04 August 2008

Little Levi's little Levi's

Say that 10 times fast!

My aunt bought this cute baby Levi's outfit for Levi. It even came with a bib that looks like the back pocket from a pair of 501's! And, suprisingly, she was the first to give us a "Levi's" gift. Not suprisingly because she was that clever, but because no one else had been.
Our little boy turned 5 months today. How is that possible?!
He is such a delight, always smiling and blowing bubbles. His face lights up when he sees us, unless he's starving and spots me! He eats well, sleeps well, and plays well. I wonder if he will remain so content and happy.
Levi is deliberately reaching for things that catch his eye. He enjoys playing in his exersaucer, especially when one of his big sisters comes over and plays with him. He also likes to play with anything he can fit in his mouth, teethers, tags, small stuffed animals/dolls, or parts of animals/dolls, his fingers, his hand, your fingers, my fingers, my watch, Grammy's glasses. He is trying to sit up. When his balance gets a little better, he'll have that conquered. He sleeps with a soft and silky blankie and a soft monkey. The monkey actually belonged to Libby (given to her by my same aunt who gave Levi his outfit!) and she had to sleep with her monkey and blankie every night and every nap. A few days ago, Libby walked in as I was laying Levi down for a nap and put her monkey in his bed with him. She said she wanted to give it to him because she didn't need it anymore. I was impressed as that is not what I would consider "normal" Libby behavior. That night I told her how thoughtful and kind it was for her to share her monkey with Levi. She looked at me and said, "It's not my monkey! It's Leeevii's monkey!" like "how many times do I have to go over this with you, Mommy!" That's the Libby I know and love : )
I am enjoying each moment I spend with my son. I feel as though I've always been a "boy mom" and a "girl mom". How blessed I am!