29 August 2008

Freaky Friday

What is going on?!?

Geckos keep getting into our house, I'm taking too good care of plants, and our tv has a mind of its own!

Bryan got home from Phoenix Tuesday night and couldn't wait to show me the gifts he'd brought the girls: coyote poop, a book, and Mexican jumping beans! We played with the beans for a while and then Bryan noticed something on the carpet. From where I was sitting it just looked like some green thread. He got closer and realized the thread was a gecko! I knew I married that man for a reason. He had that thing back outside in 30 seconds. But, then we had another one, or maybe the same one?, in our laundry room last night. Where are they coming from? I never see them outside our house or in the garage. I hope the ?2 we found won't show their friends how to get inside.

I have a black thumb. I love plants, but can't keep them alive. I do a little better with flower bed plants, but potted plants, inside or out, have a short lifespan with me as their caregiver. Generally, I forget to water. Bryan got me a beautiful orchid for our anniversary. I knew orchids were fussy, so I made sure to read the instruction card and do some online research. Last week all the blooms fell off. Yesterday one of the leaves started turning brown. I'm no orchid expert, but I think my plant might be in distress. Back to the internet I went. By the way, how did I live without the World Wide Web?! You can Google anything! Apparently I have overwatered and the poor thing is rotting to death. Then I noticed this morning the potted plant I have on our porch seemed rather droopy. I was surprised because this is the first morning Libby and I haven't watered as soon as we returned from walking Addi to school. Upon closer inspection, I saw water standing in the pot! What is my deal? So, it's now my goal to nurse the orchid back to health. I'll let you know how it goes. Perhaps, I'll keep a closer eye on Libby when she waters the plant on the porch also :)

Yesterday morning the kids were ready early, so I let them turn on the tv. When it was time to leave, we couldn't get the tv to turn off. Short of throwing something into it, I couldn't figure a way to get it off. So, I muted it (because I think a house should be quiet when no one is home) while we walked Addison to school. I came back: same story. In short, we spent the day with the tv on, muted mostly, but on. It about drove me out of my mind! Yes, I do know I could've unplugged it, but that would have required me to move the cabinet away from the wall and I just couldn't muster the strength when I knew Bryan would come home and figure out the problem. Plus, and this was genuinely a concern, what if the dvr was set to record something and couldn't because the tv was unplugged? By the time Bryan got home, the tv would no longer be silenced! Neither mute nor volume worked. So, it stayed on the rest of the evening, all the way through supper, which drives me crazy to have a tv on while we're eating, and past the kids going to bed. Finally, Bryan decided to unplug it with a warning it might not come back on and we'd probably have to take advantage of Labor Day electronics sales. Not to worry, I assured him, our trusty old, playroom tv we've had for at least 7 years and was owned by my parents for probably the 5 before that, is still good as new. We could just bring that one down to the living room and take our bedroom tv, which is only ever watched by our kids anyway, to the playroom. Yay, though, because the tv came back on and all it's parts worked!

Seriously, what is going on? I'm hoping we have no more crazy surprises over our long weekend.

I probably won't be around again till Monday. I have a kindergartener to spend to some time with! Have a good Labor Day!

Oh, and orchid tips, anyone??

26 August 2008

No more pretending

The clock read 8:29 when I walked back into the house.

Levi was tired and Libby wanted to play her new game. I sang to Levi, a song I've sang to each of my children when they were babies, right before laying them down. I couldn't help but think it seemed only a moment ago when I was singing that song to my first baby. I closed my eyes and he felt like her.

The tears came then. I started to tear up when we said goodbye, but held it together. I started to tear up on the walk home, but held it together. I started to tear up at "Meet the Teacher" night, but got it together. I couldn't stay together any longer.

I'm better, for now. Libby wants me to dance with her and I suddenly have all my attention to give to her. So, while Levi sleeps, we are gonna dance and I'll try not to think about the countless times I was the Prince while Addi was the Princess.

The day I've been dreading is here. There'll be no more pretending that my baby's a baby anymore.

Yesterday, Last Night, and Today


24 August 2008

Meet my sister-in-law

If Lisa were blonde and on a Diet Coke commercial, this would so be her. I had to pause it so Bryan could see this girl. After she takes a drink and smiles...that is Lisa. It really gave me chills when I replayed it! I don't know how well it will show up - doesn't look to good on our computer. But, look for it on tv.

Something I would've never believed necessary to say before I had children:

"Don't touch your bottom while you're eating, please."

23 August 2008

We Met the Teacher

Last evening, Bryan, Levi, the girls and I walked over, in what surely was 99 degree heat with 90% humidity, to Addi's school. It was "Meet the Teacher" night.

