12 May 2007

I (really) apologize if you have been on pins and needles awaiting this!

Here is one of the videos from Addi's tea yesterday. Under normal circumstances, I am a shaky, at best, videographer. Yesterday, I had Libby trying to climb into my lap and onto the table and off the chair. The first video I took, which is not this one, was fine, but only featured the kids walking onto the stage. At that point, Lib was sitting nicely in a chair next to me. 15 seconds later I started shooting again, which is also not this video, with Libby in my lap. Addi decided she would hide behind Jackson, so I needed to Army crawl (to avoid ruining any other Mommy's videos) with Libby on my back to capture a different angle. That wasn't happening! Instead, I turned the camera off, missed a cute song, yet manuevered to a slightly better position. Libby lasted in a chair for about 23 seconds for this video and at the end the camera is all over the place because she was trying to climb down and I was trying to help her and thus avoid screams that would drown out the adorable children everyone was there to see when she inevitably suceeded in falling out of the chair.

Alright, enough excuses! Enjoy the torture video :)

Oh, and to find Addi, look for the taller boy with a red J on his shirt. She pokes her head out from around him every once in a while.