19 March 2007

If she's like this now...

Addi: Mommy, did you know that even though I don't like you right now, I still love you?
Mommy: Oh, do you not like me right now?
Addi: No, because you were mean at me.
Mommy: Well, I'm glad you still love me.

What will I do with her when she reaches 7th grade?! In case you're wondering...I was mean at her when I asked her to go get in the car with Libby this morning and handed her the preschool bags...hers and Libby's. She immediately started whining that they were too heavy. So, without saying anything I picked up the bags, walked into the garage, opened the car door and put the bags inside. She walked out and got into the car. I walked back inside to grab Logan and the diaper bag. She made her revelation to me when I was putting Logan in her car seat.

So, before her nap she asked me to read her a Bible story. We read A Fisherman's Net taken from Matthew 13:47-49. At the end of the story Jesus says, "the godly people will live in heaven with me forever." That spurred Addi's thinking.

Addi: Godly people are people who forgive each other. If someone leaves someone else in the dark and that makes them sad, they should forgive them because God wants them to.
Mommy: [impressed with this wisdom, although wondering where she came up with her example] That's right. Only sometimes it's hard to forgive. Sometimes you don't want to forgive and then you can ask God to help you and He will.
Addi: But I forgive you, Mommy. I was mad at you when you were mean at me and I told you that I didn't like you and I forgive you.

While I'm still baffled by what I did that was wrong, at least she's forgiven me!