21 May 2007


In just a few days, we will load up our car and head to the airport. Bryan, the kids and I will spend some time in Texas with our family and friends. We're all excited and, I am starting to stress.

Normal fixin-to-go-on-a-trip stress.

But, it is stress.

And its root is everyting I must do in the next couple days. So, I am taking blogging off my To Do list. If something happens that is just too good not to record, and I have the time, I'll post it. While we're there, we will have our laptop, but I'm not committing to anything.

So, until we meet again...

19 May 2007

Welcome Back

We have some new neighbors.

They're from New York. As in, big-city-dwellers.

Mr. New York showed up at our door to inform us that he was pretty sure Zoe killed a 'possum in our backyard. You might recall this.

Yeah, that was my reaction. Another one?!

Bryan's response was, "No. The same one."

At that point, I wrinkled up my nose and let out a big "Eew, gross!"

Bryan felt certain that informing the New Yorkers that this 'possum has actually been under dirt, decaying in our backyard, for a good 6 weeks might not be the greatest introduction to suburbia, so he just went with the "new kill" story.

18 May 2007

a list

  1. Summer is almost here and I am so excited! I am ready to have the girls home all day and not to have to get up and go to preschool. I am ready to pack a lunch, don a swimsuit, slather on sunscreen and hit the pool. I am ready for tan legs and brightly-colored toenails peeking out from flip-flops. I am ready to leave the Farmer's Market with a car full of strawberries, peaches, green tomatoes, squash, peppers, and watermelons. I love Summer and I am ready for it!
  2. I made this for supper tonight. Despite burning the crust :), it was delicious and super filling. And, we had it with these yummy strawberries that our new neighbors brought us after picking them yesterday.
  3. Today Libby turned 21 months! It is almost unbelievable to me that she is so close to 2...my baby is almost 2!

We have a busy week ahead...end-of-year preshool program, last day of preschool, packing, and leaving for a trip to Texas on Thursday. So, why am I sitting here blogging?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

17 May 2007

Oh, yeah, the toy that I had to have

was a plastic basketball goal. You know, for all those boys I'm raising. I mean those tom-boys I'm raising. Actually, I mean I bought the hoop in the hopes that one of our girls would one day want to be a little athletic to gain praise and approval from her father.

You wouldn't guess which one was the most interested in the sports thing-y!? Well you would now, since you start off at a 50-50 chance and I said the whole "you wouldn't guess" stuff.

Yep, Addi.

She would start out at the foot of the driveway holding a ball and make me count. Once I hit the magic number, she would run from side-to-side, missing defenders, and slam dunk the ball, at which point I was instructed to either yell, "She scores!" or "Addi won the game!"

I don't know...all those NCAA Tournament games we watched this year?

After the Aggies make it to the Final 4 next year, we'll have to sign her up for a team!

Speaking of Aggies and basketball, a few weeks ago we went to this Triangle A&M Club family night. I kept telling her that we would be meeting some Aggies that night. Then she came up with something about "meeting the baseball players". I finally figured out that she was talking about basketball and she thought we would be meeting the Aggie Men's basketball team. I wonder what she'll come up with when I start telling her about the really fun tour of campus she's gonna get when we stop in College Station after a friend's wedding in Houston in a couple weeks. Now that I think about it, maybe the tour's not such a good idea. We want her to want to go to A&M, right?!

16 May 2007

Actually, Ma'm, the humble-pie was not so tasty.

So, this afternoon about 4:15 I realized I didn't have any cash. I needed $6 by 4:30 to pay for a toy I'd found on Craigslist. I had no choice but to load all 3 girls into their carseats and run to the store. I planned on buying a magazine with my debit card and getting cash back.

