15 July 2007

The Seven Year Itch

Is it real? Does it really happen?

I'm hoping not since today marks our 7 year wedding anniversary.

I suppose if I were married to someone less kind, less funny, less caring, less adventurous, less silly, less surprising, less loving, less responsible, less cool, or less honorable, I might be feelin' an itch. But, 7 years I ago I married a man who was my ideal mate. He made me laugh, he brought me flowers, he was fun to do nothing with, he wrote me poems, and he planned the most detailed surprises for me.

Since then our roles have changed. He has turned into the sole provider for our family and I don't think I express to him enough the peace and joy I feel at knowing I get to stay home with our girls everyday. I have gone from a wife to a mother, as well. I fear, many times, I let my role as a mother overshadow my role as a wife.

We have lived in 3 houses in 2 different states in our 7 years. I expected that when we married. What I didn't expect was that we wouldn't be moving with the Army anymore.

We've experienced a military life, time apart (our first 3 anniversaries, in fact), babies, moves, living in a hotel with a 14-month old for a month, loss, car buying and selling, home buying and selling....life. We've experienced life together and we've got so much more to experience. I would choose no other with whom to experience the good and the bad of life.

Bryan, you balance me out. In so many ways we are such opposites and it works for us. Sometimes those differences drive us crazy, but many times they act as a compliment to the other. You are my friend. I love and admire you. I respect and adore you. I thank God for you. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our next 7 years.

Love you always, Babe.