30 July 2007

We got up early, loaded the car, drove 2 hours and did things we could do in our own neck of the woods

It was planned months ago, but sometimes you can't plan for the weather.

Saturday, Addi and I picked up our friends and beach-day-trip counterparts, Suzanne and Ally, for a day of fun in the sun...or overcast skies and rain, as the case was.

Yes, we checked the weather. And, yes, there was a little blurb about a slight chance for rain late in the afternoon. But, we would be long gone by late afternoon.

We spent about 30 minutes on the cloudy, but rain-free beach. The girls jumped over waves, started sand castles, and ate a snack. That's when the thunder and lightning started. No one seemed to notice except Suzanne and me. The lifeguards didn't blow their whistles, people didn't get out of the water, and no one packed up to head for shelter. We waited a few more minutes and decided we would rather be safe than sorry.

It was one of those times I was so thankful we bought a car with a dvd player. We sat in the car and ate lunch while the girls watched a movie and the storm boomed all around us. Finally the rain ceased and the lightning moved far enough away. The four of us walked back out to the beach only to discover the cool breezes coming off the water.

For about 10 minutes, the rain held off. It started as a sprinkle. By the time we had loaded up our gear and were walking through the really soft sand, the really hard to walk through sand, the sky opened up.

We made it to a little shop advertising homemade ice cream in its window. Unfortunately, they were out of cups to hold the ice cream. We waited and waited and then decided to stop at McDonald's for ice cream.

Addi has already asked to go back to the beach so we can eat in the car and get ice cream at McDonald's. It would blow her mind to know we could do all that without having to leave the 2 miles surrounding our house.

25 July 2007


Addi saw a girl on tv earlier and very genuinely said, "Oh, that girl is very pretty! She's more beautiful-er than me!"

Self-confidence lesson - check!

WW - Stirring the Batter

24 July 2007

If they can keep 2 children entertained for hours, they're worth their weight in gold.

Libby got these markers in her Easter basket this year. Really, I only bought them because I was buying Addi some markers and Libby had just started wanting everything Addi had.

Addi's were regular sized and had a different color on each end. Last week we had to throw hers away because they no longer had any color left to them.

So, Libby has been graciously sharing her markers. (I think Libby would share anything with Addi as long as it meant she got to spend time with her.)

The past two mornings, the girls have camped out in the playroom with lap trays and the bag of markers between them.

About now is when you're thinking I'm crazy.

She lets her 23-month old loose with markers!?

Yes, I do. I like to live on the edge.

You see, these markers are better than any other markers we've ever had. They're small, they last, and (the best part) they are completely washable.

Believe me, we've tested their washable-ness. Yesterday, Libby coated her arms, legs, and hands in green. A wet paper towel took care of the mess. Then again, last night she got after her belly with red and brown. I threw her in the bath and within 30 seconds, you could see no trace of marker. And that was with no scrubbing or even soap. She's also tried jazzing up the wood floors...wiped right up.

Addi's happy with them, Libby's happy with them, I'm happy with them. We may buy stock in Crayola Pip-Squeaks

23 July 2007


I looked out the kitchen window this morning and noticed Zoe was in a bit of a predicament. Somehow, she had climbed to the platform of the play set and couldn't get back down. Of course, I tried to coax her down the slide and I debated picking her up and (softly) dropping her to the ground. Neither of those worked. So, I called Bryan at work and expected to hear him ask what I would do if he wasn't around - a favorite question of his when he thinks I don't really need his help. Instead he told me to do what I had already tried. In the end, Zoe slept up there all afternoon. It's shady and I moved her water up to the platform. I did try once more to coax her down. I even climbed up and tried to force her onto the slide...I'm no match for a 85+ pound stubborn dog! Once Bryan got home, he picked her up and placed her on the ground. She leapt around like she was a puppy again. And, then, she excused herself to take care of pressing matters.
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20 July 2007

the perks with being a GUEST

Last night Addison had her friend Isabelle sleep over. The girls play well together, but they're 4. And, they're girls. And, they're both first-borns. As a first-born girl myself, I'll own the tendency we have to be overbearing/controlling/bossy (whatever you want to call it). These first-borns are no different than the rest and, despite their usually sweet and passive personalities, find these innate qualities hard to keep under wraps too long. Especially when they're tired.

I heard a few statements made about being a guest. You know, like, "I should get to pick what game we play next because I'm the guest." Sure, fair enough. Or, "I want to be Dora. You can be Diego. I'm the guest." Absolutely. Even, "You should sit in the blue chair since your my guest." Good Girl!

Then I heard some bickering and thought it might be time to intervene. I asked them what was going on and Addi looked up, completely frustrated, and said, "She's not letting me be the guest!"

