28 February 2008

No baby, yet

I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't come up with an interesting way to say, "No baby, yet".

Addi decided to reveal personal details about her mother this morning to the FedEx guy so I thought I might mention, "No baby, yet" while posting about her.

So, "No baby, yet", but it will happen. That I know. (Although I have had thoughts lately of how long would I go if my doctor just continued to let me wait it out?!) Actually, it will probably happen today or tomorrow. We're finally back close to family to have a child and my dad is out of town at a conference today and tomorrow and my mom is hosting (not sure if that's the correct word) a big, city-wide festival on Saturday, making it nearly impossible for them to be around if Baby P decides to make an appearance before Sunday. (If you live in the Dallas area, you should stop by Community Fest. It's free and will be filled with fun. Heck, if this baby's still nice and cozy and in-place, you may see us there!)

But, the reason for this post...

The girls were busy playing while I took a shower this morning. As I was standing in my closet debating between black, maternity yoga pants and blue, maternity yoga pants, Addi runs in frantically telling me the mailman is at the door and , "You're standing here NEKKID!" My first thought was she'd let this (supposed) mailman in our house, but she confirmed she hadn't. I started to put my robe on as she ran back to the door. As I walked out of my bedroom I saw her standing "in" the window next to the door and heard a man ask, "Is your mother home?"

Her reply: "Yes, but she's nekkid right now."

We've since had a chat about the importance of her not telling strange men about my nekkid-ness.