23 February 2008

Today's update

Still nothing.

This baby's gonna let me finish everything that needs to get done. Wonder if he/she will be that cooperative once they're 2?!

I pulled out a package of newborn diapers to arrange them on the changing table this morning and let me just say those are the sweetest little things I've seen in a long time. I showed them to Bryan remarking that they'd still be too big for Baby P at first. I even made Bryan smell the diapers. I'm not sure when or why Pampers/Huggies stops making diapers smell so good, but I know Libby's diapers, fresh from the package, don't smell like that!

We'll let you know if anything changes.

Ooooh, I'm having a contraction right now. But, it was a wimpy, not real one - didn't even last as long as it took me to type that! Bring on the pain!!