I parked my Pilot in a spot far enough out that no other cars were nearby. About the time I pulled the bulky double stroller out of the back, a van pulled into the spot directly behind us. But, the driver could not pull all the way into her spot because of me and the stroller so I quickly hoisted it to the side of the car and walked back to shut the rear door. Truth be told, I was irritated. I mean, there were 8 vacant spots around me, why did she have to pick the one directly behind me? And, when she started to pull in and saw that I was standing there struggling with a stroller, why didn't she back out and zip into one of the 7 other open spots? I really couldn't believe this lady in a van (which, to me, meant she had little ones and should be more considerate of another mom) was being so thoughtless.

I finally got Logan and Libby strapped into the stroller, Addi situated next to the stroller, the Pilot locked, and my debit card in hand, or, rather in the stroller pocket. We made our way to the store's entrance where Addi began to beg for a balloon. Then Libby began to beg for a balloon. So much for making a quick visit to the store.

Like every good momma, I steered the stroller toward the balloons, but couldn't get to them because another mother and her cart were in the way. That was okay because I'm patient. That was okay until she didn't budge after her child picked a balloon. She had to find just the right spot to tie the ribbon on the cart. She even looked at me and smiled. She knew we were standing there waiting! No one else was around and there was tons of room for her to move. But, no, she stood exactly where we needed to be and didn't move. one. inch.

By the time I was ready to pay for my magazine, all I could think of was how inconsiderate these people had been to me. I was so busy playing the martyr that I forgot to get cash back. Yep, the only reason I was even at the store was to get $6 in cash and I forgot to hit the little button that would let the cashier know I needed cash.

I only realized my mistake as I was about to turn into our neighborhood. Instantly, I knew it was my own fault. I had been so wrapped up in judging these other people for their "sins" that I couldn't even think straight.

Next time, I hope I remember that even though it may seem like it, the world is not out to get me!

15 May 2007

Just in case you thought I doctored those last pictures

Because of a little mishap at supper-time, 3 of us ended up eating oatmeal. The Queen insists on feeding herself, and, while she is perfectly efficient at using utensils, she usually favors her hands. So, this is what she looked like after devouring 2 bowls of oatmeal. Every night is bath night with this little girl!
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14 May 2007

A Royal Mess

Introducing: Queen Reagan of Mess

This plant was up on a table that is taller than her.

She had to tear the cup apart to more easily lick out the bottom.

The only reason you can't see the mess here is because the bowl is hiding her face :)

That is sweet potato caked onto her sandals. I couldn't figure out why she was sliding all over the place as we walked out of the restaurant yesterday.

13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day, y'all

Me with my sweet girls

Libby's too busy eating to smile for the camera :)

Addi was allowed to order Sprite today. I think the sugar was getting to her just a little!

Bryan is really good about making special days even more special. I knew he wouldn't disappoint me for Mother's Day when Addi told me yesterday that "There's a surprise I can't tell you about, Momma!"

After I stepped out of the shower this morning, both my girls walked in with a present for me to open. Bryan let them pick out little gifts for me and decorate a card. Precious! Addi got me a mug that she knew would be perfect for me because she recognized the word "Mom" on it and Libby picked out this candle for me. I haven't heard the details of their shopping trip yet, but I'm bettin' it was the first one she saw. Libby Lu's not much in the patience department.

As if that wasn't enough (well that and my makeover), my sweet husband also had lunch plans for us. And, they included Blue Bell ice cream!

Now, the girls are sleeping and I'm thinking I may need to rest a little too. I don't think I've had a Sunday afternoon nap since before I was a mother!

12 May 2007

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - part 1

I am sad.

Change is hard for me. Yet, change is part of life.

I have changed the comment section of 4 Texans. Several readers had complained several times that the regular comment format was hard or impossible to use. So, I've switched over to Haloscan. Hopefully, it will be more user friendly.

You know, if that's what has been holding you back from commenting, please, comment away. About anything. Let me know, in the comments, how Haloscan is working for you. Just comment. Please :)

Anyway, I'm not so sad about switching to Haloscan. I think it will be a good change. I am sad that all of your previous sweet comments were deleted. Every comment made me smile, some made me tear up, lots made me laugh, and a few made me wonder! But, they're gone and I'm not sure if I can ever get them back.

