01 July 2007

Where should I begin?

I haven't been around. It's not that I've been all that busy. Blogging material is just scarce these days. I even forgot it was Wednesday on Wednesday. I'm not a fan of rambling-no-point-catch-up blog posts. I, personally, don't mind reading them. I'm not so much a fan of writing them. But, I guess that's all I've got tonight.

So, where should I begin?

We've been to the pool, the beach, and play dates. I really was planning to post an absurd amount of pictures from the beach. It would have been great. However, as I was lugging an ice chest, 2 bags, and 3 beach towels while making sure both children stayed within a reasonable distance, I realized my camera was at home.

The next best thing is a description, so here goes. Libby hadn't been to the beach since she started walking. She really freaked out at first. Addi has never had a fear of the ocean. Ever. It was a strange twist of reality. Libby is usually the more adventurous of the 2 girls. She warmed up to the wa-wa though. We had a great time jumping over the waves, digging in the sand, and attempting to fly a kite. Plus, we got to spend time with some good friends. That's the gist of our trip. Pictures would have been much better :)

That night, Addi woke up with a fever. We thought she was better, but she asked to be taken to bed tonight at 6:30. Libby hasn't run fever yet. Her little voice is scratchy like Addi's. Hopefully that will be the extent of her illness. And, hopefully Addi will wake sick germ-free in the morning.

I'm not sure what we'll be doing this week. Having friends over on the 4th, swimming, catching up on laundry, perhaps blogging...

In the very least, I'll take some pictures of the girls and do a Wordless Monday, Wordless Tuesday, etc.