23 August 2008

We Met the Teacher

Last evening, Bryan, Levi, the girls and I walked over, in what surely was 99 degree heat with 90% humidity, to Addi's school. It was "Meet the Teacher" night.

Ms. F seems like a very sweet, young teacher. This is her first year, which actually excites me a little. I remember every student from the first year I taught. I loved each of them dearly and cried each night the month leading up to the last day of school. I really couldn't imagine not seeing their sweet faces every day. I still think of them and pray for them. This should be the start of their sophomore years of high school. I wonder if I would still think them all so sweet?!

Addison will go to school for an hour on Monday morning and the regular time starting Tuesday. I will be crying for that hour on Monday and the regular time starting Tuesday. I'm kidding. I think :)