed. Fortunately Mondays aren't too busy, so we easily moved our gear to another table further away from The Smell. The kiddie area remained closed for quite a while which meant we had the perfect opportunity for Addi and Bryan to ride more big slides while I tried to guess when she'd come out to capture her expression with the camera. If that had actually happened, the picture would be here.

But it didn't. Instead of taking that perfect shot, I was picking my 2 year old up off the floor while trying to keep my digital camera dry and not teaching her some words I would later regret when she repeated them. I have these instead.

The first time Libby went down the kiddie slide:

And the second time (surprisingly she went again and again after this "flip"):

Addi ending a "medium" slide:

Libby also went down this slide all by herself while I was at the bathroom. She led Bryan to it, said, "slide", and showed up at the bottom with a horrified look on her face not long after Bryan went down himself. Needless to say, she did not go on this one again!

Finally the kiddie area reopened. Bryan and I pretended that it had just been closed down for routine maintenance while the girls continued to enjoy all the splashing, squirting, and sliding.

This was one of Libby's favorite attractions. In fact, on Sunday she was heading over to one of these when an older boy (we're talking at least 4) saw her and immediately raced over to climb up. She continued, completely undeterred. They got to the jet ski at about the same time and she was the one who ended up sitting on it. Not sure how it happened. Maybe he was so stunned by her determination??!

Both girls also enjoyed the "lazy" river and the wave pool. Addi was quite the little floating fish in her life jacket. She swam all over the place. Libby was a little more cautious in water too deep for her to reach the bottom.

Neither girl particularly enjoyed having water poured over their heads. A trait they come by honestly from their mother.

We really had a blast. I expected a little time for relaxation and that wasn't the case at all. In my current condition, 24 hours was the perfect stay. In a couple months, or years, a few days might be fun.

We finally made the girls gather up their things to leave about 5 and made it home to eat, throw them in the bath and have them in bed by 6:30. Bryan and I were snoozing by 8:30.

I think they've asked me everyday this week if and when we can go back. Next time, I'd like to try another location where it will actually be cold outside while we are enjoying the water inside. But, that is a long way off. I think next time I'll want Baby P to be at least 3. And, let's face it, 3 years is like an eternity to little kids, so my standard answer has been, "We'll see." Yet another thing I've learned from my mothering years - Never make a promise you might not be able to keep to children who remember everything.

06 February 2008


Sometimes I find myself wishing everyone was just more honest with one another. You know, that adults would say, "No, that looks awful on you." Or, "I really don't feel like doing that right now."

Then, I am reminded of the honesty of children and I rethink my wish.

This morning when Libby and I dropped Addi off at preschool, a little girl looked at me and said, "Why is your belly so big?"

"Well, because I'm going to have a baby."

Pointing at Libby, "Another one? You have one right there!"

Don't you know her mother would of died if she'd been standing there?!

When I was pregnant with Libby and working at Addi's preschool something similar happened. Only a couple little girls were sitting in the room with me at the time. One of them asked me if I was going to have a baby. After I told her I was, another girl said, "I noticed you getting fat, but I didn't want to say anything because my mom told me it might hurt someone's feelings if you told them they were fat!"

Her mother happened to also work at the preschool so we got a good chuckle out of it :)

03 February 2008

Do Not Fear, Old Folks

On the way home from church today, Addi and Libby started singing songs. Once they couldn't remember any more, Addi started making up songs to sing. The one that caught my attention went something like this:

"God loves you,
God loves you,
God loves the little children.
God loves us to share our toys,
God loves us to share our toys.
God loves all the sisters.
God loves all the brothers.
God loves the parents.
God loves all the people,
even if you're old,
God loves you."
Clearly, she's been paying attention during Sunday School!