24 July 2007

If they can keep 2 children entertained for hours, they're worth their weight in gold.

Libby got these markers in her Easter basket this year. Really, I only bought them because I was buying Addi some markers and Libby had just started wanting everything Addi had.

Addi's were regular sized and had a different color on each end. Last week we had to throw hers away because they no longer had any color left to them.

So, Libby has been graciously sharing her markers. (I think Libby would share anything with Addi as long as it meant she got to spend time with her.)

The past two mornings, the girls have camped out in the playroom with lap trays and the bag of markers between them.

About now is when you're thinking I'm crazy.

She lets her 23-month old loose with markers!?

Yes, I do. I like to live on the edge.

You see, these markers are better than any other markers we've ever had. They're small, they last, and (the best part) they are completely washable.

Believe me, we've tested their washable-ness. Yesterday, Libby coated her arms, legs, and hands in green. A wet paper towel took care of the mess. Then again, last night she got after her belly with red and brown. I threw her in the bath and within 30 seconds, you could see no trace of marker. And that was with no scrubbing or even soap. She's also tried jazzing up the wood floors...wiped right up.

Addi's happy with them, Libby's happy with them, I'm happy with them. We may buy stock in Crayola Pip-Squeaks