01 March 2007

Enough is Enough!

Bryan has been wanting me to write about this for a while...I think he is secretly happy to have one of his daughters going through a gross phase. For the sake of future embarrassments, I'll just let you do the guessing as to which one I'm speaking :)

The aforementioned Girl is jumping head first into a new trend in which her answer to EVERY question is "Poopy". Girl also enjoys partaking in name calling, particularly the name "Poo-poo head". Mind you, she is a polite Girl. It only took calling her parents her favorite terms of endearment a couple times before said parents decided to "nip this in the bud". After many tears shed, Girl has now resolved herself to only calling things "Poo-poo head".

It has gotten completely out of control. In mid-conversation, the wind will change and Girl will begin to giggle and say...you got it..."Poo-poo", or "Poopy", or some other variation of "Poo". She will change the lyrics to her favorite songs to better suit her tastes. For example, Girl now sings "Poopy, poopy little poo. How I poopy where you poo".

What at one time caused a chuckle now causes a cringe. What is a mother to do? Ignoring doesn't seem to work. I'm afraid admonishing will only cause Girl to continue this behavior while not in the presence of her parents. Wait it out?...hope it's only a phase and passes quickly?

In any event, I am going crazy hearing about Poop! I thought God gave me girls so I didn't have to deal with things like this :) Enough is enough! I want my delicate, sweet little Girl back!