The funny thing is that Addi has been a guest at Isabelle's house 4 times in the last week (including an overnight stay) and I know her mother would make sure that Addi was treated like a royal guest.

I had to fight back a smile as I reminded Addi she wasn't the guest.

It's a hard lesson when you're 4, but this is just the beginning of having friends over and learning how to treat your guests.

19 July 2007


My sweet Libby Lu is less than a month away from turning 2. Yesterday marked her 23rd month. It is really unbelievable to me. She's no longer a baby. Her independence makes me proud and sad at the same time. Tonight I had a few extra minutes before it was time to eat so I told her to get some books and I'd read to her. She climbed the stairs, picked 2 books, and came back down ready. She wouldn't sit in my lap and wouldn't let me read to her. We sat next to each other on the couch, she reading one book while commanding me to, "read [the other] book, Mommy!" She's not even 2! What will she be like at 4?!

16 July 2007

Most Ridiculous Quote of the Weekend

We ate Taco Bell last night for supper. As Addison was finishing up her meat and cheese taco, she said:

"I love healthy food!"

15 July 2007

The Seven Year Itch

Is it real? Does it really happen?

I'm hoping not since today marks our 7 year wedding anniversary.

I suppose if I were married to someone less kind, less funny, less caring, less adventurous, less silly, less surprising, less loving, less responsible, less cool, or less honorable, I might be feelin' an itch. But, 7 years I ago I married a man who was my ideal mate. He made me laugh, he brought me flowers, he was fun to do nothing with, he wrote me poems, and he planned the most detailed surprises for me.

Since then our roles have changed. He has turned into the sole provider for our family and I don't think I express to him enough the peace and joy I feel at knowing I get to stay home with our girls everyday. I have gone from a wife to a mother, as well. I fear, many times, I let my role as a mother overshadow my role as a wife.

We have lived in 3 houses in 2 different states in our 7 years. I expected that when we married. What I didn't expect was that we wouldn't be moving with the Army anymore.

We've experienced a military life, time apart (our first 3 anniversaries, in fact), babies, moves, living in a hotel with a 14-month old for a month, loss, car buying and selling, home buying and selling....life. We've experienced life together and we've got so much more to experience. I would choose no other with whom to experience the good and the bad of life.

Bryan, you balance me out. In so many ways we are such opposites and it works for us. Sometimes those differences drive us crazy, but many times they act as a compliment to the other. You are my friend. I love and admire you. I respect and adore you. I thank God for you. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our next 7 years.

Love you always, Babe.

13 July 2007

Because she's our dog

Zo-Zo doesn't get much love on this blog. Come to think of it, she doesn't get much love at our house either. She was displaced by the girls a while ago. Addi called Zoe "Z0-Zo" when she was little. Libby started doing the same, but now it sounds more like she's saying "Shadow". Zoe's momma was a yellow Lab and her daddy was a Dalmation. We blame her excentricities on her daddy's bloodline. She went through a stage a couple years ago where she loved to curl up in my big flower pot like a cat. Crazy dog!

two recommendations

  1. Last Christmas, we decided to get Addi a new game. She had a few board games that were, honestly, agony to play. I did a little research and decided on Sequence for Kids. It is the one game that I enjoy playing with her. It's easy enough for her, but there is a little strategy involved, so there's some challenge for me. She's just starting to understand some of the strategy and gets really excited anytime she "blocks" me :) I'll be the first to admit that I'm probably a tougher sell when it comes to board games. I can think of about 3,467 things I would rather do than play a board game. Maybe you enjoy them. Either way, do yourself a favor, if you have a preschooler, put Sequence for Kids on your gift list.
  2. Sadly, this recommendation will only be of any use for people in my neck of the woods. We met a playgroup at Jumpin' Beans today. (As far as I know, the two locations are both in the Raleigh area. Although there is probably something similar close to you.) It was like a Pump It Up, except geared more toward a younger crowd. There was plenty of seating for the parents and $7 (per kid, parents are free) got you in for as long as you wanted to stay. We even had lunch there. They ordered, picked up, and delivered delicious pizza to our table. They had a Seattle's Best coffee bar, a fountain drink machine, affordable snacks, bottled drinks, and juice boxes. I was super-impressed and Addi begged to go back tomorrow. If you're not near me, look for something like it that's located closer to you. It's a treat on a hot summer day. I almost forgot the best part...they have Wi-Fi...next time I'll bring my laptop and make myself at home :) Kidding. I mentioned the Wi-Fi to Bryan and he smartly said, "It doesn't sound like you'd be doing much supervision." Well put, Honey.

12 July 2007

A few of my favorite things

Mostly anything to do with family, friends, or food are favorites of mine. I won't include those on the list or you'd be reading all night.

