20 November 2011

a conversation important enough for me to post :)

My little boy tells me at least five times a week that he's going to marry me.  It is one of the sweetest things he says to me.  Having two baby girls before him, I was familiar with being told I would one day have to share my husband and I never imagined then that the most handsome little boy I have ever laid eyes on would want me for his wife.  Me?  His old, nagging mother who tells him NO about 500 hundred times a day.  He wants me!  Well, me, with a few tweaks.  The proof:

Levi - I'm gonna marry you, Mommy!
me - Oh, good, Levi!  I'm glad you want to marry me.
Levi - But, I'll only marry you if you have blonde hair and curly hair.
me - Levi, I don't have blonde hair or curly hair.
Levi - Well, then I can't marry you.  If you change your hair to blonde hair and curly hair, I'll marry you though!

I knew he wouldn't want to marry me forever.  I just never guessed it would be for that reason.  The up side is it looks like I'll be getting some cutie blonde, curly-haired grandkids from my little boy! :)