Ms. F seems like a very sweet, young teacher. This is her first year, which actually excites me a little. I remember every student from the first year I taught. I loved each of them dearly and cried each night the month leading up to the last day of school. I really couldn't imagine not seeing their sweet faces every day. I still think of them and pray for them. This should be the start of their sophomore years of high school. I wonder if I would still think them all so sweet?!

Addison will go to school for an hour on Monday morning and the regular time starting Tuesday. I will be crying for that hour on Monday and the regular time starting Tuesday. I'm kidding. I think :)

20 August 2008

She may not be polite, but she's honest

The girls are spending the night with my grandparents tonight. When I called a little before bedtime to tell them goodnight, my grandmother, Meme, laughed as she repeated something Addi told her earlier today.

Meme, it's more fun over at Grammy's house than at yours, but we need to spend time with you and Papa because you're so old.

18 August 2008

3 years ago today

We held Reagan Elizabeth in our arms for the first time around 3:30 in the afternoon on August 18, 2005. She was my teeniest baby having her weight rounded up to 7 pounds (and that was a week past her due date!). She was my most high-maintenance baby fussing if she saw a car seat or if whoever was holding her sat down. I spent every Sunday of her first 9 months (or at least months 2-9)walking the halls of our church because she was too disruptive during services and I thought she was too small/young to go to nursery. Very early on we found out she has a mind of her own. She does things on her timetable. Around her second birthday I began quizzing her on colors. She would refuse to answer me responding with an emphatic, "I don't know!" Then she'd turn around and count to 10. Reagan has a funny side to her also. She loves to confuse everyone. One day she'll introduce herself as Libby and the next she'll tell the same people, "Call me Reagan." Unless she's wishing not to listen, she'll answer mostly to Reagan, Reagie Lu, Reagan Elizabeth, Libby, Libs, Libby Lu, Lu, or Busy. She's sensitive and emotional. Libby gets angry when you reprimand her or hurt her feelings. She adores her siblings and fits so perfectly in the middle. She screams for attention, literally sometimes, but is also wonderful at entertaining herself. She's like a spark of electricity jolting through my day, keeping me on my toes. She ignores most everything, but secretly listens to it all. This past year has seen a lot of change for our sweet Lu. She made a 1200 mile move, switched over from her crib to a bonafide big girl bed, gained a brother, and was potty-trained. And, she made it all look easy. She did give her Poppa a scare after Levi was born though. While I was still in the hospital, Bryan's dad was outside at our house playing with her. He turned his back for just a second and she was gone. Frantic, as you can imagine, Poppa searched everywhere. He even ran down our alley yelling her name. At some point in the search he could faintly hear her calling. Finally he found her stuck underneath Bryan's car. We aren't totally sure why she crawled under the car, but once she got under it she couldn't get out. Needless to say, one of her favorite games is Hide and Seek. As Poppa learned that day, sometimes she starts the game without letting anyone else know! Next week her best friend and almost constant companion will begin kindergarten and as much as I've fretted about how she will take it, she will surely adapt as easily as she has to all the other changes. After Labor Day she'll begin preschool. I think she's most excited about getting to eat lunch with her friends! She's certainly social and only pretends to be shy when she notices Addi actually being shy. I know she will lose her baby/toddler ways in the next year and really become a big girl. While I'm excited to get to know her more, I will miss the way she is right now. I guess it's all a part of life. I've learned from being a mom that you always miss something with each new exciting stage even if the somethings vary with each different child.

Reagan loves to dance and play dress-up. Here she is twirling in her new cheerleading uniform with a Fancy Nancy tu-tu as a petticoat. She got both for her birthday and, frankly, likes them better than any of the "real" clothes she got :) She even talked me into wearing this get-up to the grocery store! (That would've never happened before I had 3!)
Dear Reagan Elizabeth,

You light up my life!

I love that you still want me to put you to bed every single night and that you get excited about your silly bedtime routine with Daddy once you find out he's putting you to bed instead. I love that you can get very upset about something, but only for about five minutes. I love that your little nose is almost always covered in beads of sweat and your hair is almost always a mess although you are constantly putting a head band on and asking if it looks "butiful". I love that you can't eat without getting it everywhere, but are addicted to "tattins". I love that you surprise me every day.

