12 July 2007

A few of my favorite things

Mostly anything to do with family, friends, or food are favorites of mine. I won't include those on the list or you'd be reading all night.

  1. rainy nights...I'm hoping for another one. After Bryan's softball game, of course.
  2. continuous spray sunscreen...with an impatient preschooler and a wiggly toddler, it makes sun protection easy
  3. these strollers...and we've had a handful to know these are worth the little extra expense
  4. Texas Aggie football...one of the few highlights to summer coming to a close. I usually don't start getting excited until August, but Bryan sent me this looooong article and it gave me that "It's a new season! We can win 'em all! Farmer's Fight! Whoop!" feeling. I think even with mediocre coaching, the Aggie Spirit will crush the competition. Kidding. I love Coach Fran. I'm sure in his 4th season, he'll have all the kinks worked out and live up to his name. And, if not, there's always basketball :)
  5. the library...the girls get excited and it's cheap. (I would say free, but my youngest hides books well. In fact, we now own a book or two that we still haven't found)
  6. Netflix...we started this a few years ago when we moved here and didn't have cable. Now, Addi, who claims her favorite thing in the whole world is movies, has her own queue. It's cheap too! (Except when Addi was younger and going through a throw everything away stage. We also own a movie or two that we'll never be able to watch again)
  7. Giggling...from my daughters while they play "hide, hide, hide", Libby's new favorite game.