25 August 2011

First Day of School 2011

The girls started school on Monday.  Addison is in 3rd grade and Libby is in 1st grade.  Amazing!  Where did the time go??!  They both love their new teachers and are getting to know new friends. Homework hasn't really started, so we'll see if they change their tunes once that gets going :)

Of course, I couldn't snap pics of the girls without Brother jumping in front of the camera!  Levi will start preschool in a couple weeks, so I'll post his first day pic then.

A note about Levi's clothes:  He picked them out himself, which is unusual.  While My Boy never complains when I pick out his clothes/dress him, he whines if he's expected to do either of those things!  What a change from 3 year old little girls!  I don't want to completely corrupt him, so I am making him pick out his own clothes and dress himself these days.  Yesterday he wore his too-short Wranglers with an old t-shirt and flip-flops and wouldn't heed my advice about shorts, (I mean, why should he?  It's only been getting up to 105*/106* this week!) so he proceeded to whine most of his ride in the jogging stroller on my 4 mile run.  Amen for an Ipod and earbuds :)


13 August 2011

Quotes heard around Disneyland

Pappa: Ethan tell me about that plane ride!
Ethan: You were on it!

Pappa: Levi did you shave this morning?
Levi: No I didn't! I just don't have mustaches! [I wasn't there, but I would bet he had both his arms out to the side with his palms facing up as he was saying this!]

Libby: I wanna ride on a miracle round!

Levi: Don't tell anyone that we're having snakes for breakfast!  [Can't remember the explanation for this one...I'm thinking they had milkshakes for breakfast??]

Rachel: (driving down freeway) This doesn't look like Disneyland to me...

Ethan: I'm so hungry I'm gonna die.
Addison: Ok then, die.

E: One time I held a chick at school.
A: One time I held a bunny.
R: Boooooring.

Libby: One time daddy threw a rock at a bird and hit it's tail and hurt it and I tried to make it better but it just flew away.
Addi: And now Levi won't stop calling daddy a murderer.

Libby: One time at school, an earthworm crawled in my pants. But it didn't crawl in my panties. It held up my panties with it's mouth. And then it crawled out of my pants and we threw them away because they had earthworm stuff on them. And then I almost stepped on Ms. wormy. That's what I named her.  [No explanation for this one either!]

R: (the weenie falls out of her corn dog) Awwwww man! But at least I can use it as a telescope!

A: We're going to burn a lot of calories today!!

Libby: Disneyland is not like I thought it would be.
Kelsi: How did you think it would be?
Libby: Like...lots of fun. [Classic Libby!]

A: Kelsi, I think you're going to be a good mommy. [ :) ]

Libby: This is making me seasick! I really really like it!

Libby: There's blood on my ear. And I know it's not ketchup. How would I get ketchup on my ear?

Libby: Ethan, did you know that Rachel is crazy?
E: Yup!

Libby: I wanna ride the rabbits! [rapids]

Bryan's parents took the kids to Disneyland with their two cousins, Ethan and Rachel, and with help from B's cousin, Kelsi.  *Everyday, I hear how they want to go back :)  Kelsi recorded funny things she heard and sent a lot of picture texts.  That combined with the detailed descriptions we got from Addi made it seem like we were there.  Only, we didn't have to wait in any lines.  Sweet!


11 August 2011

San Francisco on my mind...

We've been home from CA less than 2 weeks and I'm ready to move there :)  The weather was amazing!  I was wearing a jacket 90% of the time.  And, sometimes I was still shivering!

I think Texans like to pretend the heat really isn't all that oppressive.  At least, we pretend for non-Texans who always find out you're from Texas and automatically talk about the uglinessflatness, the lack of trees and/or the heat.  But, really, it's bad.  This summer has certainly been the worst since we've been back, if not the worst in my memory.  We're 40+ for how many days in a row we've hit triple digits.  Plus, we haven't had a drop in rain in probably longer than that.  Our flower beds have never looked worse :)  

Anyway, the clouds rolled in this afternoon.  I hear thunder, but no rain, yet.  I've got the girls doing their rain dances :)  Not really, but we've certainly prayed for just a little relief.

We were out this morning and you could feel the extra humidity hanging in the air.  The temperature was getting up there, but hadn't reached 100*.   I'm not sure if we made it there yet today because now it's in the 80s.  I was so excited when I saw that!  Until, I saw the predicted temp change between 3 and 4 o'clock today.  Oh, well, I guess I shouldn't complain about the little relief we're getting now.  In fact, I should be outside enjoying it!

Aug 11
2 pm
82° F

3 pm
84° F

4 pm
102° F

5 pm
101° F

6 pm
101° F

7 pm
100° F

8 pm
98° F

9 pm
95° F