02 May 2007

En Espanol?

Why are the months listed in Spanish on the right side over there under "Old Posts"? Has it always been like that and I've never noticed? I can't seem to fix it. When I try, the months list in English, but then when I look at the blog again, back to Spanish.

One more reason I should have majored in something other than Elementary Education :)

Oh, and I don't mean I should have majored in Spanish. Although, that might not have been a bad idea. I mean computers! I think we had to take one computer class...should've been a computer engineering major or something like that. Of course, that might have made my salary a little more competitve with Bryan's and he would've been the one staying home blogging!

No, no, I had it right with that teaching stuff.

update [1 minute later]: To borrow a friend's mom's catch-phrase, Oh, Thunder! I looked again and we're back to English. Am I losing my mind??!