09 March 2007

Exercise your right.**

Your right to vote for Acie Law to win the Lowe's Senior Class Award, that is. He was in 3rd place with 21% of the votes as of this evening. We did just spend the evening checking ESPN.com for constant updates on the score...time ran out on the Aggies tonight. I'm not feeling so "Farmers Fight-Beat the Hell Outta-[and one of my favorites]Sit Down Bus Driver" right now, but I clicked right over there to do my 12th Man stuff and support a fellow Ag. After all, I'm not a 2%! It takes seconds, so take a second and give Acie a vote, lest you be branded a 2%!

For those of you who think I've lost my mind, just come back in a few days and my next post will be back to normal! And for some reason my title keeps making me think of the Beastie Boys song Fight for Your Right to Party...:)

And, now we're back to checking ESPN.com to see baylor (hopefully) outscore those sips! The bears are winning for the moment 19-14...we'll see...

The link should be fixed now. For some reason the whole address did not copy the first time. And, baylor, baylor, baylor...you were up 20 points!