03 May 2007

Not to be outdone

Recently some of our best friends decided they would start blogging again.

(You-Who-Previously-Were-An-Unreliable-Blogger, see how I'm blaming both of you, since you're married, even though you and I and your spouse all know, you're the one responsible for the blog!...glad to see all the new posts :)

We were pumped because it meant we got to start seeing pictures of and hearing antecdotes about one of the cutest little boys we know. Sadly, they live in a land far, far away with almost everyone else we know and love. But, with their newly found blogging passion, we get to better keep up with them again.

One of the latest posts included pictures of the aforementioned cute little boy sporting a mohawk. Also included was a story of how the mohawk came to be.

While I was looking through My Pictures today, I came across our own versions of cute little children sporting mohawks and had to share.