11 February 2008

Advice, please

If you have ever read this blog (I'm talking to you!), please take some time to give me a little advice.

Oh, and you probably need to be a woman. And, probably a woman who has given birth or, at least, is planning on giving birth and has heard of products from other women who have given birth. And, also, if you are a man, you may just want to stop reading right here since much talk of breastfeeding and such will surely follow.

As I was packing my hospital bag last night, (and it's finished except for toothbrush and essentials I use everyday - so yay!) I realized a few things.

  1. I only have 2 nursing bras that I like, so I only wear those 2 and they are, how shall I phrase this? A little worn. I've had them since Addi was a newborn which means I've worn one of them roughly every other day for 2 years or so. They are also a sports bra style, so they aren't always right, if you know what I mean. What brand/style of nursing bra could you not live without? Where did you get it?
  2. Nursing pads. I have some left and I think I really liked them, but I do remember not liking several brands. What's your favorite and where do you get them?
  3. Nipple cream? I've used Lansinoh in the past and like it fine, but maybe there's another miracle cream out there I haven't tried. Any other tips for sore nipples or, more importantly, avoiding those all together?
  4. What baby gear could you not live without, particulary something that's soothing? Neither of the girls liked the swing and we haven't had a bouncy seat. We had a seat that vibrated, but it was so big, they didn't like it until they were big enough to crawl into it by themselves. I already have what I believe to be the most wonderful strollers made, so I won't be needing any. Maybe you're looking? I can tell you these are worth the money and you can usually find them online for less (plus free shipping sometimes) than at a store. What did you find to be the best of the best in the baby gear category?
  5. A sling. I have a sling that I love. (And this is a little off topic, but how cute are these? I can just see both girls and me at the grocery store with ours on!) I didn't have it with Addi, but Libby loved it. I think I've found a brand I would like to try, but, you know, these things are investments. I want something that is a little more versatile. Libby did really well in my New Native when she was a tiny infant and then after she was confident in sitting on her own. I've had the Baby Bjorn type carrier (both a Snugli and a Maclaren), but haven't been super-thrilled with either. I really think I am in the market this time for a sling, as opposed to a pouch or carrier. I think it's what will suit us best. Did you have one you loved? Where did you get it?

I believe that's it, for now. I may be back with more later.

I would really, really, really appreciate any tips/recommendations you can give me, but I do understand if you aren't comfortable essentially discussing your baby feeders on the internet! You can always just email me, if you'd rather. Whichever you choose, please just help me. If you've never commented before, I won't expect you to ever again, but if you have even 1 tip, help me out! And, of course, you can comment without leaving a link to you and/or use another name or your initial if you're hesistant.

Thanks so much, in advance.