13 July 2007

two recommendations

  1. Last Christmas, we decided to get Addi a new game. She had a few board games that were, honestly, agony to play. I did a little research and decided on Sequence for Kids. It is the one game that I enjoy playing with her. It's easy enough for her, but there is a little strategy involved, so there's some challenge for me. She's just starting to understand some of the strategy and gets really excited anytime she "blocks" me :) I'll be the first to admit that I'm probably a tougher sell when it comes to board games. I can think of about 3,467 things I would rather do than play a board game. Maybe you enjoy them. Either way, do yourself a favor, if you have a preschooler, put Sequence for Kids on your gift list.
  2. Sadly, this recommendation will only be of any use for people in my neck of the woods. We met a playgroup at Jumpin' Beans today. (As far as I know, the two locations are both in the Raleigh area. Although there is probably something similar close to you.) It was like a Pump It Up, except geared more toward a younger crowd. There was plenty of seating for the parents and $7 (per kid, parents are free) got you in for as long as you wanted to stay. We even had lunch there. They ordered, picked up, and delivered delicious pizza to our table. They had a Seattle's Best coffee bar, a fountain drink machine, affordable snacks, bottled drinks, and juice boxes. I was super-impressed and Addi begged to go back tomorrow. If you're not near me, look for something like it that's located closer to you. It's a treat on a hot summer day. I almost forgot the best part...they have Wi-Fi...next time I'll bring my laptop and make myself at home :) Kidding. I mentioned the Wi-Fi to Bryan and he smartly said, "It doesn't sound like you'd be doing much supervision." Well put, Honey.