30 June 2009

Sally can't get seashells from the seashore when she's sick

We had big plans for this week.

Actually, our big plans included stuff we could do anytime, but we can't when we have other stuff scheduled, like we will for the next 3 weeks. So, we were planning on taking advantage of this "free" week to go to the pool and athletic center every day. And, sleep in, if I could talk my kids into it.

Yesterday, we all slept in. We slept so late, in fact, I missed the reservation time my kids had at the athletic center's kids' club. No problem. We'd just spend most of the day at the pool. Except then I heard the thunder and the storms lasted until naptime.

Today, we had a kids' club reservation at 8 am, but Levi didn't sleep well last night and Addi woke up really, really early with a fever. By 7 am, Libby was also awake complaining of ailments and by the time the nurse called me back to schedule the girls' appointments, Levi had woken up covered in yellowish-green snot.

We spent over an hour at the doctor's office and came away with 3 orders for prescriptions. One for strep throat, one for swimmer's ear, and one that's for the possiblity that the cold turns worse over the holiday weekend. Or, you know, in case Levi gets strep from putting his hands in Addi's mouth while I was talking to the doctor about Libby's ears. Either way, we should be covered.

And, I was just thinking to myself the other day how my kids never get sick!

The good news is I have a few unplanned days to clean and organize my house. The bad news is...the same as the good news. :)


25 June 2009

a few of my favorite things about Summer

  • splashing at the pool with my kids
  • corn on the cob
  • snacking at the splash ground while my kids run around
  • berries
  • running errands before 11 am so it's still in the 90s and tolerable
  • watermelon
  • kids napping in the afternoon so staying in during the heat of the day is an easy choice
  • tomatoes
  • late bedtimes
  • peaches (preferably from a roadside stand or famers' market)
  • later wake-up times :)
  • plums
  • smelling chlorine in my childrens' hair while we snuggle before bed
  • planning an entire meal to be grilled
  • having all 3 kids home with me every day


24 June 2009

ww - June 2004

Little Addi (19 months) in her baby pool. Look how chubby she was. :) (Don't look at the weeds growing up the back of our house.)


23 June 2009


(Okay, so if you didn't get it from the title, this post contains Too Much Information for some readers. If you are squeamish about bathroom habits, you may want to stop reading right here!)

Addi was much older than Libby is now before we stopped wiping her after she went number 2, but Libby goes number 2 all day long! Seriously. The girl will go, at least, 4 times daily.

Today, after I'd begged her to hurry and eat for the thousandth time so she could get a nap in before Addi's gymnastics class, she announced she had to go to the bathroom. I began to clean up the lunch dishes and she hollered for me to come wipe her. I told her she'd have to wait because (and this is where I'll incriminate myself about my overly zealous hand-washing issues) I didn't want to have to wash my hands, go wipe her, wash my hands again, finish with the dishes, and wash my hands again.

We went back and forth a few times with her reminding me that she needed to be wiped and me reminding her that she needed to wait.

Finally, (and by finally I mean all of 56 seconds) she could take it no longer and issued a threat.

"Fine then. I'll just wipe myself!"

I think I just figured a way to get myself out of 3 of her 4 daily wipings. Now if I could just make Levi mad enough he'd take care of his own poopy diapers. :)


19 June 2009

a conversation with my one year old

"Levi, would you like a snack?"
{signing} More!
"Are you also thirsty? Want some water?
{signing} More!
"Would you rather have carrots or a granola bar?"
{signing} More!
"Are you finished now?" {me signing} Finished.
{takes bib off and lays it on the table} "Uhh! Uhh! UHH!"
"Can you sign, 'finished'?" {me signing} Finished.
{picks bib up, sticks it in my face, and lays it back on table} "Uhh! Uhh! UHH!"


