29 May 2009

No more 3 year old class

Reagan had her last day of preschool yesterday. Next year she'll be in a 4 year old class and I don't even want to think about the year after that. She's already asking who her teacher will be and where her class will be. She also says that she'll have to say hi and hug Mrs. Terri when she sees her on the playground next year. Reagan was blessed with a wonderful teacher this year and I will miss seeing Mrs. Terri's smile each morning as I drop her off at preschool next year.

first day of preschool
last day of preschool


21 May 2009

words to live by

The girls and I took a walk after supper tonight. Actually, Addi rode her scooter and Libby rode her bike. The destination was Addi's school's playground. We played and played almost until bedtime. On the way home, Libby looked up at me and said with the upmost seriousness, "You're not a'pposed to eat wood chips. If you eat wood chips you'll get a blister in your mouth." I believe she meant splinter as opposed to blister. Nevertheless, the wisdom remains. I'll have to ask her preschool teacher if Libs knows this from experience. :)


20 May 2009

a few of his favorite things

It can't get much better for Levi. He's walking while holding the remote and a golf ball!
(Shhh, don't tell Bryan I let him have the remote!)


19 May 2009


Legpit - the area behind the knee

As in: "Whew! I am so sweaty. My armpits and my legpits are very sweaty!"


18 May 2009

Our girls love to play on the trampoline, but they will never just jump. Their trampoline play must either involve their imaginations or some sort of game.

This morning Libby was itching to do something so I sent her outside to jump. (She never jumps alone.) You can guess that didn't last long and she had me out there taking part in her imaginary play soon. So, she was the princess. Big surprise! I got to be the mother. Another shocker. :) (I'm always the mother or the prince.) The princess left for the ball and danced for a few seconds. Libby quickly informed me that I, as the princess's mother, was supposed to run to the ball and tell the princess that her puppy, named Kitty, was sick. I did as I was told, but was surprised by the answer she gave me.

Me: Princess, Kitty is sick! You need to come home with me to take her to the vet.
Princess Libby: In a minute. I'm doing my email right now.

I'm thinking maybe I need to stop "doing my email" when the kids are awake. :)

14 May 2009


"Little caterpillar

Wiggling up a tree

It wiggled long

It wiggled short

It wiggled right to me

I put him in a box

Don't go away, I said

But when I opened that box

He was a butterfly instead

I could never make one

Even if I tried

Only God in heaven

Can make a butterfly."


08 May 2009

Look Who's Walking

Levi's taking a few steps every day. He can usually go longer than on the video and I'd planned on getting more footage of him walking farther, but 2 seconds after this video he threw himself on the floor in a heap because I wouldn't pick him up. He's growing up. With the cute toddling comes the not-so-cute tatrum-ing. :)

05 May 2009

field day fun

Addi, Libby, Levi, and I all had great fun at Field Day last Friday. Addi got into the competition a little more than I thought she would. :) Libby ran and ran with her friends and Levi soaked up all the attention he got from Addi's friends. He's quite the Ladies' Man. :)