06 July 2007

Is there a career in the making?

Bryan's grandparents gave this obnoxiouscute keyboard for Addi at Christmas of 2003. It has needed new batteries since January of 2004. The other night, Libby dragged it into the living room and hoisted it onto the couch. At that point, Bryan irrationallywisely thought to replace those Duracells. After all, he reasoned she might possibly be a musical genius. We quickly gave up our dreams of raising the next Bach as we learned her favorite mode of performance is to jump on the keys.

The other night, a friend dropped by and surprised us with doughnuts. Addi couldn't wait for breakfast the next morning. She woke up early and made her way downstairs to prepare breakfast for the rest of us. Bryan found all the doughnuts cut up and scattered on various plates. As appetizing as the picture may look, I must admit the sweet pastries lost some of their appeal in that presentation, especially since a few had bite marks. Addi watches Food Network like it's Disney Channel. I think she has a ways to go before we start saving for culinary school.