16 May 2007

Actually, Ma'm, the humble-pie was not so tasty.

So, this afternoon about 4:15 I realized I didn't have any cash. I needed $6 by 4:30 to pay for a toy I'd found on Craigslist. I had no choice but to load all 3 girls into their carseats and run to the store. I planned on buying a magazine with my debit card and getting cash back.

I parked my Pilot in a spot far enough out that no other cars were nearby. About the time I pulled the bulky double stroller out of the back, a van pulled into the spot directly behind us. But, the driver could not pull all the way into her spot because of me and the stroller so I quickly hoisted it to the side of the car and walked back to shut the rear door. Truth be told, I was irritated. I mean, there were 8 vacant spots around me, why did she have to pick the one directly behind me? And, when she started to pull in and saw that I was standing there struggling with a stroller, why didn't she back out and zip into one of the 7 other open spots? I really couldn't believe this lady in a van (which, to me, meant she had little ones and should be more considerate of another mom) was being so thoughtless.

I finally got Logan and Libby strapped into the stroller, Addi situated next to the stroller, the Pilot locked, and my debit card in hand, or, rather in the stroller pocket. We made our way to the store's entrance where Addi began to beg for a balloon. Then Libby began to beg for a balloon. So much for making a quick visit to the store.

Like every good momma, I steered the stroller toward the balloons, but couldn't get to them because another mother and her cart were in the way. That was okay because I'm patient. That was okay until she didn't budge after her child picked a balloon. She had to find just the right spot to tie the ribbon on the cart. She even looked at me and smiled. She knew we were standing there waiting! No one else was around and there was tons of room for her to move. But, no, she stood exactly where we needed to be and didn't move. one. inch.

By the time I was ready to pay for my magazine, all I could think of was how inconsiderate these people had been to me. I was so busy playing the martyr that I forgot to get cash back. Yep, the only reason I was even at the store was to get $6 in cash and I forgot to hit the little button that would let the cashier know I needed cash.

I only realized my mistake as I was about to turn into our neighborhood. Instantly, I knew it was my own fault. I had been so wrapped up in judging these other people for their "sins" that I couldn't even think straight.

Next time, I hope I remember that even though it may seem like it, the world is not out to get me!