12 May 2007

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - part 1

I am sad.

Change is hard for me. Yet, change is part of life.

I have changed the comment section of 4 Texans. Several readers had complained several times that the regular comment format was hard or impossible to use. So, I've switched over to Haloscan. Hopefully, it will be more user friendly.

You know, if that's what has been holding you back from commenting, please, comment away. About anything. Let me know, in the comments, how Haloscan is working for you. Just comment. Please :)

Anyway, I'm not so sad about switching to Haloscan. I think it will be a good change. I am sad that all of your previous sweet comments were deleted. Every comment made me smile, some made me tear up, lots made me laugh, and a few made me wonder! But, they're gone and I'm not sure if I can ever get them back.

Of course, if you want to go back and comment on one or all of the 175+ posts so that I feel better, I would be so thankful. No pressure, though :)

Oh, and keep an eye out for more changes to 4 Texans. I was informed last night that I could buy my Mother's Day gift.