13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day, y'all

Me with my sweet girls

Libby's too busy eating to smile for the camera :)

Addi was allowed to order Sprite today. I think the sugar was getting to her just a little!

Bryan is really good about making special days even more special. I knew he wouldn't disappoint me for Mother's Day when Addi told me yesterday that "There's a surprise I can't tell you about, Momma!"

After I stepped out of the shower this morning, both my girls walked in with a present for me to open. Bryan let them pick out little gifts for me and decorate a card. Precious! Addi got me a mug that she knew would be perfect for me because she recognized the word "Mom" on it and Libby picked out this candle for me. I haven't heard the details of their shopping trip yet, but I'm bettin' it was the first one she saw. Libby Lu's not much in the patience department.

As if that wasn't enough (well that and my makeover), my sweet husband also had lunch plans for us. And, they included Blue Bell ice cream!

Now, the girls are sleeping and I'm thinking I may need to rest a little too. I don't think I've had a Sunday afternoon nap since before I was a mother!