I could go on and on. There's so much to love about my Lu. I hope you always remember your momma loves you, your daddy loves you, your sister and brother love you and mostly, God loves you. He made you special. You are wonderfully made! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Love you always,

17 August 2008

Party Time

We had a small party at the park/splashpad for Libby yesterday. She had a great time and was a great sport when the wind was blowing too hard for me to light her candles. In the third picture you can see her pretending to blow out her candles! I didn't get many pictures because my camera decided to stop working, but hopefully other people did and I'll be able to get them.

it's later

I never got a chance to come back and post pictures from our trip because I had a birthday party to prep. The birthday party's over and was such fun, so I'll post the trip pictures now and be back later (again!) to post party pictures.
A stop in Austin to visit Aunt Dee, "Ashaley", "Mawl", and Aunt Kathy.
Sea World

The water park at Sea World - I didn't get any good pics of the girls, who loved the water park, because Levi and I had to leave early (thanks, Julie!). It was just too hot for the little man. Everyone else spent the afternoon splashing around with our friends, the Gonzales family.

Sea World (day 2) - It rained, and rained, and rained! We had reservations to eat with Shamu after the show, but that was canceled. We were supposed to do it later that evening, but had to cancel that after everyone that had earlier reservations joined the later time...too many people!

After our lunch plans were canceled, we found an EZ's to eat at and even enjoyed customized shakes. Bryan had chocolate and cookies and cream and I had chocolate and peppermint. The girls chose plain ol' chocolate. Yum! (did the one in Dallas close??)

Nap time

The hotel we stayed at had fire pits to make smores each night. When it got dark, they showed a movie on one of the walls of the building.

Wildlife Ranch

We got a lot of pictures of different animals, but not a lot of the many animals that ate from our food. Except, this ostrich, who wanted to crawl in the van and head home with us!

The cave where my camera was dropped and stopped taking pictures, so we had to buy a picture to prove we tramped through a cave with 99% humidity in August. It was taken at the bottom of the cave. About 30 seconds later, Libby fell asleep in Bryan's arms and he had to carry her the whole 180 feet up to the exit and then the 87 miles out to our car.

14 August 2008


We got back from San Antonio late last night. It was a long day, leaving our hotel about 9:30 am, driving through the wildlife ranch twice, traipsing through a cavern, and getting stuck in Austin traffic after a car exploded on I-35. Throw in a baby who was sick of sleeping in his car seat, stopping to nurse every 3 hours, overtired kids, exhausted parents and being able to smile today is incredible!

Today we are unloading the van, unpacking our bags, washing dirty clothes, catching up on rest, and getting ready for Libby's 3rd birthday. I'll be back later with pictures from our trip.

08 August 2008

a few things on my mind

My mind is jumping from thought to thought, so stick with me, if you can!

  • I'm going to the dentist later to get 2 fillings. No big deal, except ever since I had my wisdom teeth pulled when Addi was a baby, I've had some major anxiety about dental work, even cleanings. Well, not major anxiety. I'm pretty easy-going so it is a lot of anxiety for me. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks after Bryan deployed for Iraq. I had a 5 month old at the time and I was, understandably, a bit of a basketcase. My dentist (a civilian dentist) wouldn't prescribe me any meds since I was breastfeeding and made me call the Post hospital to get some. I'm not sure if that was the problem or just part of the problem, but once the dentist started, I could feel everything. I know the pain wasn't as intense as if I hadn't taken anything, but I know those pills didn't work as they were intended. Clue number 1 came when the dentist walked in and was surprised I was still awake. I didn't feel the least bit drowsy. Soon after he began, I told him that I was in pain. (I feel the need to defend myself here and say that I'm not a huge wimp. Really. Proof? I gave birth to 2/3 of my kids without anything for pain. I mean, except an awesome Birth Coach who did such a great job with Libby, he thought I wouldn't need him with Levi, so he could play on his phone throughout the contractions. I'm probably never gonna forget that, Babe, but I promise I won't still be mentioning it when we're 90!) Anyway, the dentist didn't believe me. He didn't take any instruments out of my mouth as he told me I didn't feel pain, just pressure and that was normal. When he got to the other side, I did feel pressure and I knew I wasn't crazy. The two sides did not feel the same. By the time it was all over, I was a mess, but tried to keep it together. I remember walking out of the office with my grandfather who was waiting to drive me home and crying. I walked outside and the day was so beautiful and everyone was going about their daily lives and I wanted nothing more than to cry in my husbands arms. He was gone and I hadn't gotten used to it yet and while I was so grateful to my grandparents for driving up to take care of me and my baby girl, I could've really used 20 minutes with Bryan. Anyway, that was a long, silly story to explain when this fear of dentistry began with me. I've been to 3 dentists since that guy and the last 2 have been wonderful. Maybe one day, I'll be back to my "like to go to the dentist" self. Or, at least a "don't mind to go to the dentist" self.

  • My baby is starting kindergaten in a couple weeks. To say I'm distraught is an understatement. We've been through so much together. I feel like I'm about to let her out into the world and I'm not ready for it. (Notice I said, "I'm not ready". I believe she's more than ready!) I think I'll start a petition to Bring Back 1/2 Day Kindergarten!