12 June 2009

swirling thoughts

  • I'm enjoying one of my favorite breakfasts, oatmeal made with milk and a smashed banana. Of course, it's better if I can eat it in one 15-minute setting, but I guess I should figure on 30 minutes per meal per child. :) That's why I usually wait until 2 pm (naptime) to eat lunch.
  • Apparently my girls are dreaming of snow because they keep coming downstairs in long-sleeves and sweaters. We are going to a picnic today and expecting humid 97 degree weather. Clearly, I made the executive decision to nix the sleeves and wool.
  • All 5 of us spent a good 20 minutes in the coat closet Tuesday night. Tornado sirens went off as we were finishing supper. (I'm afraid of tornadoes. I shouldn't be, having spent 28 of my 32 Springs in Texas or Oklahoma, but it's only gotten worse since having children. Or maybe it's gotten worse since living in OK where you also have to worry about gustnadoes. Frisco's so far north, we may as well live in OK, so, to my mind, I have to worry about gustnadoes here also.) My point is we all crammed into the coat closet that was already crammed with gift wrapping paraphernalia, candles, baskets, future gifts, vacuums, dusters, and, naturally, coats to discover it gets no AC. Closet + 5 people + humidity - air conditioning = miserable. The upside is I was able to rethink the organization (or lack) of that closet, especially if it is to be our "safe room". Candles in glass jars on a shelf directly above our heads? Spending 10 minutes emptying enough of the closet to make room for the 5 of us? Of course, it is a coat closet. And a big one with plenty of room for gift wrapping paraphernalia, candles, baskets, future gifts, vacuums, dusters, and, naturally, coats. Here's where I admit all that stuff we pulled out is still in the dining room. I'm hoping it will inspire me to put it back in a more organized manner and maybe find another home for some of it. Maybe literally another home. Anyone need a Dora gift bag?
  • If I ever mention to any of you ever again an idea to refinish a piece of furniture, shoot me. I started stripping the paint (apparently about 15 coats of paint) off a dresser that was originally painted for Addison's nursery and then put in Libby's nursery and then (shhh!) put in Levi's closet in his nursery (yes, I left the flower and butterfly pulls on the drawers!) almost 3 weeks ago. It is driving me crazy, but when am I gonna find extra time to work on it? It's not like what I'm doing now isn't priority. :) If I ever finish, I'll post a picture. I don't have a before picture, so if you've never seen it in person, you'll just have to imagine.
  • I AM SO HAPPY IT IS SUMMER BREAK! I may never let my children return to school again!
  • I made an ill-fated decision to go Krogering yesterday. We have the stickers to prove it. (Does anyone else's children beg for those stickers, never even remove them from the backing and then forget about them and leave them in the car by the time you get home? Mine, too.) Long story, sort-of short...Libby got down for a late-nap, but I woke her up way before she was rested because I'd promised a trip to the library. We made it through our library trip unscathed and headed to Double Dave's for Peproni Rolls. Then while those were being made, we shot over to Kroger, which happens to be in the same shopping center, for 8 things. 8 things means, by myself, I could be in and out in 7 minutes. 8 things with 3 kids means a lot longer. Both girls had to get "little carts" so between us we had 3 carts. For 8 things. I warned them before we got into the store about paying attention so they didn't drive their carts up my legs. I also warned them about racing each other and watching out for others. By the time we'd gotten 30 feet inside the store, Libby had cried twice. She doesn't cry quietly, especially when she's tired and feels she needs to battle her siblings for attention. The second time I grabbed her and tried to put her in my cart. She's a little too tall for me to do that in one swift motion as I'd planned. By the time I got her long legs in the cart with the rest of her body, I was slightly more frustrated. That's when I noticed all the white-coller workers fresh from their days spent without the annoying screeches of young children staring at us. Bryan said it was all in my head and maybe they weren't thinking, They should not allow a stay-at-home mom and her misbehaing brood in Kroger after 5 pm, but it would have made me feel better if they had gone on about their shopping without so much as a glance in our direction. We survived and we made it out of the store without any more tears from me or my children and with all 8 things. We were rewarded with hot Peproni Rolls ready when we returned to Double Dave's, which is a miracle since that place might be more unorganized than my coat closet.
  • I made this a few days ago and it is scrumptious. It takes all of my will-power not to finish it off while Bryan's at work during the day. There are only 2 pieces left today. Would he really notice them being gone?
  • I'm listening to my 6 year old explain to her 3 year old sister why you would want to break up with your boyfriend. What?! She actually has some good reasons. If you just aren't comfortable with them or they annoy you, you might want to call it off with your boyfriend. She is wise beyond her years.
  • I'm ready for the weekend, so I can finish that darn dresser enjoy my family and have a date night with my husband! Have a good one!


10 June 2009

Levi's Top 15

  1. Walking is his main source of mobility now. I love his high-stepping march that is surprisingly quick. The kid can get off the floor and across the room in the middle of a diaper change in only the time it takes me to reach out for one more wipe.
  2. His expressions bring me joy.

  3. Levi has finally reached/surpassed the weight and height limit for his infant car seat and we've moved him into Libby's old one. He tipped the scales at 23 pounds which means he gained 4.5 pounds in 3 months!