  1. rainy nights...I'm hoping for another one. After Bryan's softball game, of course.
  2. continuous spray sunscreen...with an impatient preschooler and a wiggly toddler, it makes sun protection easy
  3. these strollers...and we've had a handful to know these are worth the little extra expense
  4. Texas Aggie football...one of the few highlights to summer coming to a close. I usually don't start getting excited until August, but Bryan sent me this looooong article and it gave me that "It's a new season! We can win 'em all! Farmer's Fight! Whoop!" feeling. I think even with mediocre coaching, the Aggie Spirit will crush the competition. Kidding. I love Coach Fran. I'm sure in his 4th season, he'll have all the kinks worked out and live up to his name. And, if not, there's always basketball :)
  5. the library...the girls get excited and it's cheap. (I would say free, but my youngest hides books well. In fact, we now own a book or two that we still haven't found)
  6. Netflix...we started this a few years ago when we moved here and didn't have cable. Now, Addi, who claims her favorite thing in the whole world is movies, has her own queue. It's cheap too! (Except when Addi was younger and going through a throw everything away stage. We also own a movie or two that we'll never be able to watch again)
  7. Giggling...from my daughters while they play "hide, hide, hide", Libby's new favorite game.

11 July 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

I know everyone we love in Texas is sick of rain, but we have been promised rain time and again only to be disappointed.

Finally, this afternoon it started raining. Then it started pouring. There was even thunder and lightning to serenade us while we ate tonight.

I'm hoping it will keep on through the night. I love to sleep while rain is pelting my windows.

The only things that could make it better would be if it was Friday night and there was some way to make sure my children would sleep in on Saturday morning until at least 9. Oh, and some wonderful chef from Food Network would have breakfast prepared for us and my house would magically clean itself.

But I'll take the rain for now.

WW - Leaping in Daddy's Socks

To see more, go here and here.

10 July 2007

How many blueberries can you eat before you turn BLUE?

Libby re-discovered her love for blueberries this morning. After she finished her cereal, I gave her a handful of sweet berries. She promptly stuffed each one into her mouth and begged for more. This cycle of stuffing mouth/begging "more, peeeese"/signing "please"/receiving more continued until I cut her off at a half-pint and she threw herself on the floor. She did finish off the pint for a snack after her nap though.

09 July 2007

and the infatuation continues

Well, here it is after 10 o'clock and we are all still in our pajamas.

(Lay off! It's summer, people!)

I was sitting here checking my email and had Bryan's t-shirt stretched over my knees to keep my legs warm. Addi walked up and said, "Mommy! No! No! You CAN'T stretch your shirt!"

I replied, "Addi, you are so bossy. You'll make a good wife one day!"

To which, she stated, "I will make a good wife and I want Daddy to be my husband!"

Statements like this one tickle Bryan pink, which only makes him more appealing to Addi since pink is her favorite color in her whoooole life (as she would say :).

06 July 2007

Is there a career in the making?

Bryan's grandparents gave this obnoxiouscute keyboard for Addi at Christmas of 2003. It has needed new batteries since January of 2004. The other night, Libby dragged it into the living room and hoisted it onto the couch. At that point, Bryan irrationallywisely thought to replace those Duracells. After all, he reasoned she might possibly be a musical genius. We quickly gave up our dreams of raising the next Bach as we learned her favorite mode of performance is to jump on the keys.

The other night, a friend dropped by and surprised us with doughnuts. Addi couldn't wait for breakfast the next morning. She woke up early and made her way downstairs to prepare breakfast for the rest of us. Bryan found all the doughnuts cut up and scattered on various plates. As appetizing as the picture may look, I must admit the sweet pastries lost some of their appeal in that presentation, especially since a few had bite marks. Addi watches Food Network like it's Disney Channel. I think she has a ways to go before we start saving for culinary school.

05 July 2007

What a treat!

Wow, I am just so honored that someone besides my momma thinks my blog is neat. Michelle at Military Mommy gave me the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Thanks so much, Michelle.

Military Mommy's blog is thoughtful, informative, and fun. Michelle posts some yummy recipes and her kids say and do things that will make you laugh out loud! Plus, even though Michelle and I have never met, I know she is one tough lady...my type of friend. Her husband is in the military and she is one of those ladies who make deployments look easy.This is my first blog award, but I think I'm now supposed to pass it on to some other great bloggers.

