29 August 2008

Freaky Friday

What is going on?!?

Geckos keep getting into our house, I'm taking too good care of plants, and our tv has a mind of its own!

Bryan got home from Phoenix Tuesday night and couldn't wait to show me the gifts he'd brought the girls: coyote poop, a book, and Mexican jumping beans! We played with the beans for a while and then Bryan noticed something on the carpet. From where I was sitting it just looked like some green thread. He got closer and realized the thread was a gecko! I knew I married that man for a reason. He had that thing back outside in 30 seconds. But, then we had another one, or maybe the same one?, in our laundry room last night. Where are they coming from? I never see them outside our house or in the garage. I hope the ?2 we found won't show their friends how to get inside.

I have a black thumb. I love plants, but can't keep them alive. I do a little better with flower bed plants, but potted plants, inside or out, have a short lifespan with me as their caregiver. Generally, I forget to water. Bryan got me a beautiful orchid for our anniversary. I knew orchids were fussy, so I made sure to read the instruction card and do some online research. Last week all the blooms fell off. Yesterday one of the leaves started turning brown. I'm no orchid expert, but I think my plant might be in distress. Back to the internet I went. By the way, how did I live without the World Wide Web?! You can Google anything! Apparently I have overwatered and the poor thing is rotting to death. Then I noticed this morning the potted plant I have on our porch seemed rather droopy. I was surprised because this is the first morning Libby and I haven't watered as soon as we returned from walking Addi to school. Upon closer inspection, I saw water standing in the pot! What is my deal? So, it's now my goal to nurse the orchid back to health. I'll let you know how it goes. Perhaps, I'll keep a closer eye on Libby when she waters the plant on the porch also :)

Yesterday morning the kids were ready early, so I let them turn on the tv. When it was time to leave, we couldn't get the tv to turn off. Short of throwing something into it, I couldn't figure a way to get it off. So, I muted it (because I think a house should be quiet when no one is home) while we walked Addison to school. I came back: same story. In short, we spent the day with the tv on, muted mostly, but on. It about drove me out of my mind! Yes, I do know I could've unplugged it, but that would have required me to move the cabinet away from the wall and I just couldn't muster the strength when I knew Bryan would come home and figure out the problem. Plus, and this was genuinely a concern, what if the dvr was set to record something and couldn't because the tv was unplugged? By the time Bryan got home, the tv would no longer be silenced! Neither mute nor volume worked. So, it stayed on the rest of the evening, all the way through supper, which drives me crazy to have a tv on while we're eating, and past the kids going to bed. Finally, Bryan decided to unplug it with a warning it might not come back on and we'd probably have to take advantage of Labor Day electronics sales. Not to worry, I assured him, our trusty old, playroom tv we've had for at least 7 years and was owned by my parents for probably the 5 before that, is still good as new. We could just bring that one down to the living room and take our bedroom tv, which is only ever watched by our kids anyway, to the playroom. Yay, though, because the tv came back on and all it's parts worked!

Seriously, what is going on? I'm hoping we have no more crazy surprises over our long weekend.

I probably won't be around again till Monday. I have a kindergartener to spend to some time with! Have a good Labor Day!

Oh, and orchid tips, anyone??