17 May 2007

Oh, yeah, the toy that I had to have

was a plastic basketball goal. You know, for all those boys I'm raising. I mean those tom-boys I'm raising. Actually, I mean I bought the hoop in the hopes that one of our girls would one day want to be a little athletic to gain praise and approval from her father.

You wouldn't guess which one was the most interested in the sports thing-y!? Well you would now, since you start off at a 50-50 chance and I said the whole "you wouldn't guess" stuff.

Yep, Addi.

She would start out at the foot of the driveway holding a ball and make me count. Once I hit the magic number, she would run from side-to-side, missing defenders, and slam dunk the ball, at which point I was instructed to either yell, "She scores!" or "Addi won the game!"

I don't know...all those NCAA Tournament games we watched this year?

After the Aggies make it to the Final 4 next year, we'll have to sign her up for a team!

Speaking of Aggies and basketball, a few weeks ago we went to this Triangle A&M Club family night. I kept telling her that we would be meeting some Aggies that night. Then she came up with something about "meeting the baseball players". I finally figured out that she was talking about basketball and she thought we would be meeting the Aggie Men's basketball team. I wonder what she'll come up with when I start telling her about the really fun tour of campus she's gonna get when we stop in College Station after a friend's wedding in Houston in a couple weeks. Now that I think about it, maybe the tour's not such a good idea. We want her to want to go to A&M, right?!