  • We are going to Sea World in San Antonio and I haven't begun to pack. Why do I put off until tomorrow what I could do today? Because I hate to pack. I only hate unpacking, laundering, and putting away all those clothes more!

  • My 2 year old will be 3 in 10 days. She is brilliant! She adores her siblings and fits perfectly in the middle. Before we even knew about Levi, I realized she was meant to be a middle child. How is it possible that my smallest baby, my easiest delivery, my momma's girl, my "happy to tears" child has been lighting up my life for almost 3 years? More on that later, you can be sure.

There's more, but if you're still reading this you've been sufficiently bored by me today.

Have a great weekend.

*update on the dentist -- I didn't get a chance to post this before my appointment. I had some concerns about medication and breastfeeding (yet again!) so Dr. Wong suggested we try the fillings without any meds. It worked and it was wonderful! I didn't feel any pain. None. I wasn't even the least bit uncomfortable. I had prayed the entire drive that God would calm me and help me to be comfortable throughout the procedure. Prayer works!

05 August 2008

the gap has widened

Addison's tooth-loss count: 2

The other bottom-middle tooth came out tonight with the help of some needlenose pliers. It was really hanging by a thread. Everytime she talked it would wiggle from side to side, so Bryan told her he would pull it out if she wanted. He couldn't get his big fingers wrapped around that tiny tooth. That was the reason for the pliers.

She is more than thrilled that the Tooth Fairy will be paying her a visit again tonight.

In fact, it's late and the Tooth Fairy probably needs to get off the computer and take care of business, so she can get to bed. Rumor has it, the Tooth Fairy is woken up every night by a hungry baby.

Oh, Addi's version of what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth:
"She probably gives them to God and he grinds them up to make snow. Well, they're white! [insert giggle]"

The things you learn from your kids :)

04 August 2008

Little Levi's little Levi's

Say that 10 times fast!

My aunt bought this cute baby Levi's outfit for Levi. It even came with a bib that looks like the back pocket from a pair of 501's! And, suprisingly, she was the first to give us a "Levi's" gift. Not suprisingly because she was that clever, but because no one else had been.
Our little boy turned 5 months today. How is that possible?!
He is such a delight, always smiling and blowing bubbles. His face lights up when he sees us, unless he's starving and spots me! He eats well, sleeps well, and plays well. I wonder if he will remain so content and happy.
Levi is deliberately reaching for things that catch his eye. He enjoys playing in his exersaucer, especially when one of his big sisters comes over and plays with him. He also likes to play with anything he can fit in his mouth, teethers, tags, small stuffed animals/dolls, or parts of animals/dolls, his fingers, his hand, your fingers, my fingers, my watch, Grammy's glasses. He is trying to sit up. When his balance gets a little better, he'll have that conquered. He sleeps with a soft and silky blankie and a soft monkey. The monkey actually belonged to Libby (given to her by my same aunt who gave Levi his outfit!) and she had to sleep with her monkey and blankie every night and every nap. A few days ago, Libby walked in as I was laying Levi down for a nap and put her monkey in his bed with him. She said she wanted to give it to him because she didn't need it anymore. I was impressed as that is not what I would consider "normal" Libby behavior. That night I told her how thoughtful and kind it was for her to share her monkey with Levi. She looked at me and said, "It's not my monkey! It's Leeevii's monkey!" like "how many times do I have to go over this with you, Mommy!" That's the Libby I know and love : )
I am enjoying each moment I spend with my son. I feel as though I've always been a "boy mom" and a "girl mom". How blessed I am!

02 August 2008

something's missing

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Do you see it?
I'll give you a hint:
it's tiny and white.
Yep! Addi lost her first tooth last night. Her bottom, center teeth have been loose for a few weeks. Yesterday afternoon I could tell it was about to come out from simply watching it when she talked, so I wiggled it and told her we could pull it if she wanted. She panicked a little and told me she wanted her Daddy to pull it. He was in Phoenix. I told her we'd at least wait until today so he could see her one last time with all her teeth, but it came out when we were brushing her teeth last night. She was thrilled when Bryan made it home a little after her bedtime and couldn't wait to show him the tooth under her pillow.
(The first thing Libby said when he walked into her room was, "Addi loosed her tooth and when I get bigger, I will loosed my teeth too!")
The tooth fairy brought her a shiny Silver Dollar. She woke me up way too early holding that thing about an inch from my nose!
So, it's just another sign that my baby ain't no baby anymore. Not that I'm really allowing myself to think about that!

01 August 2008

I love, love, love having 2 little girls. They are full of life and a delight to be around, but some days my head feels as if it might explode from ALL THE TALKING!