18 May 2007

a list

  1. Summer is almost here and I am so excited! I am ready to have the girls home all day and not to have to get up and go to preschool. I am ready to pack a lunch, don a swimsuit, slather on sunscreen and hit the pool. I am ready for tan legs and brightly-colored toenails peeking out from flip-flops. I am ready to leave the Farmer's Market with a car full of strawberries, peaches, green tomatoes, squash, peppers, and watermelons. I love Summer and I am ready for it!
  2. I made this for supper tonight. Despite burning the crust :), it was delicious and super filling. And, we had it with these yummy strawberries that our new neighbors brought us after picking them yesterday.
  3. Today Libby turned 21 months! It is almost unbelievable to me that she is so close to 2...my baby is almost 2!

We have a busy week ahead...end-of-year preshool program, last day of preschool, packing, and leaving for a trip to Texas on Thursday. So, why am I sitting here blogging?!

Have a wonderful weekend!