Of course, if you want to go back and comment on one or all of the 175+ posts so that I feel better, I would be so thankful. No pressure, though :)

Oh, and keep an eye out for more changes to 4 Texans. I was informed last night that I could buy my Mother's Day gift.

I (really) apologize if you have been on pins and needles awaiting this!

Here is one of the videos from Addi's tea yesterday. Under normal circumstances, I am a shaky, at best, videographer. Yesterday, I had Libby trying to climb into my lap and onto the table and off the chair. The first video I took, which is not this one, was fine, but only featured the kids walking onto the stage. At that point, Lib was sitting nicely in a chair next to me. 15 seconds later I started shooting again, which is also not this video, with Libby in my lap. Addi decided she would hide behind Jackson, so I needed to Army crawl (to avoid ruining any other Mommy's videos) with Libby on my back to capture a different angle. That wasn't happening! Instead, I turned the camera off, missed a cute song, yet manuevered to a slightly better position. Libby lasted in a chair for about 23 seconds for this video and at the end the camera is all over the place because she was trying to climb down and I was trying to help her and thus avoid screams that would drown out the adorable children everyone was there to see when she inevitably suceeded in falling out of the chair.

Alright, enough excuses! Enjoy the torture video :)

Oh, and to find Addi, look for the taller boy with a red J on his shirt. She pokes her head out from around him every once in a while.

11 May 2007


This time last year Addi's preschool class hosted a "Mommy and Me Tea". Letters were sent home, reminders were placed in bags, and notes were written on the notice board. Addi and I were both excited. She couldn't help but slip some of the secrets that were to be revealed at the tea to me.

I remember walking her into preschool the morning of the tea. We walked past the notice board and I read that the tea was to begin at 11:30. I remember thinking that I must have gotten the time wrong because I thought it was supposed to begin at 11:00.

You can see where this is going.

Yep, I walked back into preschool at about 11:25 wondering why there were no other moms walking in at the same time.

My heart broke when I walked into the room and saw Addi at a table sitting next to Grandma Jan. Grandma Jan is an older woman who likes to visit and read to the classes at preschool. I quickly sat down and asked one her teachers what time the tea started, though I already knew the answer.

I don't know how I made it through the rest of the tea without bursting into tears. I felt I had failed my daughter. She could've asked for the world that day and I would've given it to her without flinching.

Today was the day of this year's "Mommy and Me" tea. As I waited at a red light across from the preschool, I started to panic thinking that maybe I'd gotten the time wrong again this year.

It is starting at 11:00, right? I don't see any cars turning into the parking lot. What if it started at 10:30?

As I pulled into a parking space I noticed a few other moms hopping out of their cars.


The entertainment was adorable. (I'll be posting a video later) We all, especially Libby, enjoyed the food. And, the company was unbeatable.

Of course, the best part was leaving and not feeling like the mom who let my kid down :)

10 May 2007

Before and After

Miss Lu has a new 'do. She had her first (professional) hair cut last Saturday.

Now, I've trimmed her bangs a number of times. It required all of Bryan's strength to hold her head still. It required all of my skill to keep the bangs somewhat even. To say the least, it was an ordeal.

When it came time to trim up her hair, I felt it would be best to leave it to a professional. And, what a professional we found. Libby got to sit in a red car while watching an Elmo movie and playing with a toy.
Well, of course, if we had a set-up like that at home, cutting her hair would be easy! But, since we don't, every penny of the $20 we spent was well worth it.

Before shots
After shot

Gymnastics Show

Addi had her gymnastics end of the year show at preschool this morning. She looked as though it was all she could do not to run out of the room. No smiles. No enthusiasum. I got her to smile when she was finished. Later I asked why she wasn't smiling during the performance and she said that she really didn't like the shirt she was wearing and didn't like all the people looking at her. I totally understand that!

