11 May 2007


This time last year Addi's preschool class hosted a "Mommy and Me Tea". Letters were sent home, reminders were placed in bags, and notes were written on the notice board. Addi and I were both excited. She couldn't help but slip some of the secrets that were to be revealed at the tea to me.

I remember walking her into preschool the morning of the tea. We walked past the notice board and I read that the tea was to begin at 11:30. I remember thinking that I must have gotten the time wrong because I thought it was supposed to begin at 11:00.

You can see where this is going.

Yep, I walked back into preschool at about 11:25 wondering why there were no other moms walking in at the same time.

My heart broke when I walked into the room and saw Addi at a table sitting next to Grandma Jan. Grandma Jan is an older woman who likes to visit and read to the classes at preschool. I quickly sat down and asked one her teachers what time the tea started, though I already knew the answer.

I don't know how I made it through the rest of the tea without bursting into tears. I felt I had failed my daughter. She could've asked for the world that day and I would've given it to her without flinching.

Today was the day of this year's "Mommy and Me" tea. As I waited at a red light across from the preschool, I started to panic thinking that maybe I'd gotten the time wrong again this year.

It is starting at 11:00, right? I don't see any cars turning into the parking lot. What if it started at 10:30?

As I pulled into a parking space I noticed a few other moms hopping out of their cars.


The entertainment was adorable. (I'll be posting a video later) We all, especially Libby, enjoyed the food. And, the company was unbeatable.

Of course, the best part was leaving and not feeling like the mom who let my kid down :)