19 September 2011

The Kitchen Table's Best Use

One of Levi's favorite things to do is move all the chairs away from our kitchen table to play trains.  He happily reenacts daring rescues from Misty Island or Hero of the Rails sans tracks.
Other times, he lines trains up with their tenders grouping them according to their "families".  I bet you didn't realize that James is a Mommy and his her daughter is Emily.  Do little boys without older sisters bring Family into train play?
Maybe the fruit bowl is Time-Out?!

When Levi is home with me, he could spend hours at the kitchen table.  But, when Daddy's home, he prefers to set up the tracks on the living room floor and have Daddy watch him run his little trains around.  Daddy better not get caught sneaking a peek at the tv when he's supposed to be watching Levi play with his trains.  He will get a swift reprimand by our 3 year old!