07 May 2007

Who's raising you?...Mother Teresa?

The other night Bryan and Addi were watching tv together while I finished up supper. In fact, they were watching "Cook", aka The Food Network at Addi's request. The cook that happened to be on slightly annoys Bryan. And by slightly annoys, I mean a vein in his temple starts pulsing when he sees her magazine at the grocery store.

As the show went to commercial, Addi noticed, "That girl sure smiles A Lot!" Bryan replied that, "Yes, she has a big mouth!" To that Addi felt she must rebuke her father by telling him, "No ma'm! You cannot say that! You might hurt her feelings!"

I don't remember Bryan's exact words...something involving Mother Teresa...making it clear he felt I may be a little heavy on the sensitivity training :)

If you really wanna go and ruin my chances...

There's a contest in honor of Mother's Day over at Everyday Mommy. Its prize is a new blog makeover! For free!

BTW...that's what I had my heart set on for Mother's Day.

But you go on over there and try your luck even though it decreases my chances of winning!

Maybe Bryan will come through for me...he usually does!

06 May 2007

Calling All Mothers!

Wanna win cool prizes?...head over to 5 minutes for mom or click on the banner below.

They're giving away prizes for Mother's Day.


04 May 2007

"He will be like rain falling on a mown field, like showers watering the earth." Psalm 72:6

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03 May 2007

Not to be outdone

Recently some of our best friends decided they would start blogging again.

(You-Who-Previously-Were-An-Unreliable-Blogger, see how I'm blaming both of you, since you're married, even though you and I and your spouse all know, you're the one responsible for the blog!...glad to see all the new posts :)

We were pumped because it meant we got to start seeing pictures of and hearing antecdotes about one of the cutest little boys we know. Sadly, they live in a land far, far away with almost everyone else we know and love. But, with their newly found blogging passion, we get to better keep up with them again.

One of the latest posts included pictures of the aforementioned cute little boy sporting a mohawk. Also included was a story of how the mohawk came to be.

While I was looking through My Pictures today, I came across our own versions of cute little children sporting mohawks and had to share.

Now before you go scheming to meet a man like that, remember, he's taken

I heard the familiar chime signaling there was a new message in my email inbox. With one child already down for a nap and one still eating lunch, I had a minute to run over to the laptop and see who the email was from. I didn't expect what I got.

a link and then these words:

Kinda neat that someone tried to quantify all you do. What they can't quantify is the long term value our kids get from having you at home. Thanks for all you do.

I love you!


The subject of that email was Wow and that is exactly how I felt after I read it.

Thanks, Babe. It's nice to hear I'm appreciated from you.

Honestly, I don't always think (or, maybe even, say) kind words about my husband. We're married and we have two kids and we're human (no excuses, just facts)...but I know that our two daughters are seeing an example of a husband and father that they will one day use to compare against all those boys who come calling.

Future-Boys, that is some stiff competition! I'm sure Addi and Libby's husbands will hear, more than once, My dad says..., or My dad does it like this...

I'm guilty of those exact words. I know that I've been blessed with my husband and I know that I was blessed before that with my dad and the example he displayed for me.

So, thanks, Dad for helping me to choose the man I married.

While I'm thanking people, I should also thank Bryan's dad for showing him an example of a man who treats his wife and children with love and respect.

And, Moms, isn't it wonderful that while there are days when you would earn every penny of that $138,000 (or $85,000 for you working mothers - I don't know how you do it all. Really, I don't.), most days you wouldn't rather be doing anything else in the world than spending time with your kids.

The girls with their SuperDad

02 May 2007

En Espanol?

Why are the months listed in Spanish on the right side over there under "Old Posts"? Has it always been like that and I've never noticed? I can't seem to fix it. When I try, the months list in English, but then when I look at the blog again, back to Spanish.