  1. Besides being my SIL, Lisa at Starr Family Band also shares her 2 cute kids on her blog. We feel like we know our nephew and niece so much better because of her blog. She runs a little contest of sorts every Wednesday (or is it Thursday now, Lisa?) and while I'm horrible at it, it may be just up your alley. Oh, and if you're a Wii-er, she has a Wii friend code (personally, I have no idea what that is...maybe you do). I do, however, know what the Mr. Arcade links to on her sidebar and if you are or ever were a fan of Ms. Pacman, Tetris, or Donkey Kong (to name a few), this is for you.
  2. More cute kids can be found at The Prugh Crew. Shana and I got to know each other while we were at Ft. Sill. Shana is another tough lady - going through a pregnancy and birth while her husband was deployed. She shares it all, from baseball games to book lists to funny commercials, and I know I can count on her to come up with something new and interesting with a little unexpected humor on her blog.
  3. Cara at Little House in Grand Prairie is a fun mom who puts me to shame! She's super organized, loving and thoughtful. Plus she's about to have her 3rd child with her oldest being 3! With all that going on it's no wonder I haven't seen much on her blog lately, but I check it faithfully because I know it's worth reading. Oh, and she has really cute kids too :)
  4. Holly at Crown Laid Down is a fairly new blogger to me. I don't know how I found her, but feel blessed I did. Her words speak to my heart. I can only imagine what a example of a Godly woman she is in her everyday life.
  5. Carrie at Three-Girl Circus is another new read for me. She has 3 daughters which is right up my alley. I'm sure her life is crazy, but those little faces must melt her heart every day. I know I smile every time I see them on her blog's header.

So, thank you, ladies for making my days a little brighter and more thought-provoking. If you feel like it, pass the award on to some of your favorite blogs. I'd love to check 'em out.

03 July 2007

Did you hear the one about the Aggie who went to the blind hairstylist?

Tonight I got to leave my house all by myself and get a hair cut. Now, M is the seventh stylist I've been to since we moved here 3 1/2 years ago. She's really nice and does what I ask. I feel like she listens to what I say and, besides the fact that she always tries to sell me overpriced hair products, I enjoy my time with her.

Now, I've documented my hair angst before. I know, I know, everyone frets about their hair, but my hair is really hard to manage. It is extremely thick, coarse, and not really straight, but not even wavy, anymore. While I was pregnant with Addi, my hair got some extra wave to it. Then when I got pregnant with Libby, it became stick straight. Now it's a mix of the two. Not exaclty what all the fashionistas are sporting this season.

I adore long, flowing, shiny hair. My hair, no matter how many years I spent growing it, would never be flowing and shiny. I've accepted that and it's okay. It does mean, however, that I have to be careful in selecting styles. Just because I wear my hair shorter doesn't mean I want to look like a man. Or much older than my actual age.

About 2 stylists ago, I decided a picture might be the best way to describe the look I was going for. It was only the second time I had seen J and while he did okay the first time, I thought we needed a little more than just my verbal communication to really get the results I was looking for.

I handed J the picture while saying something like, "This is exactly how I want my hair."

After much staring and squinting, J moved over to a window and explained he needed to get where the light was better because he had a bad eye.

Yep, you read that correctly. The man I was paying to cut my hair so short the strands couldn't possible reach the back of my head to be thrown into a ponytail, was, apparently, partially blind.

And it didn't take this Aggie long to figure out that a blind hairstylist wasn't my friend.

02 July 2007

Few Words Monday

The other day, I was putting clothes up in Libby's room. She loves to "help" me now, so she opened all her drawers and started rearranging the contents. I walked downstairs with the intent to quickly return to her room. However, Libby soon followed and looked like this:

Bryan and I laughed and laughed, so Addi ran upstairs to grab a swimsuit :)

01 July 2007

Where should I begin?

I haven't been around. It's not that I've been all that busy. Blogging material is just scarce these days. I even forgot it was Wednesday on Wednesday. I'm not a fan of rambling-no-point-catch-up blog posts. I, personally, don't mind reading them. I'm not so much a fan of writing them. But, I guess that's all I've got tonight.

So, where should I begin?

We've been to the pool, the beach, and play dates. I really was planning to post an absurd amount of pictures from the beach. It would have been great. However, as I was lugging an ice chest, 2 bags, and 3 beach towels while making sure both children stayed within a reasonable distance, I realized my camera was at home.

The next best thing is a description, so here goes. Libby hadn't been to the beach since she started walking. She really freaked out at first. Addi has never had a fear of the ocean. Ever. It was a strange twist of reality. Libby is usually the more adventurous of the 2 girls. She warmed up to the wa-wa though. We had a great time jumping over the waves, digging in the sand, and attempting to fly a kite. Plus, we got to spend time with some good friends. That's the gist of our trip. Pictures would have been much better :)

That night, Addi woke up with a fever. We thought she was better, but she asked to be taken to bed tonight at 6:30. Libby hasn't run fever yet. Her little voice is scratchy like Addi's. Hopefully that will be the extent of her illness. And, hopefully Addi will wake sick germ-free in the morning.

I'm not sure what we'll be doing this week. Having friends over on the 4th, swimming, catching up on laundry, perhaps blogging...

In the very least, I'll take some pictures of the girls and do a Wordless Monday, Wordless Tuesday, etc.