  4. He's too busy for snuggling and hugs and kisses now. Although every once in a while he'll come up behind me, lay his head on my back, pat with his hand and say, "Ahhhhh".

  5. If he's awake and not eating, he wants a ball, "BAAA" or a stick of some sort in his hands. He'll use a drumstick, bat, wand, or golf club. Anything he can wrap his fingers around and bang on the windows and furniture will do.

  6. He's my first to clean out the cabinets. At least three times a day, I find myself picking up cups and tupperware from different rooms in the house to return them to the kitchen. He does have "his" cabinet which he never opens. So much for that trick. :)

  7. He cannot go to sleep without his little white blanket. The few times it's been washing at naptime, he's just cried and cried until I've pulled it out of the washer and taken the sopping wet thing to him. He lays down and goes straight to sleep.

  8. Levi is finally getting another tooth. One has broken through and I think 3 more will any day. That will make 6...3 times what he had this weekend.

  9. He adores his sisters. Levi is sweet with Addi letting her pick him up and carry him like a baby and he's playful with Libby laughing at her games and clapping with her songs.

  10. Zoe is truly becoming his best friend. He longs to be outside with her and will stay out there throwing bouncing dropping her ball and playing in her water well after the girls poop out and beg to come inside. As for Zoe, she acts as if she's just as excited to fetch the balls Levi throws as the ones Bryan does. She shows her appreciation by bathing him with her tongue and it doesn't bother Levi one bit.

  11. His hair is getting thicker and lighter and his eyes are still a mystery. Some days they look blue-ish, some days they look gray, but I don't think they'll be brown like the rest of ours.

  12. Blackberries and bananas are his favorite foods. He'll eat any fruit, but especially loves those two along with strawberries and blueberries. (We've discovered that his bottom doesn't like the berries as much as his mouth does.) He does well eating veggies if they're soft enough for him to mash in his gums. The only thing I really have trouble getting him to eat is meat unless I puree it, but I'm kind of over doing that...it's time for him to learn to love meat just like every other Texan in this house. :)

  13. He's still an easy-going kid. Don't misunderstand me, Levi will throw a fit, but mostly he goes with the flow. Even his fits are not too terribly dramatic.

  14. Levi has started rolling cars and making a "vroom, vroom" sound. Where do boys learn this stuff??!

  15. I'm crazy about my Little Man. He's taken his place in my heart and that place will always remain his.

05 June 2009

IWe made it!

beginning of kindergarten

end of kindergarten with, perhaps, the best teacher in the world :)


03 June 2009

Home again, home again

We used our Sea World passes for the first time this season. It was a great trip with very little crowds and not too hot weather. We can't wait to go back!
Addi fed the dolphins and Libby watched. We would've let Libby, but she wanted to watch and had a great time. The dolphins swam really close. I even got to touch one. They also liked showing off, so they really kept Libby and Levi's attention.

Me and my (oldest) girl.

Levi loved trying to escape to the steps at each show. Or crawl in that space between our floor and the bench seat on the row below us.

Before the ski show began. See that water bottle she's holding? That's the reason she and I had to run to the nearest restroom about 15 minutes after this picture was taken.

At the end of the ski show, Bryan asked Addi if she wanted to go down and get a picture with the cast. She said she didn't, but when I asked her if she would if she weren't shy, she said yes. Down we went, and while she didn't high-five any of them, she saw that nothing bad happened to her by taking stepping out of her comfort zone. Plus, now she has this great picture of her and the still-playing-the-part guy in the yellow. :)

When we first entered, the birds went crazy. Between calming Libby and keeping Levi's hands out of the camera view (and having a bird on my head, myself), I had a hard time capturing the bird on Bryan's head. You get the idea.

Addi was so brave and let the birds crawl all over her. Libby was stuck like glue to me and Bryan. Levi didn't seem to mind one way or the other.

Levi was not a fan. :)
I didn't get any pictures of the water park. The kids all had fun there this year. Last year was a different story for Levi. And, Libby was so brave. It made things so much more fun. We also saw Shamu again (but it was different - better - this time) and the sea lion show (which was the same except for a persnickety sea lion). Last year we wanted to see the Viva show, but some of the whales had just given birth. I saw it this year with the girls while Bryan took Levi to the hotel for a nap. It, in my opinion, is the best show they have. Plus, there was a calf swimming right below its mother the entire show. That made me tear up a little. :)

ww - little man

*Before you get too excited or appalled, let me tell you it just had water in it.