23 July 2007


I looked out the kitchen window this morning and noticed Zoe was in a bit of a predicament. Somehow, she had climbed to the platform of the play set and couldn't get back down. Of course, I tried to coax her down the slide and I debated picking her up and (softly) dropping her to the ground. Neither of those worked. So, I called Bryan at work and expected to hear him ask what I would do if he wasn't around - a favorite question of his when he thinks I don't really need his help. Instead he told me to do what I had already tried. In the end, Zoe slept up there all afternoon. It's shady and I moved her water up to the platform. I did try once more to coax her down. I even climbed up and tried to force her onto the slide...I'm no match for a 85+ pound stubborn dog! Once Bryan got home, he picked her up and placed her on the ground. She leapt around like she was a puppy again. And, then, she excused herself to take care of pressing matters.
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