30 September 2008

Friends are friends forever

After we registered Reagan to begin preschool this fall, she couldn't stop talking about getting to eat lunch with her friends. Lunch would be, in her most social mindset, the apex of her preschool days.

She went to preschool today, lunch box in hand, and I went home. Around 12:30, I realized all we had to eat in the house was "lunch box" food. Off to Sonic I went. Levi slept in his carseat while I read and ate until it was time to pick up Miss Reagan.

Back at home, she noticed the Sonic trash as we were unloading and questioned it. I told her that since I didn't get to eat lunch with my friends, I ate at Sonic. On her face, a grin spread from ear to ear. The kind that appears when the person fully expects you to burst out with "Just Kidding!" But, I didn't do that, so she countered my argument with, "Noooo, you don't have any friends!"


29 September 2008

The decision is clear

We have mentioned taking the kids to The Texas State Fair. I was about to decide October was already too hectic to even consider going and then I clicked on the "Food Locator" page.

I'm wondering if Bryan would like to meet us there for supper tonight!


28 September 2008

What happens when mom is busy organizing fall clothes and dad is watching football all afternoon

The playroom...I guess it could of been worse!?

My shoes...there were also pairs in the office, living room, and dining room. Oh, and a few left in my closet :)


tea party

We had a tea party on Saturday night. Bryan worked all day, so the girls and I did girl-y things while Levi came along for the ride! We ran out of time and didn't get our tea party in before Libby's nap. Instead we had it at suppertime. I almost pulled out the china, but figured I was risking enough by letting them eat in the dining room for the first time since we've lived in this house : ) Bryan was home by then and a great sport about cucumber sandwiches for supper.

They both really drank hot tea.

We didn't leave Levi out. He hung out in his "applesaucer" (as Libby calls it :)).

There's that smile. He's learned to smile for the camera now.


23 September 2008

Howdy, Y'all!

Addison's self-photo

For Career Day at school, Addi decided she would like to be a cowgirl when she grows up. Guess we need to sign her up for riding lessons!
Just another pose because she'd also like to be a fashion model/designer when she grows up. Maybe she can design Western Wear?! Obviously, she can already model it :)
My middle child needing her picture taken as well, lest big sister get all the attention.

Just another pose because she thinks she'd like to be her big sister when she grows up.

Kindergarten humor: "Mommy, look at this picture I took!" - proceed to fall on the floor laughing

(Be glad I spared you the funny pictures she was taking last night as her sister who too often "gets hot" was running around in her, ehem, birthday suit. Your imaginations will work instead!)


22 September 2008


These are the 3 at 6 months old. Do you know who's who?

This is Levi.
This is Libby.

And, this one's Addi.


15 September 2008

Don't you just hate this?

"Mommy, my nose aren't working!"

(Poor baby's got a cold complete with a congested cough, watery eyes, and a stuffy/runny nose. Looks like she'll be missing her second day of preschool if she doesn't improve a lot before tomorrow.)


11 September 2008

just like Addi

My little Reagan is at preschool right now. She is playing and learning and resting and eating lunch with her new friends. All things she was so excited about!

Before we moved here, I prayed for us to find a preschool for Addi. She was used to attending preschool and thrived on the routine. I put her on, what seemed like, a million waiting lists, but only one ever called us. It was honestly the one I wanted her to get into most.

It's about 10 minutes from our house, but there is no carpool, so I leave about 25 minutes early since I get the stroller out for Levi. That's a bit of a pain. They have a nut-free policy and my girls just about live on pb&honey sandwiches. That's also a bit of a pain.

But, this preschool is centered on God and His word. All the teachers truly love their students. Even though it's pretty big, the other parents are very friendly and welcoming. It has exceeded my ideas of a "perfect" preschool.

So, deciding where Libby would attend preschool was easy.

Deciding when was little more difficult for me. She's a young 3 and not as eager to please as her older sister. She doesn't care if Momma wants her to count to 30. In fact, if I ever do get her to count, she gets annoyed with me when I try and tell her that 20, not 21, comes after 19. She gets annoyed and ignores me, continuing with 22, 23, 24... like I never opened my mouth.

In the end, we decided she would be fine and would probably drive me crazy if I didn't let her go. She wants to do everything like Addi. Every morning last year as we walked her sister in, Libby would carry Addi's lunch box and talk about going to "presool and eating luns wit my frens".

I hope it's everything she ever dreamed it would be!


10 September 2008

09 September 2008

It's good to be 1st

Levi had his 6-month well visit yesterday. He weighed in at 13 pounds, 5 ounces, which keeps him in the 1st percentile. If he were a girl we'd say he was petite. Instead, I lovingly describe him as scrawny!

Interestingly the girls both weighed 13 pounds and some ounces at their 6-month visits. Then both weighed 18+ pounds at a year, which is exactly where Levi is heading, according to those darn charts. But, I try not to pay much attention to those charts.

We'll see if he continues in the familial growth patterns from year 1 to 2. His sisters both really "chubbed" up then.

I told Dr. S my dream of having a roly-poly baby was over. He told me I needed to have more babies! I think I could have 12 babies and each of them would grow the same way these 3 have. Besides I think my baby-carrying days are over. (Bryan just breathed a huge sigh of relief...for more reasons than one!)

