18 August 2008

3 years ago today

We held Reagan Elizabeth in our arms for the first time around 3:30 in the afternoon on August 18, 2005. She was my teeniest baby having her weight rounded up to 7 pounds (and that was a week past her due date!). She was my most high-maintenance baby fussing if she saw a car seat or if whoever was holding her sat down. I spent every Sunday of her first 9 months (or at least months 2-9)walking the halls of our church because she was too disruptive during services and I thought she was too small/young to go to nursery. Very early on we found out she has a mind of her own. She does things on her timetable. Around her second birthday I began quizzing her on colors. She would refuse to answer me responding with an emphatic, "I don't know!" Then she'd turn around and count to 10. Reagan has a funny side to her also. She loves to confuse everyone. One day she'll introduce herself as Libby and the next she'll tell the same people, "Call me Reagan." Unless she's wishing not to listen, she'll answer mostly to Reagan, Reagie Lu, Reagan Elizabeth, Libby, Libs, Libby Lu, Lu, or Busy. She's sensitive and emotional. Libby gets angry when you reprimand her or hurt her feelings. She adores her siblings and fits so perfectly in the middle. She screams for attention, literally sometimes, but is also wonderful at entertaining herself. She's like a spark of electricity jolting through my day, keeping me on my toes. She ignores most everything, but secretly listens to it all. This past year has seen a lot of change for our sweet Lu. She made a 1200 mile move, switched over from her crib to a bonafide big girl bed, gained a brother, and was potty-trained. And, she made it all look easy. She did give her Poppa a scare after Levi was born though. While I was still in the hospital, Bryan's dad was outside at our house playing with her. He turned his back for just a second and she was gone. Frantic, as you can imagine, Poppa searched everywhere. He even ran down our alley yelling her name. At some point in the search he could faintly hear her calling. Finally he found her stuck underneath Bryan's car. We aren't totally sure why she crawled under the car, but once she got under it she couldn't get out. Needless to say, one of her favorite games is Hide and Seek. As Poppa learned that day, sometimes she starts the game without letting anyone else know! Next week her best friend and almost constant companion will begin kindergarten and as much as I've fretted about how she will take it, she will surely adapt as easily as she has to all the other changes. After Labor Day she'll begin preschool. I think she's most excited about getting to eat lunch with her friends! She's certainly social and only pretends to be shy when she notices Addi actually being shy. I know she will lose her baby/toddler ways in the next year and really become a big girl. While I'm excited to get to know her more, I will miss the way she is right now. I guess it's all a part of life. I've learned from being a mom that you always miss something with each new exciting stage even if the somethings vary with each different child.

Reagan loves to dance and play dress-up. Here she is twirling in her new cheerleading uniform with a Fancy Nancy tu-tu as a petticoat. She got both for her birthday and, frankly, likes them better than any of the "real" clothes she got :) She even talked me into wearing this get-up to the grocery store! (That would've never happened before I had 3!)
Dear Reagan Elizabeth,

You light up my life!

I love that you still want me to put you to bed every single night and that you get excited about your silly bedtime routine with Daddy once you find out he's putting you to bed instead. I love that you can get very upset about something, but only for about five minutes. I love that your little nose is almost always covered in beads of sweat and your hair is almost always a mess although you are constantly putting a head band on and asking if it looks "butiful". I love that you can't eat without getting it everywhere, but are addicted to "tattins". I love that you surprise me every day.

I could go on and on. There's so much to love about my Lu. I hope you always remember your momma loves you, your daddy loves you, your sister and brother love you and mostly, God loves you. He made you special. You are wonderfully made! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Love you always,