05 August 2008

the gap has widened

Addison's tooth-loss count: 2

The other bottom-middle tooth came out tonight with the help of some needlenose pliers. It was really hanging by a thread. Everytime she talked it would wiggle from side to side, so Bryan told her he would pull it out if she wanted. He couldn't get his big fingers wrapped around that tiny tooth. That was the reason for the pliers.

She is more than thrilled that the Tooth Fairy will be paying her a visit again tonight.

In fact, it's late and the Tooth Fairy probably needs to get off the computer and take care of business, so she can get to bed. Rumor has it, the Tooth Fairy is woken up every night by a hungry baby.

Oh, Addi's version of what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth:
"She probably gives them to God and he grinds them up to make snow. Well, they're white! [insert giggle]"

The things you learn from your kids :)