22 April 2008

Bryan Nowitzki??

Bryan has joined his office's basketball team.

(I can't help but think of The Office episode where the warehouse workers play the office workers. Of course, in my mind, you're more the Jim than the Stanley of your team, Babe! And not just 'cause you're white.)

Anyway, he has a game tonight, so I'm making boxed macaroni and cheese for the girls' supper. This is a special treat for them. I rarely make it at home, so they usually only eat it when we feel like paying $5 for a bowl at Chilis. All that to say, it is my way of making up for Daddy not being able to spend time with them tonight. Nothing like teaching them to drown their sorrows in food, right :)

When they saw the box out on the counter, Addi asked why I was making that macaroni and cheese for them. I told her that Daddy wouldn't be home for supper because he had a basketball game. She started to hang her head and then perked up to say, "That's okay. Maybe we'll be able to watch him on tv!"

20 April 2008

Shades of Blue

Look at this gorgeous patch of bluebonnets we found! There was even a hole already trampled out so we didn't have to feel guilty about posing our kids in the middle of all those flowers. But, of course, we didn't get away without picking some : ) (and by "we", I mean Addi and Libby...mostly Libby)

16 April 2008

It's good to be loved

One day last week, I took Libby and Levi to a doctor's appointment. As I checked in the receptionist just ooohed and aaahed over Libby. Then as we were leaving a group of nurses did the same. We walked out the door and Libby looked up at me and said, "Those nurses love me so much. Right, Momma?!"

Yes, indeed, Baby Girl!

05 April 2008

Favorite Things

Since we've been back in Texas, I often am reminded of something I love about this great state. I keep meaning to compile a list and then write a post about it. The problem is I never write down the thing I love and then I forget about it. So, now I've decided to just write a post anytime I think of something or have a few things on my mind. Because, let's face it, if I sat here until I remembered everything you'd never read this post!
Without further ado, a few things I love about Texas are:
-Wide open skies that allow you to see an entire sunset. Our God paints breathtaking sunsets!
-Spring in Texas, minus the allergy attacks. Have you ever seen a field covered in bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes? They're worth taking an afternoon drive with 3 whining, screaming kids in the back seats.
-The pride Texans have in their state. We start 'em young here - Addi's already learning Texas history in preschool. She's come home with art projects of Texas flags, armadillos, and cowboys and yesterday was Rodeo Day. Everyone dressed in their western wear to celebrate Texas. Even Libby got into the day with a cowgirl hat. (I've been corrected each time I refer to their hats as cowboy hats!) Here are the girls ready to rodeo.

If only you could see the tackiness of those boots. They light up and sparkle! Of course, my 5 year old little girl loves them!

04 April 2008

I just don't have the time (or patience)

The formatting for my last two posts are all funky. It drives me crazy, but I'm not going to spend time I don't have to waste on fixing it. It probably isn't a big deal to any of y'all, but it makes me feel better to explain that I have noticed and have tried to fix it, but am going to let go of control and just be happy I got a post written.

Can you believe it has been a month?

Levi David is 1 month old today. In fact, a month ago he was just about 3 1/2 hours old. Wow, has he changed!

He's sleeping now and content as can be in his car seat. The car seat is still his preferred sleeping spot. That is if he can't be laying between Bryan and me!

I can really tell how much "bigger" he is getting by how well nursing is going. I always say that nursing (if you choose to do it) is the hardest thing about being a new mom. It is also, in my opinion, one of the most rewarding things. While this time has been much, much easier, it is still challenging. It really isn't as natural as you'd think. But, having done it before helps a lot. He's getting a little faster at eating and isn't falling asleep non-stop (although he still has times when he'd love nothing more than to go between snacking and napping all day). He still eats often (at least every 2 hours during daylight), but he's letting me sleep a little more at night. Last night we went to bed around 10:15 and he didn't wake up until almost 3 am! If his weight gain still seems fine when we go to the doctor on Monday, I'm going to start working on dragging out feedings to every 3 hours.

Diaper changes make him angry. Neither of our girls really minded having their diapers changed. He screams from the moment I lay him down on the changing table until I pick him up again. If it continues, he'll be lots of fun when he gets to the age where babies like to turn over and try to get away while their diapers are being changed.

He also dislikes baths. Both of the girls were always soothed by baths, so go figure. Maybe it's his way of letting us know he is different from his sisters in every way! He actually just got his first real bath yesterday. His cord stump took 4 weeks to fall off, so he'd been getting sponge baths. I understood him screaming during those because he was freezing. He screamed during the real thing as well. He was so worked up by the time I finished, he continued to scream for another 10 minutes!

I promise he's smiling at me. This week he has started a little half smile every once in a while after or during a feeding. Bryan doesn't believe me and you probably don't either, but I will believe it until the day I die!

I don't think any of us can imagine life without this little man already. He started out surprising us and I can't wait to see how he'll surprise us in the future.

Isn't it amazing how God always creates more room in your heart for each new child? Thank you, Lord, for our son. Your blessings are abundant.

03 April 2008

one of these i never like to do

i haven't had a chance to blog much. (i'm feeding the baby as i hunt and peck this keyboard right now!) so, you're gonna mostly get pictures today.
EASTER PICTURES (but i didn't get any of the kids in their clothes. i will though, near some pretty flowers, or something)

we've had our first "trampoline casualty" - ethan broke his leg a few days before easter while jumping, poor little guy

rise and shine, sleepyheads. it's time to hunt eggs on easter morning.
we had to wake the girls up pretty early so we could all be on our way to church by 7:30.

MY BIG BIRTHDAY SURPRISE - bryan arranged for a dear friend of mine from raleigh and her youngest daughter (who is absolutely adored by our whole family, but especially addi) to surprise us with a visit.

bryan took addi to the airport telling me he was taking her to breakfast for some "daddy-daughter" time. he didn't get a picture of her face when she saw salina. i know it was priceless!

i was a little out of it. bryan told me the present he'd ordered me was on the porch. when i walked out, addi and salina jumped out. i was so lost. i thought she'd met a new friend and the new friend looked so familiar. then diane walked out and i started to catch on.

salina "protecting" libby from zoe

LEVI'S NEW FRIEND, COURT - my friend ashley had her little boy a week ago. we were surprised how "grown-up" levi looked next to this new little guy.

i'll write a better post soon and maybe have more words than pictures in it!