One more reason I should have majored in something other than Elementary Education :)

Oh, and I don't mean I should have majored in Spanish. Although, that might not have been a bad idea. I mean computers! I think we had to take one computer class...should've been a computer engineering major or something like that. Of course, that might have made my salary a little more competitve with Bryan's and he would've been the one staying home blogging!

No, no, I had it right with that teaching stuff.

update [1 minute later]: To borrow a friend's mom's catch-phrase, Oh, Thunder! I looked again and we're back to English. Am I losing my mind??!

Wordless Wednesday

May of 2005

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01 May 2007

Happy Birthday to Nana

I have to ask myself, "Is this really worth the hassle?"

A couple Saturdays ago was our neighborhood garage sale. We haven't participated in this biannual event since we moved into our house a little over 2 years ago. The timing of that one was perfect since we had moved in the month before. Plus, the rental house we had been living in the previous year was so small that about half of our stuff remained in boxes until we moved here. Needless to say, we banked!

Once or twice I decided to collect up "junk" the week before the scheduled sale only to decide the night before (when I really started collecting) that it wasn't worth the hassle. Most of those things have been donated to the Vets. And, that was probably best.

But, for some reason, I really thought I should participate at this past sale. Even though I had a hair cut scheduled for 9. And, the garage sale officially began at 8.

We only had a few toys, an old printer, microwave, and golf equipment to part with...no big deal. Besides garage sale-ers always start early and I knew (from our previous experience) that whatever time I got out there, someone would come looking.

Well, I sold the golf equipment and 1 toy for a grand profit of $6.

I loaded up my car with the toys and stopped at a children's resale shop on my way home from my hair appointment. Now, I've done Once Upon a Child, so I know that there is like a 9 1/2 month waiting list to get in there for them to tell you they'll pay you $3.50 for your Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller in almost new condition.

(Not that this is what exactly happened to me. We are very loyal to this stroller brand and will probably be using ours until Addi is 12 since she sees no reason to stop being strolled and, apparently, finds no shame is strolling as her younger sister walks along beside the stroller. But, that's beside the point...)

This particular resale shop is a small, independent store. I really thought I could get them to take the toys off my hands without having to go through making an appointment. Boy, was I wrong. Their first available appointment was at the end of June. No, thanks.

The toys went back into the garage until this weekend when Bryan said he was taking them to the dump if I didn't find a home for them.

I listed them, along with the microwave and printer and a few more things I've cleared out since the garage sale weekend, on Craigslist Saturday night.

When I checked my email Sunday morning, I had 3 emails begging for the toys! The first emailer wanted all the toys. You should have heard my boasts to my husband!

I'm not sure what happened to that lady.

The next on the list has become a royal pain in the you-know-what. She emailed me this morning to tell me she wants all but 1 of the toys because they already own that one. Okay...whatever. I emailed her back asking which toy it was, exactly, that she didn't want because I have about 5 other people who have emailed about the toys and I would like to let one of them know they can have whichever toy it is that she doesn't want.

Is that really that hard of a request?

So, she writes back to tell me not the one that uses the same balls as that other one and really she's not sure about the piano looking one and actually it all depends on if they are in good condition and, oh, can you meet me at a shopping center that is about 20 minutes from your house?

Okay, first of all there are not 2 toys that use the same balls, so that doesn't help me. At. All. Also, these are "bigger" toys...like $30 brand-new toys. I'm asking $5 and they are almost better than brand-new because my children have so many toys that none get that much "play time" and these are already all assembled with proper sticker placement. And, lastly, did she seriously ask me to meet her at a shopping center she knew (I had already told her where I lived because she said she wanted to pick-up today) wasn't anywhere near my house. Does she call ToysRUs and ask them to send one of their cashiers to a more convenient location so she can Christmas shop? Oh, and I would go to all that effort (remember 3 kids in car seats) to maybe make $15. Would it even cover my gas?!

So, I have to ask myself, "Is this really worth the hassle?" Maybe I should've let Bryan contribute to global warming by adding plastic toys to our local landfill. At least I wouldn't have to be thinking about it today!