24 August 2009

I had a picture ready to go, but...

Addi was holding a sign with lots of information about her school, teacher, etc. and I just didn't feel okay about publishing that on the internet. Call me crazy! I already feel like sometimes I share too much just because you never know who's looking at what. It didn't even occur to me this morning to take more than one picture of her without the sign. The one I got wasn't such a great shot. So, I'll post a second day of 1st grade photo tomorrow. Nevertheless, she had a good day and will probably be in bed in about 2 hours, just as soon as I can shovel food in her and throw her in the bath.


We spent our last week of summer, and Reagan's birthday, in Houston and Galveston. We had a great time and the weather was great. The girls loved the waves and building sand castles. Levi liked digging and eating snacks at the beach. He was also able to snooze for a while. In Houston we ate lots of yummy meals and went to the Butterfly Center. Levi was remarkably flexible and only had issues each night when he realized if he fussed enough he'd get to sleep with mom. :) Of course, Libby got to open her presents on her birthday and was thrilled with the watch (although I haven't seen it since!) and makeup bag filled with real makeup (lip gloss...one is already used up). It was a memorable trip and a great end to our summer break.

18 August 2009

Happy Birthday to You!


Today is your 4th birthday, my sweet girl! I'm having a hard time believing you've been a part of our family for 4 years now, yet it's hard for me to remember a time without you.

You are one of the most unselfishness people I know. I have much to learn from you, Libby Lu! Even today, on your birthday, you have insisted on sharing with your brother and sister. As much as we've tried making this day all about you, you've wanted it to be just like any other day. The one exception has been your acceptance of being the only person to press the elevator buttons!

We will be in Galveston tomorrow because you chose to celebrate your birthday at the beach instead of having a party with your friends. I drove down to Houston with you and your siblings yesterday and we met Daddy for supper. He flew down earlier in the day for work. Later today, we're going to see some butterflies and then we'll meet Daddy for a birthday dinner and give you presents.

I love you, baby girl! Happy Birthday!



16 August 2009

the big, fun party that never happened and the pink guitar that made it all better

Reagan will be 4 on Tuesday. She's a little confused about that because her birthday party was supposed to be yesterday, only it didn't actually take place on account of this teensy-weensy, itty-bitty problem called vomit! That is the grown-up word for barf! (Wow, I've read a few too many Junie B. books here lately!) Seriously though, she woke up with a stomach bug.

She's understandably confused because she thought yesterday was the day she'd be celebrating her 4th birthday with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She also thought she'd turn 4 at her 4th birthday party. The party didn't happen and when I tried to explain that her birthday wasn't actually until Tuesday, she just didn't get it. After being sick and missing her dance class and missing her party, I couldn't continue to disappoint her and quickly dropped the Not-4-Yet speech.

So, Miss Busy believes she's 4 and she announced this afternoon that she'd like to start having sleepovers with friends since she's 4 now. I gently reminded her that we'll probably be waiting another year to start sleepovers with friends. She also believes 4 year olds can magically play a guitar without any lessons. Or, at least, she believes she can.

Libby received a pink guitar from her Grammy and Grandpa. They dropped it off yesterday afternoon, along with food, drinks, cake, and balloons that were supposed to be for the party. We've eaten and been serenaded countless times the past two days all thanks to my parents! Thanks, Grammy and Grandpa!

I'd like to say I'll be back soon to my regularly scheduled blogging, but we're headed to the beach. And then Addi starts school. And then Libby starts preschool. But, after all that, I should be right back blogging away at least 3 times a week!


11 August 2009

Six Flags + August in TX = (hot)Fun, Fun, FUN!

Libby and I were waiting on Bryan and Addi to finish a ride that Libby was too short for. This was about the fourth ride we'd encountered in the first 30 minutes of our day that she was too short to ride. Clearly, she wasn't thrilled with the way her first visit to Six Flags was going.

But, she perked up when I gave her some water and promised her a snack.

And then she got plain goofy!

We all got to ride the bat cars. This was the beginning of what could've been the end for us. It was so hot, we were all miserable.

Thankfully, the girls found a little splash area after we got off this ride and then we were able to talk Bryan into the Roaring Rapids where we all got soaked.

Apparently, I forgot all about my camera after we visited Looney Tunes Land. Maybe the boredom I faced there killed too many brain cells? The girls had a good time though. Libby thought it was great, after being told time and time again she was too short, to be able to ride everything by herself!
Other favorites were the antique cars, the cave ride, the teacups, the boots, the big swings, the sombero, the conquistador, and Addi said she liked the shockwave just a tiny bit, but not enough to ride it for a second time with me.
It was a lot of fun, but not someplace I think we'll want to go over and over again. Once or twice a year is enough. The heat was the worst part, of course, and the best part was cheaper ticket prices in August - $25/person (like 1/2 of a normal price!). We only had to buy two tickets because Addi earned one through a school reading program and a teacher friend gave us hers. (thanks, Debbie!) The girls are already talking about what they'll get to ride when they're bigger next summer.


05 August 2009


The girls used their Build A Bear gift cards they got for Christmas on Saturday! (Thanks, Aunt Ginny and Uncle David!) We now have 2 new additions to the family...Isabel the unicorn and Samantha the bear.


04 August 2009

snippets of a seventeen month old

17 months, already?! How did that happen?? My baby boy is growing up too fast. Let's see if I can get in 17 10 7(?) things about him before we have to leave for Addison's gymnastics class.

  1. Levi has finally decided to climb, on his belly with feet first, down the stairs. After a few tumbles all the way down, I am very relieved. This morning, Addi had a friend over and the 3 girls were up and down the stairs, up and down. Sweet Levi tried so hard to catch them. He'd make it about halfway and then have to start moving the opposite direction because they'd run past him.
  2. His words: hi, night-night, ball, bye, more, yes, no, MaMa, DaDa, hold,amen.
  3. His signs: more, please, thank you.
  4. Levi is at one of those frustrating stages. His communication is not up to par and he gets so upset with me for not knowing what he wants. We had a battle last night at supper and a smaller one this morning at breakfast. He's had it with signing for the time being and just wants to use Levish (his own jibberish combined with screaming) to communicate. I know it won't be long until I can decipher more/most of his speech. Until then, we'll be a frustrated duo.
  5. My little man can still sleep with the best of 'em. He has fought me all summer over giving up his morning nap. I haven't won yet. He slept for 2 hours this morning and has been asleep for over an hour so far this afternoon. He'll probably sleep at least another hour and then he'll get in about 12 hours tonight. Now, how to get the other 2 to do the same? :)
  6. Messes follow him. He wears me out. I'd like to say that's because I'm keeping up with cleaning after him. Unfortanately, I'm not. And I'm still worn out.
  7. When Levi decides to snuggle, there is nothing better. I usually get in good lovin' at bedtime each night. It's a great reward for the beating I take during supper. :)