To celebrate Levi being Levi, I've listed The Top 5 Reasons Being a Small Baby Rocks!

5. It saves money. Slower growth rate means wearing each size of clothes for at least 6 months!

4. It saves money. Smaller baby = smaller diapers = more diapers per pack!

3. It saves money. No chiropratic bills after lugging a 20 pound 3 month old around in a carseat!

2. Everyone thinks the baby is so smart, since they assume he's a couple months younger than he really is!

And the number 1 reason Being a Small Baby Rocks:

Everyone thinks Mommy is doing such a good job at losing baby weight since they assume you've had a couple months less than you've actually had to lose it!

A reason Being a Small Baby Does Not Rock?

Climbing out of a Bumbo seat is a piece of cake!


08 September 2008

This picture is a good example of Libby being gentle with Levi. She's giving him a "big hug", as she's fond of saying.

While it shows she loves him, it also scares Levi a little. When she forgets to be gentle (which is quite a bit since it really isn't her nature), Levi is terrified of her. Sometimes he starts to cry when he sees her walk by.

I don't blame him. I've been the recipient of many of her "big hugs" and sometimes they just downright hurt!

Oh, well. She hasn't left any physical scars and those emotional ones will be long forgotten by the time he's able to talk. Right?!?

No Levis were hurt in the shooting of this photograph. I wouldn't want evidence a picture of her hurting him.


07 September 2008

Blue skies and rainbows and sunbeams from heaven
Are what I can see when my Lord is living in me.

Tall mountains, green valleys, the beauty that surrounds me
All make me aware of the One who made it all.

I know that Jesus is well and alive today.
He makes His home in my heart.
Never more will I be all alone since He
Promised me that we never would part.

I felt tears start to sting my eyes in church today when we sang this song.

For so many reasons, I love it. I love the simplicity of its lyrics, the cheerfulness of its tune, and the truthfulness of its message. Its a longtime favorite of Addi's and has recently become the same for Libby. She was excited and began to sing "her words" loudly. It reminded me of another time. Actually, many other times. Times when Addi was her age and all the times we sang it at our small group in Raleigh. (One of the kids would inevitably pick it for their song choice.)

I hope one day Levi loves this song as much as his sisters do.

*note: There's another verse, but I wrote the lyrics the way the girls sing the song.

04 September 2008

Ever tried octopus?

No, this isn't me eating octopus, Silly. This is me hiding behind a bear.

Mom thought it'd be cute to take pictures of me in my crib sitting next to a bear because today I'm 6 months old. The significance of taking them in my crib is I've only spent a couple of nights in there. Mom and Dad, mostly Dad, decided I should move upstairs to my room a few nights ago. Mommy says she really misses me, but I miss her more. So much more that I have been waking up 4 or 5 times each night just to see her. Plus, I think I can wear her down. It's only a matter of time before she can't stand walking up and down the stairs 10 times a night. I'll be back sleeping a few feet away from my favorite people again if I have my way!

I wasn't cooperating with the posing. I can almost sit. The balance thing is what's holding me up. And the I-could-care-less-about-sitting thing.

And then there's my feet. When I'm put in a sitting position I spy my feet so easily and just can't resist those yummy toes. Next thing I know my forehead's planted in the carpet, but my big toe's just where I like it: my mouth! Mom says I'm a goof, but...

look! I can be serious. Usually I am smiling though.

Or moving too fast for the camera!

Here's the octopus I mentioned. If you get the right leg, it's delicious!

Nope, not it.

This'll do. It makes my gums feel good to gnaw on this hard plastic. I think I'm working on a tooth, even though no one can see or feel any coming through.

Sweet Levi,
I've held you in my arms every day for half a year. How I cherish holding you. You've gone from a sleepy, snuggly, completely dependent newborn to a happy, active, more independent baby.
I loved you before I even knew if you were my daughter or my son. I felt as if I'd always wanted a son, but never knew it, as soon as I heard you were a boy.
You are my youngest child, my son, my Levi and I love you for who you are and who you'll be. I pray that you grow to love Jesus with all your heart and always know your Mommy and Daddy are your biggest fans.

Love you always,


02 September 2008


We made it through the first week of school. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Addi almost cried when I told her there wouldn't be school the coming Monday because it was a holiday.

Last night I did cry thinking about starting the week again. I just miss her so much. Bryan laughed at me. In a totally supportive sort of way.

Tonight I went to Libby's preschool orientation, so I felt like I didn't spend any time with Addi at all today. I snuck in her room after Bryan put her to bed and we snuggled. I told her I'd missed her today and she said she'd missed me too.

Then she added with a smile, "I don't think about you hardly at all at school, Mommy."

Odd, but it really was comforting for me to hear that. I know if she fought me about going to school or seemed sad to go, I would pull her out and start homeschooling in a heart beat. The biggest problem with that is I think she really thrives on the social interaction she gets at school and for my "shy" one, that's important.

So, we're all adjusting and I think (this still seems impossible to me) I'll end up really liking this school thing. Or, at least liking what Addison gets out of it.